Dialogue / Explanation





Chapter Name: Broken Winged Hawk


The King


-I once hoped you’d be a warrior whom I can place trust in protecting Midland
-I didn’t lie about what I said to you…



The King

-There were many who said you and your band are like bandits…But I

didn’t believe
-The more your army became successful in battle, the more I trusted you

-I neither bloodline nor rank has any effect in being a knight

-It should be judged by ability instead


The King

(Starts whipping

-A thief is still a thief….!!

-Your nasty low blood is truely un-washable.




The King

-My daughter’s silly…..

-Never thought of how high the royalty family is and never thought of her position..

-A princess like her…..

-Acted like a tramp……..what a shallow thought

-Even then….


-She’s a silly girl who thinks shallow…!!

-For me…..she’s everything….!!

-Even if I must loose my kingdom or my life

-She’s everything in my life!!


The King

-What will this World mean to me!?

-This World has only war and battle that kill people like insects!!

-The war that has been going on for decades, ten of thousand of corpses

that have been piled up….Though we got some peace, it’s just for a blink of

an eye!!

-Behind what so called “peace” is the evil that called “war” brewing up!!

-Confronting with that evil, even a king can not resist its power!!

-A single man’s knowledge is useless!!

-Knowing that..I still must go on to be a king

-I can’t cease to be a king!!




The King

-In the midst of…

-The world full of meaningless things….

-If I were to look for a single light…


The King

-That’d be…


-Only the warmth can protect me from this world



The King

-The only flower which have been giving me warmth…..

-You dared to destroy it even though it’s still blooming!!

-Ahhhh….My poor Charlotte

-The body that I have pampered for 17 years

-Is now stained by the hands of a low life like you……

-If so…….If so….


The King

-I should have…

-Should have….


-You want to hold?

-You want to hold princess Charlotte?



-You want to be hold, right?

The King

-What the hell are you talking about!!


-I thought it was kind of strange

-There were many sound candidates propose Princess Charlotte

-There’s a marriage that would be good for the country’s political status but you

wouldn’t let her go

-The king who’s said to be the great one and rules Midland for a long time

-Is nothing more than a lonely old man who’s deeply in love with his very

own 17 years old daughter.



-You have been living your long life with this evil thought all along

-But can’t totally be evil

-You were born with a weapon called “Throne”

-For you….it’s nothing more than “A heavy task”

The King



-You merely didn’t make a mistake that’s all

-So boring, huh…?

The King

-Shut the hell up!!


The King

-Shut up!!

-Shut up!!

-Still want to say something!!

-What would you understand?

-How would a low life like you comprehend a king like me…..!!

-The country…..the history!! And the citizen I must protect….!!

-You’d never know!!

(Whips Griffith violently)


(Continue on whipping Griffith)


The King


-Hmm. All right. Let’s see how long you can resist the pain


Torture Guard


-he he he

-Yes, my lord

The King

-You can do whatever you wish to this man

-What he did tainted the name of Midland

Torture Guard

-Would that be good?

The King

-But…you must not kill him

-At least he must live for another year


The King

-I want him to know how harsh is his crime while he’s still alive

Torture Guard

-Yes, my king

-hee hee hee

The King

-Listen up!!

-Do not tell anyone about this prison

-His crime involves disrespecting the royal family.  I will be the one who

command for this man’s execution

-…..My princess…

-I must protect the name and honor of Charlotte…..

-If this story got out of this prison

-I’ll decapitate 7 generations with no exception




The King

-You are still must have had dreams and hopes

-If you were a bit thoughtful, you could have everything you hoped for

-…..No…probably this is what’s called “youth”….

-What ashamed

-White hawk of the battlefield…

-Would destroy yourself with nonsense stuff….

-It’s the end now…

-Both your dream and ambition…..


-The hawk has crashed onto the floor

-And will never take off to the sky again


The King

-How’s Charlotte?


-She was crying, but she fell asleep after taking medicine from the doctor

The King

-Do not let anyone near this room until I gave permission to

-Also go and tell the guards to increase security of the palace 3 folds.

-……(The maid leaves and shuts the door closed)


The King


-“The more you grow…”

-“The more you look like your mother”

-“…That bastard has already touched this lips…..?


The King


(Begin to unclothe the princess)

-“This body….”

-“Has been touched by him!?”


(The King takes off princess Charlotte’s top)


P. Charlotte

(Princess starts to gain her conscious and sees the King’s sucking on her nipple)



P. Charlotte

-Ahhhhh (screaming)



-…That’s right


-Very boring……like this..