Yongkiat Karcnahanapayap
13760 Oxnard #209
Van Nuys, CA, 91401
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Position as a design integrator / HTML integrator in a fast pace and energetic company

Mr. Karnchanapayap is Senior HTML Integrator with True. His work has focused on the web development using HTML and other technology to create solid web sites across industries. He has worked with Fortune 500 companies such as Motorola and Agilent Technologies. Mr. Karnchanapayap joined True Interactive in August, 1999 and has worked with over fifteen successful projects.


6 years experience in the web industry as senior web developer and HTML integrator. Enjoy my work and consistently learning new technologies that can be applied to the web.

Senior HTML Integrator

Since joining the TRUE Interactive team, Mr. Karcnhanapayap has worked with project managers to develop a variety of innovative web solutions. Most recently, Mr. Karnchanapayap was the lead HTML Integrator for a major Engineering Firm, Montgomery Watson. For Montgomery Watson, a global engineering firm located in Southern California, Mr. Karnchanapayap led a True Interactive engagement team through the entire Web Development process to an entire site that will allow Montgomery Watson to be able to share the knowledge base among the team.

For Motorola Smart Card Devision, Mr. Karnchanapayap led the team to accomplish the innovative website. The effort focused on analyzing and creating the competitive landscape in the Smart Card Industries. Mr. Karcnhanapayap and the True Interactive team worked closely with the Motorola Smart Card team eventually, these efforts resulted in a very attractive yet sophisticated web site. For True Interactive's own website revision, Mr. Karnchanapayap led the team and derived the solution for graphical cut up strategy, and site integration focusing majorly on the extensibility and stability of the site.

Working with several junior HTML Integrators, Mr. Karnchanapayap as the lead HTML Integrator and manager for True Interactive's entire HTML division.

Prior to his joining Treuinteractive, Mr. Karcnahanapyap worked with LinkE@SY Internet Group in Los Angeles. There he specialized in the design and development of large-scale websites. He developed technical expertise with HTML, relational databases, GUI design and development, revision code control, quality assurance and performance tuning.


Engage from start to finish on HTML integration, and the site functionality. Starting by creating design cut up strategy and file naming convention. Create both templates and build out all pages.

Create design cut up strategy, naming convention, and HTML templates for junior HTML integrators to build upon.

Corporate page redesign, assisted with all the functionality, cut up strategy from start to finish.

Create template pages for runtime system integration

user name: Yongkaitk
password: ux6jjka

Design Integration (in progress) Create Cut up strategy and full site integration. Work closely with a designer and a programmer to create a site management tool.

user: Yongkiatk
password: ux6jjka

Design Integration (in progress) Create Cut up strategy and full site integration. Work with database and web programmers to create an e-commerce solution.

user: Yongkiatk
password: ux6jjka

My Personal Website.


1999 - present
Senior HTML Integrator, www.trueinteractive.com ,Malibu, CA

Senior Web Developer, www.linkeasy.net


BS in Computer Science, California State University, Fresno.