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4. Characters in the third arc "Millennium Falcon"


Knight of the Moonlight (Rokosu)
A mysterious knight appears on Chapter 185 reveal himself as "Rokosu" (Moonlight) He joined Griffith Shortly after a brief introduction of himself..


Night Devil
Another Mysterious character appears on Chapter 186. He's able to fight with Tapasa people with ease. He confronts Griffith and says, "You are breathtakingly beautiful.....Ill cut your head off someday and it will become mine". His role is still quite..a mystery.


Grunbeld Another Legendary Hero of the war. During the Midland's 100-year war with Tudor, Grunbeld held a northern village alone against 3000 troops. Strikingly tall, Grunbeld's arsenal includes a canon, a shield with blades and a mighty War Hammer.


Schierke is Flora's young apprentice who's extremely knowledgable about witchcraft. Her expertise is a valuable asset to Guts' party. She always travel with an elf companion, Evarella.


Evarella is Schierke's companion. Evarella is a female elf with similar features like Puck's. She helps Schierke in her witch training.


An old Villager who at younger age once stumbled upon Flora's tree house while he was looking for a cure for his mother's illness. Recently, he was sent out from the village to get help from Flora as his village's under Troll attack.


A sea monster rumored to drown sea travelers. The Kelpie has mid-level water elemental abilities and can propel missiles or even drown an opponent by forcing water over their mouth. Kelpie's even more powerful during rainy weather.


A large and powerful creature from the very same world whcih Trolls came from.


A race from the dark nightmare world of the Klipnoth. Trolls aren't supposed to exist in physical world. But since the rebirth of Griffith, Trolls were entering to this world. And since then, they have been invading, killing, and raping villagers.

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