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-Who the heck runs this Berserk Site?
-What is Berserk?
-Who is the author and illustrator of Berserk?
-Where can I but the Berserk Manga in L.A.?
-What are the Manga ISBN #s?
-What happened to the Manga Scans?
-What Art Books are avaialble for Berserk?
-Why there are so many characters in Berserk?
-What about the Anime Series?
-What about the Music for the Anime Series?
-Are there any Berserk Games out there?
-Text too small, help please?

Q:  Who the heck runs this Berserk Site?
A:'s me Yong.... This Berserk site is a sub-site of I maintain this site on a regular basis to keep up with the ever changing world of Berserk. If you have any questions, please email me directly at [email protected] or [email protected].
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Q:  What is Berserk?
A:  Berserk is a manga series that is still in progress, as well as an Anime serie that ended in 1998. The manga series are being serialized bi-monthly by Young Animal magazine. The animation is an adaptation of the manga series "Berserk". Though both are "Berserk", there are quite a few differences between the two. (As for example, alternations of minor story line, and omissions of certain events/characters. Due to the fact that the series were aired in Japan, many violent and nudity scenes were censored. Nonetherless Berserk Anime stands as one of the best Animes available to date.
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Q:  Who is the author and illustrator of Berserk?
A:  Berserk is written and illustrated by Kentarou Miura.
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Q:  Where can I buy the Berserk manga in L.A. ?
A:  I purchases all my Berserk Manga and Young Animal Magazine from te famouse Japanese Bookstore Kinokuniya. The good thing is You can also back order stuff.

     123 Astronaut Ellison S. Onizuka St.
     Suite 205
     Los Angeles, CA 90012
You may also check out my translation page for some available translations. Please purchase the Manga prior to visiting the translation pages.
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Q:  How many manga are there? And what are their Book ISBN numbers so that I can buy from my local import bookstore ?
A: Currently, as of 11/18/04, there are 27 volumes of Berserk. The ISBN number are available below (the cover scans can also be found at the translation page):

Volume 01: ISBN 4-592-13574-1
Volume 02: ISBN 4-592-13575-X
Volume 03: ISBN 4-592-13576-8
Volume 04: ISBN 4-592-13577-6
Volume 05: ISBN 4-592-13578-4
Volume 06: ISBN 4-592-13579-2
Volume 07: ISBN 4-592-13580-6
Volume 08: ISBN 4-592-13690-X
Volume 09: ISBN 4-592-13691-8
Volume 10: ISBN 4-592-13692-6
Volume 11: ISBN 4-592-13693-4
Volume 12: ISBN 4-592-13694-2
Volume 13: ISBN 4-592-13695-0
Volume 14: ISBN 4-592-13696-9
Volume 15: ISBN 4-592-13697-7
Volume 16: ISBN 4-592-13698-5
Volume 17: ISBN 4-592-13699-3
Volume 18: ISBN 4-592-13716-7
Volume 19: ISBN 4-592-13717-5
Volume 20: ISBN 4-592-13718-3
Volume 21: ISBN 4-592-13719-1
Volume 22: ISBN 4-592-13720-5
Volume 23: ISBN 4-592-13721-3
Volume 24: ISBN 4-592-13722-1
Volume 25: ISBN 4-592-13723-X
Volume 26: ISBN 4-592-13724-8
Volume 27: ISBN 4-592-13725-6
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Q:  What happened to the Manga Scans ?
A:  The translated scans are no longer provided here because the English version is now out. Instead I will provide text translation for those who purchased the Japanese Managa.
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Q:  What artbooks are available for Berserk?
A:  Currently there are 3 artbooks and 1 postcard book.
Berserk Illustration File
Contains many sketches by Miura, a very detailed guide for the first 13 volumes of the manga. The Book is available in Japanese only.
ISBN Number: ISBN4-592-73138-7
Berserk Perfect Guide
A great art book if you are a fan of the anime series. This artbook contains not only incredibly detailed bios on each character (in Japanese ofcourse), but also cell reproductions of many scenes in the anime.
ISBN Number: ISBN4-592-73157-3
Berserk Visual and Story File
This art book was created for the Dreamcast Game "Berserk: Millennium Falcon." or if you are in America, "Sword of the Berserk: Guts Rage". It contains chracter designs for enemies and the main cast of the game, as well as a complete script of the game. This book is mostly Black and White, with about 4-5 pages of color. ISBN Number: ISBN4-592-73169-7
Berserk Postcard Book: Warcry
Postcard Bookon Berserk. Total 32 Postcards and 1 Sticker sheet. Couple of them are in Black and White Sketches but most of them are colored postcards.
ISBN Number: ISBN4-592-73152-2
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Q:  Why there are so many characters in Berserk...?
A:  The story of Berserk is very complex and thus has many characters to complete the storyline. It'll be hard for me to explain everything about Berserk characters in this FAQs. Please check out the Characters page for the full coverage that which categorized characters into sections in the order of appearance. Please note that some charater summaries are a bit of spoiler if you are yet to finish reading the Manga.
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Q:  What about the Anime Serie?
A: Berserk Anime series loosely follow the Manga counterpart. It has less violent/nudity scenes. There are 25 episodes of the Berserk Anime series that ended in 1998. There are no plans, as of 08/07/01, on whether Mr. Miura will release additional episodes of the Berserk Anime series.
Again, it's kind of too long to explain here, why don't you check out the Anime page for the full coverage and screenshots? I've devided the section into each episode for you to easilydigest.
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Q:  What about the Music for Berserk Anime series?
A:  The Music for "Berserk" Anime series is done by a popular artist in Japan, Susumu Hirasawa.
You can also check out the Multimedia page for Berserk mp3s. And go buy the CD. It's a great CD for a true Berserk fan!!
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Q:  Are there any Berserk Games out there?
A:  At the moment, there are 2 Berserk games; one on Dreamcas System and a new one on PlayStation 2 System.

"Sword of the Berserk: Gut's Rage" is available on Dreamcast system. It's a hack and slash game..but hey it's Berserk! The story of the Game is somewhat happening around the Millenium Falcon Arc.
To learn more about the Game storyline, please visit the Game page. Game characters page has symmaries of the characters appeared in the game. The full cutscenes of the Game are alsoavailable to view in the Game Media page.

Information about Berserk game (PlayStation 2) has been added. Click here to view.
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Q:  I can't read the text in this Berserk site...they are so tiny like Puck....Any solutions?
A:  This site has a lot textual information, thus I've opted to keep the default text size small so the page wouldn't be too long. You, however, can adjust the size of the text in this site to fit your needs.

On Microsoft Internet Explorer:
Go to View > Text Size and adjust as desire.

On Netscape Navigator:
Go to View > Increase Font Size
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