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Yet another coolest Berserk game ever released, this game stays true to the manga. Of course, you conrol the main character, Guts (or Gatsu).

The game starts off with a dream which's the end of the Berserk anime series. Like the last game on Dreamcast, you have two traveling companions, a small fairy Puck, and Caska (who's still in the state of insanity since the eclipse event-- read moire on this in the anime synopsis).

Like in the Manga, Guts's well equipped with the Dragon Slayer (the giant 7 feet long, 1.5 feet wide and 4 inches thick sword), a rapid fire auto-loading crossbow, light grenades, throwing knives, your arm cannon. While it's still a hack and slash game, the graphic is very stunning and the gameplay is quite enjoyable. There are two basic attack moves; a normal attack, and a stronger but slower attack move. You can perform blocking and making short dashes similar to the Dreamcast version. But this type of gameplay can be too repetitive and won't provide much of replayability.