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Characters appeared in the Berserk DC Game

Gutts is one of the only two people to survive the eclipse massacre. He now wanders the land seeking revenge against God Hand's minions. He's armed with the mighty Dragon Slayer,a fearsome 7-foot sword crafted for Gutts by Godo the master blacksmith. Gutts was branded witht he mark of sacrifice during the massacre. The brand serves as atracking device for the God Hand, but it also forewarns of danger Gutts might encounter. It will bleed as God Hand or the minions draw nearer.


Puck is Gutts' diminutive elf partner. By nature cheerful and easily elated. He has a healing power for Gutts..


Once Caska was the feared leader of the band of the Hawks. But the God Hand's massacre left her severely traumatized that it drove her to madness. Her recovery is in doubt....


Rita is a traveling performer, perhaps of gypsy descent. An adept knife handler, she learned this knife talent as part of her performance. She has a big friend name Job..


Rita's Dog
Rita's traveling and performing companion dog. He's very smart and was the one who led Gutts way to find Caska when the Resistance group broke into the castle.


Job (Yobu)
Job's Rita's former traveling companion. A gentle giant at heart, he used to assist Rita in her street performances until he became possessed by one of Mandragora's minions.


Mandragora possessed Job (Yobu)
The first Mandragora monster Gutts encounters in the game. He transforms into this hideously ugly monster after the town people assualted him for being infected by a Mandragora. Very swift and powerful, this monster kills several town people only can be stop by Gutts.


Advisor Gyove
Baron Balzac 's advisor, Gyove, is a cunning man. He's in charge of the newly created Mandragora-possesed soilders..


Baron Balzac
Baron Balzac is a tyranical ruler of the kingdom infested by Mandragora's monsters. He's once an "enlighten" to his people...until the advent of the strange disease of Mandragora.


Thought to be Balzac's daughter, in fact she's his deadly sick wife that he used Mandragora's heart extract to keep her alive. Though the heart extract cured all her disease and rejuvnated her, Annette lost her mind and went on living without any feeling....much like a way.


Dunteth is the leader of the underground resistance against baron Balzac. Strong and wise, he wants to find a cure for the Mandragora plaque to save his son.....


Mandragora Monster(s)
These monsters were infected by the Mandragora. There are many of these infected people in the town where the nun Eriza lives.


The nun Eriza is the caretaker of the Mandragora monsters and victims. A woman of deep spiritual faith ad compassion, she opposed to Balzac's idea toward those infected by Mandragora..


A simple-minded and cheerful boy. Some villagers teased him and beat him. He died on a one winter night with hunger near Eriza's church but she couldn't hear him....becasue of the heavy blizzard storm.


Mandragora's Heart
The Mandragora's heart that Baron Balzac has been looking for resides underneath the secret pathway in Eriza's church. He's a God Hand Apostle. His previous form was noone else but Niko...the carefree boy who died of hunger and world's cruelty.


Nosferatu Zodd
TNosferatu Zodd, one of the oldest living servants of the God Hand. He has assumed the form of a winged-Minotaur and became a formidable creature who some say is the vessel of Griffith..


Mandragora's Tree
The Mandragora's tree which grew from the partial heart in Balzac secret room. The tree began to grow on Caskca and swallow her whole. After Gutts recued her, Caska gained her senses back momentarily.....until the affects of Mandragora's tree wore off, she turned to be crazy once again. Like Puck said, "She went back to normal because she was possessed by the Mandragora. It makes sane people crazy, but crazy people sane."


The Vigorous Balzac
The baron was bitter about life and decided to drink the Mandragrora's heart extract to make himself strongerand younger to be able to defeat Gutts. Defeated by Gutts, he later turned into a God Hand Apostle by sacrificing his beloved wife.


The Apostle Balzac
The baron's final form as a new God Hand Apostle. He scarificed what he love most, his wife, to the God Hand in exchange for his new beast form.