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Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Busy on Himapan

I bet most of my close friends know what I've been busy working on for the last 4 months. Actually it's no secret as the project will soon be known to the public. The project is the main reason for me to start blogging, because by doing so will help me get a better grip of the project especially on how far it's been done. Additionally getting some feedbacks from friends is quite crucial as well ;).

The project is about Himmapan (Himapan) creatures. Some may wonder what the hell is "Himmapan (Himapan) creatures". To get a better understanding, these are creatures which exist mostly in Asian literatures such as Garuda, Hongsa (Mythical Swan), and many other odd creatures.

The project started because I wanted Thai and foreigners to know more about Thai culture through Thai traditional arts. Although you will not only experience the traditional line art illustrations, but colorized figure paintings, futuristic line art design, along with original photograph and description of each creature will be included as well. There will be a total of 100+ creatures. Each will most likely have 3-5 illustrations. It's quite a big project for me.

But I have a partner who's helping me along with this project. This person can be no other but my long life soul mate ;) Gip.

Here are a few preliminary page layouts:

Stay tuned, I'll have more posted here soon.


wissar said...

i waiting to see your Himapan creatures. I bet that's great job ;)

5:05 PM

Anonymous said...

Keep on good work, I'm so waiting to see this project :-) (you know that, right? MS. Mango)

6:07 PM

Anonymous said...

i wonder what's 565 on top of this page

10:28 PM

Yongkiat said...

Actually, the number is the number of Blogger template. Nothing special at all :)

8:49 AM

Yongkiat said...

The number is actually the Blogger template number na....nothing really......important about it..nor is it a last 3 digits of the next winning Lotter number :)

11:23 AM

David G said...

Happy Bday to King Karchanapayep, the longest last name I know. Happy 27th!


12:12 PM

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to Yongy, Hip hip hooray!!
You are amazing and seem to know everything.
"Got the question?,Yong can get u the answer"

Love your work,
Nity from DoyTung

3:41 PM

Anonymous said...

I saw 2-3 pages of Himapan creatures. I have to say that it's amazing.. I can't wait to see your next posting.

6:14 PM

Anonymous said...

โห สวยจิงจิงเลยคับ

10:33 PM

Anonymous said...

Wow! Really interesting project. Keep us posted for the progress.

5:21 PM

6L4553561RL* said...

เอ่อ...เลยไม่กล้าคอมเมนท์เป็นภาษาไทยเลย - -'( เพิ่งเคยเข้ามาอะค่ะ )
แต่ขอภาษาไทยหน่อยละกันนะคะ พิมพ์อังกฤษเกรงว่าจะไม่รู้เรื่องหนักกว่าเดิม ^^"

นี่เป็นโปรเจคหนังสือหรือคะ หรือว่าทำเป็น interactive สวยดีอ้ะ อยากเห็นไวๆ:)

12:55 AM


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