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Collection 2: Pussy Instinct
Tigress (front) Tigress (back)
Cuty Cat (front) Cuty Cat (back)
Kitty Tank G-Tigress
Collection 1 Second Wave of Collection...Second Wave of Happiness
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Happiness never cease to grow here at Bliss. We are thriving to bring you the best in designed tees and other cool garments. Bliss team would like to thank you all of our beloved customers for such a warm welcome during our initial first collection launch.

Now...are you ready for the second wave of happiness?

For the second collection, We've been working hard to perfect our products and provide wider array of outfits including tank tops and even sexy g-strings! Guys out there can now actually get excited visiting Bliss site and order something for their loved ones!

Although Bliss is now on Collection II, for those who are interested in ordering Bliss Collection I, please send us your request. There are a few of Collection I shirts left.

For Collection I, we also created something special for you to collect! The collectable Bliss Wall Clock is now available to you at just US$19.99 Buy it online now!

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