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Wednesday, July 14, 2004

27 to be...

Today is my birthday. I'm turning 27. I know it's quite a big number and many may think I'm quite an old man. Sometimes I feel like that. Other times, I think I'm still full of life and must try new things every day. I guess being old(er) has some goods and bads.

One of the good points is that I'll (hopefully) be smarter than last year. Actually last year I promised myself a resolution which is to learn a new thing for every dawn. I'd say I'm 60% successful in keeping that promise. In fact, I feel smarter than the day before...although just a tad bit. Some may not even be useful for other people except me. (^_^)

Let's see what I've learned within these past few days.

1. Yesterday, a colleague at work asked me a question about why her Internet Explorer wouldn't permit her to save a JPEG file except for .BMP extension. I knew that this problem had occurred to me once. So I did some research and realized that the problem's caused by a Damaged or Unknown program file (active or java) is downloaded to the downloaded program files folder. To solve such stupid problem you can simply empty the contents of the "Temporary Internet Files" folder, and then delete any files in the "Downloaded Program Files" folder that are listed as "Unknown" or "Damaged". Quite a nifty trick, eh?

The full solution was provided on the net and can be viewed at:

2. I was informed that now accepts Thai as a support country. This means I can ebay like I used to while I as in the States ;).

3. This one is from my girlfriend. She taught me that if my teeth are really dirty (because of coffee stain or otherwise) even though you have brushed already, you can just use a few droplets of lemon to wipe the stains out. --This trick has never been proved by me though.

4. To get a credit card in Thailand you must have a steady income of more than approx. 8,000 Baht (That is around US$200).

Anywho...another great news is that illustrations which my girlfriend and I created are now in the process of printing by The book will be titled "Freeware" and should be available by the year end. Here's a sample illustration on the book:

'til next blog...


Anonymous said...

HBD GoogleMan! Have a great one like you want it ;)

1:45 PM

Yongkiat said...

Thank you :) I'll make sure I have a good B.D.

2:42 PM

Anonymous said...

Thanks God for your talent! It's really benefit others :)

3:38 PM

Anonymous said...

Happy BD again. One good thing about getting older is, you're most likely to get more friends as the time in your life goes by--well, it's (maybe) great and interesting to have known you - Mango guy ;-)

4:13 PM

Anonymous said...

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5:53 PM


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