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A reality game site that depicts the invasion of space. Participants invade other people's space by using the famous space invader logo on various locals.
myhead: portrait of a graphic designer
Richard Reme's Website. Interesting and Innovative use of Flash Animation.
Interestingly creepy site. Very disturbing but cool.
Final Fantasy (A-)

I had read this movie wasn't that great on various websites I went to see it anyway... and it WAS great! The computer animation is so life like you forget that the characters aren't actors. The storyline is complex enough. You have to see this!
A.I. Artificial Intelligence (B-)

You expected a film about a boy robot who learns how to love and is truly loved in return. Instead, you're given a boy-robot, who after being programmed, cannot stop loving the people he is programmed to "love". What a laugh, seeing this baby-Terminator not stop wanting to chase down his 'dream' an hour too long..I think.
Kiss of the Dragon

Well, I go see it just for the fight scenes. I went and saw this yesterday (july 6). There is a lot of cheesy parts in the move but the action scenes are worth seeing.
Atlantis: The Lost Empire (C+)

If you've seen Stargate then you've seen Atlantis. I wouldn't recomend this movie for children. I wouldn't recomend this movie at all. Save your time and money.
Name: Miriam Price

Las Cruces

New Mexico (yes that is the USA).


light brown (big suprize huh? its amazing what a little bleach can do).

Eyes: hazel.

5' 8"

your guess is as good as mine.

ever changing.

just fine.

Occupation: work at a locally owned clothing store called "The Beach" and also as a waitress at Bennigan's (but I am gonna quit soon)

Student? yes I am a student, this will be my fourth year at NMSU and I still don't know what I want to do with my life.

Languages: English, some German and a little Spanish

Sport Skills: been in dance (mostly ballet) since I was 5 and have not had much time for anything else since.
Turn Ons: chivalry, nice eyes, sense of humor.
Turn Offs: stupidity.
Diablo II: Lord of Destruction (A-)

Publisher: Blizzard
Genre: RPG
Platform: PC
System Requirements: P233 Mhz ,32MB RAM (single player), 64MB RAM (multiplayer), 4X CD-ROM
Number of Players: 8
Net Support: Yes
Diablo 2 has very good graphics' it resembles the look of Diablo a lot in this the way that everything looks has not changed that much but I find that the graphics' alone are a lot better then those of Diablo. Especially in this expansion pack of Diablo II.

Game Design
Over all the game was designed well yet it has one major problem that is that unlike in Diablo you can't save whenever you want. :(

What's new?

Classes - The new classes, the Druid and Assassin are quite fun. There is good balance, the characters look 'right', and it was entertaining to hear the new one-liners as they entered various areas of the game. Skills have been fixed and/or modified. All classes got some changes, mind you, but the Barbarians and Amazons seems to be howling the loudest.

Skills - The new skills are a blast. I particularly liked the Molten Boulder skill for the Druid. You get it early on and it is wonderful for clearing some room around you and inflicting lots and lots of damage. The shape shifting skills are interesting as you can take on the shape of a Were-Bear or Were-Wolf. The Assassin's skills are good as well focusing on traps, finishing moves, and hand-to-hand combat skills.

New Act - Follow up to the ending of Diablo II, Lord of Destruction add a new act V to tie up some lose ends.

New items - Oh yes, what a lot of people have been talking about. Runes, Jewels, Orbs, Charms, Embalmed Heads, and so much more. Blizzard has gone out of its way with this and it shows. So much in fact that you can get inundated with the amount of stuff the game drops. Gems have a new sound, so those of us with sensitive ears don't jump every time you move one around in your inventory.


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