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Ultra Pixel Porn 2: The return of Far East
The Nude Art Form From The Land of the Rising Sun. This issue concentrates on the Japanese Sex Culture.
Quite an old film already...but still has the best.....use of Hongkong wire-works yet....

Note: It's best to right click and download to view it.
The conclusion of Fuckfu Saga
A closing to an endless kungfu moves...

Note: It's best to right click and download to view it.
A personal site of Jason Ierace, a photographer, grphic designer, and creative director. A very well designed site with good use of imagery.

The famous GMUNK Website. Need I say more?.
Khem's site
Khem's a friend of mine in Thailand. I met him while I was surfing the net for Berserk information. Checkout his "Enemy at the Gate" Flash work--pretty funny and cool.
Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back (B+)

I like this film. Although it contains quite a lot of foul language, that's what this flick is all about. Having seen all Smith's films, I got to say this film is pretty good but still can't top my all time favorite, Mallrats.
American Pie 2 (A-)

I loved it! I wouldn't say it's the best film of this summer.. Well, ok..it's the best film of the summer! :) This second installment is even better than the first! the characters are so "Loveable"?
BERSERK Anime is a gothic tale set in the Middle Ages which chronicles the life of Gutts, a very strong and highly skilled swordsman. This Subsite is devoted to Berserk Anime(Japanese Animation series) and Mange(Japanese Comic book)

The Site contains Synopsis & screenshots from The Berserk TV series, full translation of the currently running Manga, and of course Verserk Gallery and Fan Arts.

To learn more about the Berserk, visit Yong's Berserk Page now.
Name: Rocio Navarro Sepulveda

guadalajara Jalisco



Eyes: hazel.

5' 6"
Bust: 35.4"
Waist: 23.6"
Hips: 35.4"

Occupation: student

Languages: spanish and a few english

Sport Skills: football (soccer).
Turn Ons: tall, handsome, well-built, and friendly.
Turn Offs: hypocrite, bad boys, machistas.
Max Payne (A-)

Developer: Remedy
Genre: Action
Platform: PC
System Requirements: Win95/98/2000/ME, 400MHz, 96MB RAM, 16MB, Direct3D compatible graphics card.
Number of Players: 1
Net Support: No
What's Max Payne?
Max Payne is a 3rd person shooter with a film noir police drama feel. The internal dialogue and dark atmosphere set pulling you right into the well-set story.

Who mentioned Story?
The story is about a cop, Max, who lives a good life with a lovely wife and a new baby. One day he comes home to find all that changed and he begins his descent into "hell". It is a story of vengeance, double cross and redemption.

Enough with story..How about the Graphics?
The world you walk, run and fight through is beautifully rendered. The streets, slums and steel towers of New York are all represented in 32-bit color with staggering amount of detail. The character models are amazingly designed and rendered as well. In-game movement is super fluid.

Game Design..
The enemy AI is quite good and will provide a pretty good challenge at the lowest level of difficulty. The enemies do not suffer from any suicidal tendencies and will duck and cover when they can. As you move through the game they will also dodge, leap and roll to avoid your attacks. This is one great game!!


>> bliss, an online clothing store is now open 24 hours a day.
>> Pulp Magazine Published online check int out here.
>> Add more screens where pixelfucker.net and yong.ariszone.com have been linked up.
>> Sorry for no update for a long time. I just got settled here in Thailand... Whew..and adjusting myself to new environment ain't as easy as I thought it would be. Anyhow...another bad news...my friend whom my site hosted with will be moving out of his apartment soon...that could only mean.....my site will be unplugged at around that time until further notice. (the end of Jan 2002)
>> Add "Who's your Daddy?".
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>> September issue has arrived with the debut subsite, Berserk.
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>> The early August issue has arrived but not quite linked from the splash page yet til August actually arrived. This issue will be updated quite frequent. So, come back often.
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>> You may not know that Yong's Gallery also has an alias of pixelfucker.net.
>> The Ultra Pixel Porn Vol 1 of August issue is also available at ultrafashionporn.com.
>> More E3 2001 booth babes I just found on my other memory card now available on July issue.
>> Add Movie Watched "Final Fantasy" to July 4th issue.
>> Little cute pixelfold babes added on the splash page, most of them created by Francis Lam from db-db , and some of them were painted by me.
>> Add "Saving my bitches".
>> My site was mentioned in "Designer's Note pad ". exactly on my birthday
>> Some booth babes I forgot to post now available on July issue.
>> Yong's Site is featured in "Cool Web Design Site". I'm so proud of myself (^_^). Just go search for "yong" from the search link off the homepage of the site if you can not find my site listed there.
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