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Ultra Pixel Porn 5: 2002
2002 Mini Calendar. Have a happy new year.
The name tells all about this site :) Nice collection of wallpapers and links. Definately worth taking a look

I started to enjoy taking pictures for fun. And this site is one of my inspirations. Nice photos can be found here.

Yet another cool flash integrated website. Though simple, this site is quite attractive.
Small font, nice picture and great layout make this site look so cute and fresh. Yummy sky....(as of Feb 1, 2002)
Lord of the Ring: The Fellowship of the Ring (A+)
Wow......I love the trilogy novel...and this adaptation doesn't dissappoint me a bit. I can say it was a 3-hour flick full of eye candies and spectacles. A must see even if you are not fan of the books.
Riding in Cars with Boys (B)
A story of a young mother struggling through her life in a very Drew's way. I didn't particularly love the movie, but it's acceptable. I enjoyed the film very much with a new found friend of mine. She seem to love this flick for the fact that Drew plays the main role :).

The Legend of Zu (C)
I was hoping this film would be the Matrix of the East but it fell short of my expectation. (After all it's from the same director as 'Once Upon A Time in china') The special effects were korny and looked rather cheap. The story is very linear and predictable. Not a recommendable title at all :(.

Name: Kim Rijkers aka kymbly

State: Limburg
Country: The Netherlands

02 /08/1978

Eyes: dark brown
Height: 162 cm

last year medical student

dutch, english.

Hobbies: I love to go out with my friends, dance until the morning comes. I also love reading, going to the movies, and study the subject of neurosurgery. I'm a girl so I like shopping. I couldn't live without
Turn Offs: Rascism, dishonesty, obesity.
Turn Ons: Finding my boyfriend naked in my bed, crisps, eighties
music, seeing my two sisters, making clever remarks, Italy..

Life long Aspiration: To live long in good health as a mother, neurosurgeon and pretty wife. :).
Check out these screenshots and spot where my site has been linked from. (Some appeared as "pixelfucker.net" while others as "yong.ariszone.com")

Developer: Bungie
Genre: Shooter
Platform: XBox
Number of Players: (1-4)
The long awaited shooting game of the next generation platform, XBox, has arrived. It certainly worth the wait. I wa awed since the live demo at E3-2001. Playing games at home has never been this exciting!
Crisp, clean, and clear are just the beginning. The whole thing can be called the best looking shooter for any consoles todate. The sheer computing power of XBox makes this game amazingly beautiful. The Alien planet is simply awesome, not to mention the character models. The use of special effects such as fog water, and ripples are there to set the mood for this game and certainly not overused like some games. A very pleasant game to look at if not to play.
Control and Gameplay:
You'll feel a bit odd to use all the buttons at first. Though the control requires some learning curve, once you mastered the control, everything seem to be at the right places. You can move your charater, use yout guns, or even control your vihecle with ease.
Final Words:
If you have XBox in your hand, This is a must game to have.

>> Add more screens where pixelfucker.net and yong.ariszone.com have been linked up.
>> Sorry for no update for a long time. I just got settled here in Thailand... Whew..and adjusting myself to new environment ain't as easy as I thought it would be. Anyhow...another bad news...my friend whom my site hosted with will be moving out of his apartment soon...that could only mean.....my site will be unplugged at around that time until further notice. (the end of Jan 2002)
>> Add "Who's your Daddy?".
>> Add "The Black Swordsman".
>> Add "Griffith's New Army".
>> Add "Japaness Girl".
>> Add "Robot Chick ".
>> September issue has arrived with the debut subsite, Berserk.
>> The Ultra Pixel Porn Vol 2 of September issue is also available at ultrafashionporn.com.
>> Add "Skull Knight".
>> Add "Nosferatu Zodd".
>> The early August issue has arrived but not quite linked from the splash page yet til August actually arrived. This issue will be updated quite frequent. So, come back often.
>> Add "Losing Head ".
>> You may not know that Yong's Gallery also has an alias of pixelfucker.net.
>> The Ultra Pixel Porn Vol 1 of August issue is also available at ultrafashionporn.com.
>> More E3 2001 booth babes I just found on my other memory card now available on July issue.
>> Add Movie Watched "Final Fantasy" to July 4th issue.
>> Little cute pixelfold babes added on the splash page, most of them created by Francis Lam from db-db , and some of them were painted by me.
>> Add "Saving my bitches".
>> My site was mentioned in "Designer's Note pad ". exactly on my birthday
>> Some booth babes I forgot to post now available on July issue.
>> Yong's Site is featured in "Cool Web Design Site". I'm so proud of myself (^_^). Just go search for "yong" from the search link off the homepage of the site if you can not find my site listed there.
>> Add "Why the hell should I quit smoking?" image.
>> Special July 4th issue.
>> Create the new July month page and add "Hello there" image.
>> E3 2001 Booth Babes added to July issue.
>> Add "Pain" and "The Fool" to the site.
>> Add "Don't Mess With Me".
>> Add JavaScript News Release to the page.
>> Tone down the mature theme of "of beauty and nature".
>> Finally got this gallery section up and running.
>> Convert "of beauty and nature" to be Flash animation..
>> Add "Dragon Slayer" image to the splash page.
>> Moved "Crimson Lady" the archive section.
>> Finally got this gallery section up and running.
>> Add "Crimson Lady" to the splash page.