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Welcome to Yong's Berserk page. This is a site dedicated to the manga and anime series "BERSERK". Berserk was written and illustrated by Kentaro Miura. The magazine which serializes and publishes the manga bi-monthly is Young Animal magazine under Hakusensha publishing house.

Currently Berserk has 27 full volumes by Jets Comics. It was made into a 25-episode anime. Though the 2 mediums of Berserk are somewhat different, the main storylines are the same. It revolves around a man name Gutts and his pain of living. It has quite a complex theme and thoughts regarding good and evil. For me, Berserk is not only just another action comic, but also a philosophical way of seeing the world.

Please feel free to explore this site. This site is always in a state of constant change so every time you visit, make sure that you check out the News area to see the latest changes and additions to the site.
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12/31/04> This news is not Berserk related. I just launchd a new Manga Fansite for 20th Century Boys.

12/23/04> Berserk PlayStation2 Cut Scenes are now up for personal viewing.

12/02/04> Volume 4 Translation is now up.

11/26/04> New Translation pages are up and you can comment as well as the pages are set up as blogs.

11/21/04> Art of War Products added in misc section.

11/20/04> Berserk PlayStation2 Game is now up! You can download trailers here as well.

11/19/04> Media Page is now fully functional again. Planning to add trailers for Berserk Playstation2 Game.

11/16/04> small site adjustment and plan to redo some stuff. Stay tuned.