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Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Berserk Volume 4

ISBN#: 4-592-13577-6
Release Date: February 26, 1992
Volume Brief:
The fourth volume continues where the end of Volume 2 left us. In brief it's a story of Guts and how he become what he became.

Volume 4 Chapter 10: Golden Age (2)
Guts was raped by Donavan. He took his revenge by killing Donavan on the battle field. That very same day, Gambino got blasted by a bomb and lost his right leg. Bitter with his life and hatred for Guts, one night Gambino tries to kill Guts. Guts defends himself and in the process kills Gambino. Click here to read full translation.

Volume 4 Chapter 11: Golden Age (3)
Gambino's men find out that Guts killed Gambino and try to hunt Guts down. Guts' shot by a cross bow and falls off a cliff. There he has to fight a pack of wolves until he passes out. A group of mercenaries find him and take him. 2 years later we find out that Guts has become an able soldier. He fights and defeats a legendary knight, the grey Bazuzo. Click here to read full translation.

Volume 4 Chapter 12: Golden Age (4)
Guts leaves the army he was fighting for and travels alone. On the way he was attacked by soldiers. The person who wanted to kill Guts is later known as Corkus. He's part of the Band of the Hawks let by Griffith. Guts killed one soldier and cut one soldier's arm off. Caska was sent by Griffith to help out Corkus. But hse too unable to stop Guts. Caska was saved by Griffith's interruption. Now Guts must fight Griffith. Click here to read full translation.

Volume 4 Chapter 13: Golden Age (5)
Guts was stabbed on his chest by Griffith and was unconscious. Once h woke up, he realized that the grou;p of soldiers he was fighting with were Hawk soldiers. The band's led by a young man name Griffith. Griffith wants Guts to join his force. But Guts refuses, the fight between the two's about to break out again. Click here to read full translation.

Volume 4 Chapter 14: Golden Age (6)
Guts lost his fight to Griffith. As promised before the fight, Gut's now Griffith's soldier. In this chapter we withness Guts' first battle for Griffith. The mission objective is to burn enemy supply and weapon. Guts is appointed to be the guard at the back of the troops. Click here to read full translation.


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