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Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Berserk Volume 1

ISBN#: 4592135741
Release Date: November 11, 1990
Volume Brief:
There are 3 chapters in the first volume of Berserk Manga.

Volume 1 Chapter 1: The Black Swordsman
The story opens up with a mysterious swordsman copulating with a female demon before he kills it. Quite a strong opening, surely you can tell this series is not for young kids. This first chapter also is where Guts, the main character, meets his tiny companion elf, Puck. In this chapter, Guts fights with a giant snake monster. Click here to read full translation

Volume 1 Chapter 2: The Brand
Guts begins to travel with his little companion Puck. He's hitching a ride with a priest and his daugther. In this chapter, it reveals that the brand Guts bears attracts ghosts and ghouls after Sun set. He must fight them in order to survive. Click here to read full translation

Volume 1 Chapter 3: Desire's Guardian Angels (1)
This is the first chapter about his encounter with an apostle and will lead to more explaination about the Brand and such. Click here to read full translation


bigBONGhits said...

Man I love Berserk, I fell in love with this manga right from #1

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