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Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Berserk Volume 3

ISBN#: 4-592-13576-8
Release Date: October 25, 1991
Volume Brief:
The third volume of Berserk contains 3 chapters of Desire Guardian Angels Episodes and one beginning chapter of Golden Age Episode.

Volume 3 Chapter 6: Desire Guardian Angels (4)
Guts Fights the transformed count. At one point, he uses the count daugther as his hostage. The count's almost defeat but his will to survive activate the beherit power and summon the God Hands. Click here to read full translation.

Volume 3 Chapter 7: Desire Guardian Angels (5)
Gad Hands are summonded. Guts tries to attack them but as he gets near them his wound starts to bleed violently. In this chapter we also learn about the Count history especially about his wife and how became an apostle. This time, the God Hands ask the count to sacrifice his daugther. Click here to read full translation.

Volume 3 Chapter 8: Desire Guardian Angels (6)
It seems like the count still has some of human mind left, and is unable to sacrifice his daugther in exchange for his power. He then gets consumed by ghosts from hell. Click here to read full translation.

Volume 3 Chapter 9: Golden Age (1)
This chapter goes back and tells us the story of Guts since he's a child. It's the first chapter about his past and how become what became--the black swordman. Click here to read full translation.


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