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Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Berserk Volume 3 Chapter 9

Translation for Berserk Volume 03 Chapter 9: Golden Age (1)

Page 185
Man: Hey, look.

Page 187
Golden Age (1)

Page 188
Man: O(h)------O(h)------
Man: Ghoulish, isn't it.
Man: Hey, Siss?
Siss: A(h)------
Soldier: Pitiful…
Soldier: She's been perfectly queer since the miscarriage 3 days ago. [alt: She's been completely warped since the miscarriage 3 days ago.]
Soldier: Was it your kid, Gambino?
Gambino: How should I know!

Page 189
Gambino: Hey, Siss.
Siss: Da---Da---
Gambino: How long do you intend to do that?
Gambino: Pull yourself together!!
Gambino: That kid's dead already!!
Siss: A(h)!!
Baby: …Ho…

Page 190
Soldier: H…
Soldier: Hey!! That kid's still alive!!
Narrator?: The baby, harboured by the muddy water mixed with after-birth,
Narrator?: beneath the body of its mother, cried for the first time. [Re 'after-birth', the text literally refers to 'blood and amniotic fluid'.]

Page 191
Gambino: Hey, Siss…

Page 192
Soldier: Hey, Gambino, is it OK?
Soldier: Don't know. She can do as she likes!
Soldier: But………
Soldier (outside SB): He he..
Soldier: Yeah…
Gambino: What?
Soldier: Isn't it unlucky?
Soldier: The kid, it being picked up at a place like this and all. [This is a very loose translation, but one that captures the meaning of the statement much better then 'picking up a kid at a place like this'.]
Gambino: Ha-------- You guys afraid?

Page 193
Soldier: Not really…
Soldier: Nothing like that…
Soldier (outside SB): Hi hi..
Gambino: Ke.
Gambino: At any rate, it'll die soon enough so leave it alone. Until then, it'll act as a weight to console Siss.
Gambino: Come now.
Gambino: Stop saying stupid things. [Guess alert! 'Kudoranee koto' is 'stupid things', whilst 'neede iku' is presumably 'don't continue'. The remainder of the sentence, however, is a mystery. Presumably he's referring to their comments, so 'stop saying stupid things' seems as good as guess as any!]
Narrator?: Isn't it unlucky……?

Page 194
---3 years later---

Woman: Hang in there, Siss!!
Woman: Guts!!
Woman: Get outside you!!
Woman: This is the plague………!!
Woman: If you get infected, it'll be the end of you as well!!

Page 195
Siss: Guts……!!
Woman: Where's Gambino!?
Girl: It's useless, (since) he's now attacking the castle.
Woman: Really!! Since he's a man, at the hour his woman looks like dying………!!
Woman: Hold on…Pack something into her mouth!!
Woman: Just a minute, you………!?
Siss: …Guts……

Page 196
Siss: …Guts…
Woman: ……Guts…

Page 197
---3 years later---
Gambino: Hey, Guts!!
Gambino: Spear, the Spear!!

Page 198
Gambino: Get a move on!! [lit: Don't be tardy!!]

Page 199
Guts: …A(h).
Guts: ……Uwa(h)…
Gambino: You took your time!!
Gambino: You trying to kill me!!
Gambino: …Shit! Who do you think feeds you?

Page 200
Gambino: If I die, you'll die also!! [Had some problems here. The problem being with the 'notare' following 'kokode'.]
Soldier: Hey, the next lot!! The next lot are coming!!
Gambino: What's with those eyes?
Gambino: If it's discontent, is it all right if I cast you out on your own!! [Re 'on your own', I was unable to find a reading for 'oppori'. That being said, the one example I was able to find on the web indicated that the term should be read as 'like a newborn'! Thus, 'on your own' or 'helpless'.]
Gambino: Here and now!!
Gambino: Shit!
Gambino: That bitch, Siss, picked up a real nuisance……

Page 201
Gambino: Oh!!
Gambino: What's (up with) this?

Page 202
Gambino: …We're not dancing you know!!
Soldier: Gambino, that's taking things too far - teaching the sword to a six year old kid.
Gambino: We can't keep on feeding him free meals forever.
Gambino: We are mercenaries. Mercenaries!
Gambino: If I don't get him to earn his keep on a reliable basis, what then. [Not sure that I've put this together correctly.]
Soldier: All right then. But, Guts, how about using a sword better suited to your size?
Guts: No (way)!!

Page 203
Soldier: Ho.
Soldier: Pig-headed kid.
Gambino: We don't keep children's' weapons here. [lit: Children's' swords, we're yet to put them here/in mercenary groups.]
Gambino: (No) Not good enough.
Soldier (bottom right): Go for it.
Soldier (bottom middle): Hang in there, boy.
Soldier (bottom left): Don't hold back. [lit: With an intention to kill, do it.]
Soldier (top): Put more back into it, more back.
Gambino: Your footwork isn't good enough! [lit: Your stepping/rushing in isn't good enough!]
Gambino: Now!

Page 204
Gambino: …F

Page 205
Gambino: Fucking brat!!
Soldiers: H…Hey, Gambino!?
Soldier: Hey!!
Soldier: That's too much!! For a child opponent like this……!!

Page 206
Soldiers: Take it easy, easy.
Soldier: That's pretty bad. It goes right to the bone.
Soldier: It's a bit childish, isn't it?
Soldier: Gambino.
Gambino: He.
Gambino: The force was a bit excessive.
Thought: …I'm hot…

Page 207
Guts: Hot…
Guts: It's as if my face were burning.
Guts: …Blood is congealing inside my nose…
Guts: My head is heavy…
Guts: …I can't breath…
From outside tent: …I wonder how long they intend keeping him here.
Shadow: Do you know?
Shadow: Where they found that kid…
Soldier: Aa(h)…He was born from a corpse.
Soldier: For an occupation that scatters lives like ours particularly…… [Re 'scatters', 'haru' here is literally 'to spread' or 'to stretch'.]
Soldier: It's a bad omen! Our luck will desert us!
Soldier: The death of Siss at the hands of the plague was also that kid's fault, wasn't it?

Page 209
Guts: 98
Guts: 99
Guts: 100!!
Guts: Ha!
Guts: Ha!

Page 210
Guts: When I'm swinging this, I think of nothing.
Gambino: It must take a great deal of time to draw some water!
Guts: Gambino…!

Page 211
Gambino: ……Hmm.
Gambino: Here.
Gambino: It's medicine.
Gambino: Smear it on your wounds.
Guts: ……Wha?

Page 212
Gambino: Shit.
Guts: Ga…..
Guts: Gambino!!
Guts: Er…
Guts: Th…
Guts: ……Thanks………
Gambino: Hurry up and prepare our meals!

Page 213
Guts: Ow…!
Guts: Perhaps it was for no other reason than to divert his guilt(y conscience)…

Page 214
---3 years later---

Page 216
Gambino: All right, you guys!!
Gambino: Let's make some money!! [lit: It's business!!]

Page 217
Gambino: The early bird takes all!! [lit: As for (the) treasure, the early/fastest person wins!!]
Gambino: Work hard, earn plenty!!
Soldier: Don't over exert yourself, boy.
Soldier: Do what's needed (nothing more). Because there'll be neither money nor offspring if you die.
Gambino: Hey, Guts.

Page 218
Gambino: It's your first campaign.
Gambino: Work hard.

Page 219
Gambino: Charge!! [alt: Get into 'em!!]

Page 220
Guts: Ha.
Guts: Ha.
Guts: Ha.
Guts: Ha.

Page 224
Guts: Geho!

Page 225
Guts: Gambino………!
Gambino: Watch your back!!
Gambino: It's not sword practice!! After you've done one in, don't stand around doing nothing!!
Gambino: Hey, get a move on!!
Gambino: Move it!! Move it!!

Page 226
Voice: Next!!

Page 227
Guts: Gambino!!
Gambino: What?
Guts: This…
Gambino: Hmm…
Gambino: Here.

Page 228
Gambino: Well…
Gambino: Keep it up.
Guts: …O.
Guts: O.K.!!
Gambino: He…

Page 229
Man: Hey, Gambino.
Gambino: What?
Gambino: What can I do for you, Donovan?

Page 230
Guts: Once it gets to about this time……
Guts: I can't stop shaking!!

Page 231
Guts: Who is it?
Guts: ……Dono…van…?

Page 233
Golden Age (1) End


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