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Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Berserk Volume 3 Chapter 7

Translation for Berserk Volume 03 Chapter 7: Desire's Guardian Angels (5)

Page 65

Page 66
Desire's Guardian Angels (5)

Page 69
Theresia/Puck: Aa(h)…!!
Puck: That's God Hand…!?
Guts: …Griffith…………!!

Page 71
Guts: Griffith!

Page 72
Puck: Griffith………
Puck: Who's Griffith…?
Griffith: …Still…
Griffith: You were still crawling about such a place.

Page 73
Guts: …W…
Guts: What's that……!?
Guts: W……Wait…!!

Page 74
Void: Person (who was) chosen by causality. [Causality = the law of cause and effect.] [The fansubs that I've seen for episode 24, which features a similar statement, indicate that this should be read as 'Person [Man] chosen by the laws that bind karma.'] [Letters rather than names are used where the being in question's name has not yet been revealed.]

Page 75
Void: This person's earnest desire to live opened the space.
Void: Consequently we have assembled here.
Count: Head Angel, Void………! [This is a literal translation. I'm tempted to use 'arch-angel', but it's not really appropriate…is it!?]

Page 76
Count: Please, my wish!! (It's) That man's life………!!
Count: My grudge against that man, please satisfy it!!
Void: We can't do that.
Count: W…Why!?
Slann: Your thoughts, which opened the space, were consistently of your attachment to life and your fear of death.
Slann: Not of your hatred for that man.
Ubik: We descended in order to fulfil the most powerful desire of you who was chosen because of the law of causality.
Count: B……But this man, he's the Black Warrior!? He was killing all the apostles of God Hand (until he came here)……He must be your hated enemy!?

Page 77
Ubik: Enemy?
Griffith: A number of apostles were killed, but by no means would he be able to do the same thing to us.
Griffith: Black Warrior is it…?

Page 78
Griffith: Your existence is beneath notice. [Griffith is looking right at Guts, so I've worked on the assumption that he is addressing Guts directly. If not so, a better translation here would be: 'His [or its] existence is beneath notice.']
Guts: Ga(h)…

Page 80
Puck: Guts…!!
Conrad & Slann: Oh
Ubik: Magnificent!!
Slann: He can stand up with those injuries……
Ubik: Interesting!!
Slann: (He has) Magnificent will power … and fighting spirit. [Re the 'fighting spirit' part, this is my take on the combination of 'a strife/a struggle' with 'heart/mind/core'.]
Ubik: For God Hand…
Ubik: (But) Particularly in response to Femto, the tremendous hatred (that he feels) is propping up his body.
Ubik: At any rate, it's because we marked him with the brand, isn't it. [Had some problems with this.]
Conrad: But…
Conrad: I wonder how long he'll last?

Page 81
Guts: My existence is beneath notice…
Guts: You make me laugh…
Guts: That my existence is beneath notice is thanks to you. You just stay like that… [The second sentence is questionable.]
Guts: Thanks to you, I'm keeping corpses company….!!
Guts: Thanks to you, I'm crawling about in the midst of bloody eruptions!! [Blood + a vomit = bloody eruptions!? 'Pools of blood' may be better!?]

Page 82
Guts: You stay there and keep on posing as superman!! [alt (more lit): You keep on posing as the guy who's superhuman (up) there!!]
Guts: Griffith!!!
Griffith/Femto: …Yes
Griffith/Femto: You're nothing more than a sacrifice that's (still) crawling about.

Page 83
Puck: What happened between those two?!

Page 84
Puck: Guts!
Griffith/Femto: You are a fool.
Griffith/Femto: Don't you know that your seal reacts with our evil, causing your body to experience great pain?

Page 85
Griffith/Femto: It only feels like a needle prick with small amounts of evil…
Griffith/Femto: But with larger amounts of evil, it responds with a pain that increases indefinitely.
Griffith/Femto: And if the evil becomes too great…
Griffith/Femto: …the pain will kill you!
Griffith/Femto: That's far enough.

Page 86
Puck: Guts!
Slann: It's over…

Page 87
Guts: Gaah!

Page 88
Ubik: Oh?!

Page 90
Puck: Guts!
Slann: Splendid fighting spirit! But with that pain, he appears to have given up.
Ubik: Awesome.
Slann: He's about to lose consciousness.
Ubik: And also Count, his flesh is already tattered after the first fight.
Slann: I want that boy to be among us. He'd be wonderful.
Conrad: But he can't be chosen because of the law of causality.
Conrad: So he can't be among us.
Conrad: Besides,
Conrad: …he's finished.
Puck: Guts!

Page 91
Griffith/Femto: I have taken care of your wish by accident, Count.
Count: I…
Count: I appreciate it…
Void: Enough of the sideshow!

Page 92
Void: It's time to perform the ceremony!
Void: Count.
Void: Who will be sacrificed?
Count: It's gonna be the Black Swordsman.

Page 93
Ubik: Not good enough, Count.
Count: Wh…Why?
Conrad: That man was offered for sacrifice before.
Slann: And also, that boy is just your enemy which we don't allow.
Slann: The sacrificial offering to the ceremony is not just a mere lump of flesh and blood.
Slann: He has to be very important and dear to your heart. And that person must be a part of your own body.
Ubik: And since this is an offering to evil…
Ubik: …it has been decided that he has to be one of your own and you have to cut him of personally.

Page 94
Conrad: Evil flows into the crack and will grow in its heart.
Puck: Part of your own body.
Puck: Oh no!
Count: Then.
Count: Then who?

Page 95
Griffith/Femto: Cut your love asunder,
Griffith/Femto: Count.

Page 96
Theresia: …N
Theresia: Noooo.
Count: P…Please wait…!!
Count: I...If it's another, then anybody…!! Her…… Only Theresia……!
Slann: That's right…
Slann: If it's not such a person it has no meaning, Count.
Ubik: Don't be so distracted.
Ubik: You should do as you did that time. [alt: You should act/behave in the same way as that time.]

Page 97
Theresia: That time……?
Ubik: My goodness.
Ubik: You weren't told what your father did?
Count: Please wait!!
Count: To her…!!
Count: Not that……!! [Anything but (that)……!!]
Ubik: Let me enlighten you.

Page 98
Theresia: This is…?
Ubik: I've opened a window into the past. [U more literally says here that he has opened a space-time (air)space. I'm unsure about the significance of 'choito', although it seems to imply that the space-time window only covers bits and pieces or a segment of the past. Either that or it refers to the duration that the window will be open.]
Ubik: This is the Count of 7 years ago. He's extremely well turned out compared to now, isn't he.

Page 99
Ubik: And…
Ubik: Look,
Ubik: There's you and your mother.
Theresia: Mother-…
Ubik: A beautiful and virtuous wife for a honest husband.
Ubik: The sort of family depicted in pictures of happiness.

Page 100
Ubik: That's the way it looked!
Count: Stoppp.
Ubik: At that time the faith of the false god was overrunning this country. The Count was also rushing about his territory subjugating the heretics. [alt: At that time, the faith of the false god was overrunning this country. The Count was also rushing about his territory in the subjugation of the heretics.]
Ubik: Hence he was often away from the castle.

Page 101
Ubik: And that day
Ubik: In order to heal his spirit, which was being gnawed at, and his body, which was exhausted by the long, gruesome subjugation of the heretic,
Ubik: the Count flew back to his beloved wife and only daughter.
Ubik: Please stop………!!
Ubik: And at that time he came (back to).
[Count (outside speech bubble): Stoppp...]

Page 104
Ubik: It was an outlandish scene.
Ubik: With a strange stench and a sea of flesh wriggling in a heap to the throes of passion.
Ubik: A statue of a grotesque god possessing a towering goat's head in the middle.

Page 105
Ubik: And the figure of a woman in agony clinging in order to stay on that god. [alt: And the figure of a woman writhing in agony in order to hold on to that god.] [The gist of this is correct, although I'm unsure which is the better alternative for 'karamitsukimodaeru' - 'writhing in agony' or 'in agony clinging'. 'Agony' is, of course, used here in a 'Shakespearean' sense.]
Ubik: Her face distorted with pleasure,
Ubik: It was the figure of your beloved mother.

Page 106
Theresia: …A lie.
Theresia: It's a lie!!
Count: Theresiaa!!
Puck: Theresia!!

Page 108
Ubik: The Count went into a blind rage!!
Ubik: When he came out of it, in that place, a sea of blood and bodies had spread out in which not a thing stirred.

Page 109
Theresia: Stop…
[Theresia (outside speech bubble): Stoppp]

Page 111
Ubik: That's right…
Ubik: You couldn't do it. You couldn't tear off half of yourself…!!
Ubik: But the smile of that betrayer, who had exulted in victory seeing through you,
Ubik: Drove you to the depths of despair.
Ubik: You therefore decided to end your own life,
Ubik: To escape from the despair.
Ubik: ……But………
Ubik: That despair once again……
Ubik: (It) Was within the wheel of (the law of) causality. [alt: (It) Was with in the loop of causality; (It) Was within the wheel of karma.]

Page 112
Ubik: The wailing of (your/the) soul, which can not be relieved by the God of this world, opened the dimensional gate. ['The wailing of (your/the) soul opened the dimensional gate' part of this sentence is fine. I am, however, less than convinced by the remainder. The elements are fine, I'm just not sure whether I've put them together correctly. At any rate, the implication here seems to be that you can't save yourself from despair with/by the God of this world.]

Page 113
Ubik: You said……
Count: Are you gods? Or, are you messengers of the false god!?
Count: Either way……rescue me from this pain!! If you can do that, I'll give you anything!!
Ubik: And we made a promise.
Slann: We will give you a supernatural soul that'll never know sorrow or despair!! [S actually says something along the lines of "We're (doing you the favour of) considering a superhuman soul/spirit (for you) that will never know despair or sorrow!!"]
Ubik: …some words… [lit: …A word…]
Ubik: In exchange for some words!!

Page 115
Ubik: Yes…you certainly said it!!
Ubik: "I offer this woman for sacrifice"!!
Ubik?: You couldn't end it with your own hands, the life of the person you loved and hated the most!! (So) You agreed!! [You couldn't end it by your own hand, the life of the person you loved and hated the most!! (So) You submitted!!]
Ubik?: In order to bury the weak human soul!!

Page 116
Ubik/Void?: In order to transcend humanity!!

Page 117
Conrad: You must heed the call to brand that person!! [Re 'the call', C literally says 'the desire' or 'the craving'.]
Theresia: A(h)…
Theresia: Aa(h)…

Page 118
Puck: Theresia!!
Guts: Oi, Shrimp!!
Guts: Just my right arm will do……Fix it so that I can move it…
Guts: Hurry…
Guts: Do it right now!!
Desire's Guardian Angels (5) End


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