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Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Berserk Volume 3 Chapter 6

Translation for Berserk Volume 03 Chapter 6: Desire's Guardian Angels (4)

Page 5
Desire's Guardian Angels (4)

Page 7
Count: It's over…
Puck: Ha…
Puck: Guts!!
Puck: Oi, what's wrong!?
Puck: It ends at this!? [Is this how it's going to end!?]
Puck: It's not true, is it!?
Puck: You were saying things that seemed so terribly conceited, weren't you!? [Had problems here.]
Puck: [Problems here as well. The problem in this instance stemming from my not being able to find a reading for 'koke' other than 'moss'. Thus my original translation: 'Turn this awful man into moss!!'. Having had a quick look around the web, Puck may be referring to Guts 'making sport' of all sorts of people.]
Puck: Wake up, you idiot--!
Puck: Wake…!!
Puck: ……W

Page 8
Count: Even if you train well, this is the limitation of the weak body of man……
Count: Miserable things. [The adjective in question is 'hahanai'. My dictionary indicates that it should be read as meaning vain, untimely, transient, short-lived, momentary, vain, fickle, miserable, empty, or ephemeral.]
Count: Humans………
Puck: …Wha
Puck: What's that.
Puck: What (the fuck) did you say. [lit: What's that, what's that.]
Puck: Don't you brag-----!!
Puck: Baldie!!! [alt: Nude-nut!!!]
Puck: B…Because you………!
Puck: You were also a miserable human!!

Page 9
Count: What's that…
Puck: B…
Puck: But it's true!!
Puck: I heard it from Theresia!! You've been unhinged since the time of your wife's death 7 years ago!! [Re the unhinged part, my dictionary indicates that 'ikereru' can be read as frivilous, flippant or touched (as in slightly crazy).]
Puck: Y…
Puck: You
Puck: You obtained that power to take revenge on the heretics!? [The power to assume the Count's current form, I presume.]
Puck: …But
Puck: That wasn't the only reason.
Puck: If you wanted revenge, your power alone should have been enough.

Page 10
Puck: The fact is, you……
Puck: You did it to escape from the pain within your own heart!!
Puck: In order to escape from yourself…!!
Puck: You gave up your humanity!!
Puck: Isn't that why you're no longer a miserable human!!
Count: Ku ku ku…This is a surprise.

Page 11
Count: I thought elves and the like were things no more intelligent than birds or squirrels, and… [alt: I thought elves and the like were things no more intelligent than birds or squirrels but…]
Count: that's why they were not very talkative. [alt: but by no means were they talkative.]
Puck: A squirrel?
[Puck (outside speech bubble): Mu.. [My dictionary indicates that 'muka' is 'to blow (one's nose)'. Considering the context, I'd guess that it here represents either a snort (of disgust/anger) or the letting off of steam.]]
Count: It was an amusing tale. Because of it, I'll not kill you. You'd best disappear. Go anywhere you please.
[Puck (outside speech bubble): Muka! [See comments on 'muka' above.]]
Puck: H…
Puck: Hmm!!
Puck: So, whenever you get tired of a sore spot you try and cover it up. Just like a human. [Educated guess alert.]
[Puck (outside speech bubble): Sa sa]
Puck: What! [Simple statement, but one that I am never the less unsure about. My dictionary indicates that 'nante' in this context should be read as 'How…!' or 'What…!'. I suppose it depends on whether Puck is 'talking' to the Count or Guts. If Guts, the implication may be 'What now' or 'How 'bout it'. If the Count, the implication is likely 'What (did I do)'.]
Puck: Pi.

Page 12
Count: That's!!
Puck: Beherit!!
Count: Ku…ku ku ku…
Count: I no longer need to go to the trouble of (expressly) searching for it.

Puck: U---m
Puck: Ni ni ni… [Presume this is laughter under the pressure of exertion - he's lifting the Beherit.]
Count: You (bastard)……
Puck: Wh Wh Wh Who's handing it over
Puck: to you!!
[Puck (outside speech bubble): Doki Doki. Doki.. [The sound of his heart racing.]]

Page 14
Puck: Kya--!! Kya--!! Kya--!!
Count: Bug!! [lit: Small insect!!]
Puck: Ukya!!
Puck: He..he he he.
Puck: If I'm running away, my way is to go up. ???? ! [I'm not sure how to translate 'ta-ko'. According to my dictionary, the term could be used to signify a kite, an octopus or a callus!]

Page 15
Puck: That's right…
Puck: When something is flying, as I am, there's nothing you…!!
Count: Fool, you're naught but an elf!! If you wish to die that badly, I'll do as you desire!!

Page 16
Theresia: Puck!!

Page 17
Theresia: …N
Theresia: Noooo..

Page 18
Theresia: …Aa(h)…a(h)…
Theresia: …Nooo…
Puck: Theresia!?
Count: …Th…
Count: Theresia………?

Page 19
Theresia: ……A(h)
Theresia: …Aa(h)…
Count: Theresiaaa…

Page 20
Puck: Theresia…!!

Page 21
Puck: [Not sure. And as I usually get these fragments completely wrong, I'll not hazard a guess.]

Page 22
Puck: M…
Puck: My body won't move!!
Puck: …Aa(h)…
Puck: I'm going to be killed…

Page 23
Count: …Y
Count: You…!!

Page 25
Puck: …Gu…!!
Puck: …Y!
Puck: You-----Bastard!!
Puck: Fucking arsehole!! [alt: Fucking bastard!!]
Puck: You were only pretending to be dead---!! [May be more here.]
Puck: I really thought that you'd died.
Puck: [Not sure about this. It seems, in many respects to be a restatement of the questions that Puck was asking Guts whilst Guts was 'unconscious' - at the start of the chapter.]
Puck: …You
Puck: You're
Puck: Really not dead.

Page 26
Count: Death hasn't come (yet) but ……… [Problems here as well. Took 'kutabari' to be death, and treated the 'zo' as distinct from 'konai'. This may not be correct, but I'm was unable to find any other approach for 'zokonai'.]

Page 27
Puck: W W W Wait, Guts!? It's reckless!!
Puck: You'll die……
Puck: He's…
Puck: smiling……?

Page 28
Guts: No, not good enough. At most you broke 2 or 3 bones……
Guts: To stop me, smash my head or crush my heart.
Guts: Just like you……
Guts: You fucking slug. [alt: Slugo.]
Count: I won't forgive you…!! [alt: I won't tolerate…!!]
Count: I won't forgive you, worm…!! [alt: I won't tolerate that, worm…!!]

Page 29
Puck: Guts!!

Page 30
Guts: Gubo…!!
Puck: What was he thinking!? The situation hasn't improved at all!!

Page 31
Puck: He's going to be killed!!

Page 33
Count: …Y… [alt: …You…]
Count: You…!! [alt: Bastard!!]

Page 34
Count: Theresia………!!

Page 37
Guts: Ku…!!

Page 38
Guts: Ga(h)…

Page 39
Guts: Gaaaa(h)

Page 43
Puck: This is what he was aiming at…
Puck: He was counting on…taking Theresia hostage……!

Page 44
Count: You…!!
Count: Youuu!! [The expression used here and immediately above is yet another insulting way of saying 'you'. 'Bastard' may be more appropriate.]

Page 45
Count: Aaaa(h)
Guts: This is the limit
Guts: of a human being.
Guts: …Yes
Guts: they're miserable things.
Guts: Humans.

Page 46
Count: Hiiiii
Theresia: …N
Theresia: Noooo
Puck: Theresia!!
Theresia: Noooo
Theresia: …u(h)…
Puck: St…Stop it!!

Page 47
Puck: You're in front of that girl!!
Puck: That girl……Theresia. Whatever the crime, it's not her's (is it)!? [Not 100% sure about this.]
Puck: …Hya
Guts: Shut up………
Guts: If you get in the way
Guts: I'll kill you.

Page 48
Guts: You must be proud, Count. [Not 100% sure about this. 'Hana ga takai' = proud.]
Guts: Your charming daughter will praise you for your proud figure. [alt: You'll receive worship from your charming daughter for your proud appearance.] [alt:Your charming daughter worships your proud/noble figure.] [Had problems here. The substance is correct, but I've had problems identifying exactly what Guts is getting at.]
Theresia: …A(h)!!
Count: P…
Count: Please Stop…!!
Guts: Stop?
Guts: I won't hold back. [alt: I won't stop; I won't desist.]

Page 49
Guts: Until you've received ample praise!! [Struggled here as well.]
Guts: For your indestructible body!! [alt: Because you have an indestructible body!!] [AND struggled here.]

Page 50
Guts: Amazing!!
Guts: You truly are a most extraordinary person!! [Guts literally refers to the Count as a transcendental person/being.]
Guts: You really can't die!!

Page 51
Puck: W…Why take it this far…!? [alt: W…Why go that far…!?]
Theresia: U(h)…
Puck: Theresia.

Page 52
Guts: …Ku
Guts: Ku ku …

Page 53
Guts: Ha…
Guts: Ha ha ha ha…

Page 54
Count: …No…
Count: I don't want to die…
Count: I don't want to die!!

Page 55
Puck: Guts, that…!!
Puck: Beherit, it's……!?

Page 58
Puck: Uwaaa(h).

Page 59
Puck: W…
Puck: What in heaven's nameee!!
Guts: This is…!!
Guts: An other dimensional space!? [alt: A different dimensional space!?]
Count: …They approach…
Count: …They're here…

Page 61
Puck: Guts……!!
Guts: Ga(h)…!!

Page 63
Desire's Guardian Angels (4) End


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