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Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Berserk Volume 1 Chapter 2

Translation for Berserk Volume 01 Chapter 2: The Brand

Page 95
Voice: You won't escape! You won't!

Page 96
The Brand

Page 98
Puck: Thank you, friend!

Page 99
Puck: He's not here! It's odd. This is the only path. He can't be far.
May be a wolf ate him…

Page 100
Guts: Hi, small one!
Puck: How do you do?

Page 101
Puck: Did you see any wolf? Uf! Your wound is deeper. You have more wounds than before. Do you want me to heal you?
Guts: Little one… what are you doing here?
Puck: My name is Puck. I told you!
Well… humans are a legendary race. I'm just curious about you.
Guts: Fairys are weird for us.

Page 102
Puck: I'll learn lots of new things with you.
But…what are you doing?
Guts: I don't want any pet
Puck: I'm no pet!
Guts: To be honest, I don't like fairys like you.

Page 103
Puck: Eh? Why?
Guts: You're weak. And when I see you, I feel as if I could crush you anytime, like an insect.
You are not useful. You chat a lot, and are always buzzing around like a fly. I have to control myself not to slap you.

Page 104
Puck: You brute!

Page 105
Monk: Want to hop aboard? It's raining a lot.

Page 106
Guts: No, thanks
Monk: C'mon, there is room for one more. You'll get wet
Guts: Can't get near monks.
Monk: Ja, ja,ja! But you'll prefer to travel at shelter.
Guts: It's not for me. It's for you!

Page 107
Guts: I'm always surrounded by demons… and they are a lot.
Monk: That must be a nuisance. But I'm protected by god and his angels. There's no problem!
Guts: Angels?

Page 108
Monk: Come on!
Guts: Well… but I'm not resposible for them.

Page 109
Puck: I was here before. If you don't like it, bug off!

Page 110
Girl: Excuse me…I thought you would be thirsty…this is home made wine…I'll warm you.
Puck: Me too!

Page 111
Girl: That's quite a wound! how did you got it?
Guts: Some evil spirits bit me.
Girl: Is that so?
Monk: Boy, don't scare my daughter. That you are carrying…
Is it a sword?

Page 112
Guts: No, it's a toothpick.
Monk: I'm sure it could slice a horse in two.
Puck: That fool could earn a better living using that other way.
Monk: I guess you are a mercenary. Am I wrong?
Guts: Something like that.
Monk: Killing others is not a good way to earn a living. "Kill by the sword, die by the sword"
Guts: Bah, you are a monk, after all…
Monk: It's just a friendly advice…

Page 113
Monk: I had a nephew that leaved his home to become a mercenary, and died as a simple soldier in a stupid battle. If he were alive, he would have his own familiy and would enjoy the small pleasures of life.
Guts: His made a good choice.

Page 114
Guts: He died the way he choosed, and had the live he wanted to have. I'm sure he died happy!
We all have to die. It's better to do it n the glory of battle.

Page 115
Guts: Now, I'll sleep a bit.
Girl: You could catch a cold…

Page 119
Voice: You can't escape.

Page 121
Voice: You won't escape.

Page 124
Girl: But… what's wrong with you?
Monk: What's going on here?

Page 125
Guts: An incubus!
It's an spirit that feeds on the nightmares of his victims.
I can't even have a nap.
Monk: It's an incubus. You were right about the demons chasing you…
Guts: You belive in god… and didn't belive in evil spirits?
Puck: Ugh!…What's going on?

Page 126
Guts: It's the brand… this brand bings evil spirits.
Puck: That brand?

Page 127
Guts: Show yourself!
Incubus birth from the blood and fluids of those who died in hate.
I'm sure in this forest are many dead bandits and criminals.

Page 128
Guts: The evil spirits use'em to attack me.

Page 129
Guts: Go aboard! Quick!
Girl: Why…?

Page 132
Guts: That had to be a big battle!

Page 134
Puck: They are undead! You can't kill them twice! Let's split!
Guts: I won't flee
Puck: What are you saying? It's impossible! They are too many! They kill you!
Guts: I'm used to this.

Page 142
Puck: What a killing! He doesn't care if his enemies are living or dead.
What's wrong monk? Monk…

Page 143
Puck: Guts!
Guts: Don't disturb me now! I'm working!

Page 158
Puck: You finished her off…

Page 159
Puck: It was horrible but… you had no choice.
Guts: Ja,ja,ja! Of course I hadn't!

Page 160
Guts: As I said, innocent victims are inevitable. If you can't choose your live, you can't choose your death.
Those two accepted the danger of being with me. That's all.
You can't take a step if you are worrying about the insect you crush in your walk.

Page 161
Voices: You wont escape. We'll go with you. We won't leve you. No escape.
You are under our control. You are ours! Your body and your soul. We'll ripp your hearth apart.

Page 162
Voices: You have our brand. That on in your neck. You can't flee. You are totally ours. Your anger, your suffering and your pain are ours. And your fear, too. Your feelings are ours.
Guts: Shut up!

Page 165
This is…the world of Guts.


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