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Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Berserk Volume 1 Chapter 1

Translation for Berserk Volume 01 Chapter 1: The Black Swordsman

Page 05
Woman: Yes…
Monster: That's good aaah

Page 06
The Black Swordsman

Page 08
Monster: You're trapped, boy---!!!
Monster: I'll send you to hell with the taste of paradise!! [alt: You will descend [fall] to Hell having tasted Paradise!!] [Not really happy with either of these, though both are close to the mark - I think. The second, the alternative, is probably the more accurate of the two, though I prefer the first.]
Black Swordsman: The only one trapped is you.

Page 11
Little legs: Ah-!
Big Man: Shit!!
Companions: Argh --- You missed----!!

Page 12
Big Man: Stop wriggling about!! Otherwise you won't get hit!!
Peasant: Poor elf!
Peasant: (But) what can we do.
Peasant: They're from Coca Castle, and not even his lordship can throw that lot out. It's best not to interfere in their affairs. [alt (much more literal): The Coca Castle company, the lord can't even throw 'em out. Best for a person not to have anything to do with 'em.]
Big Man: Look-! The next one, here it comes--!!

Page 13
Black Swordsman: Hey, your inn, this is for the trouble. [The Black Swordsman, literally, informs the innkeeper that he is going to disgrace (to dishonour) the establishment; thus the coin.]
Innkeeper: eh?
Elf: It's well made, this rope!! [The reading for 'taco', that is 'rope', courtesy of Mike T's translation for Volume 1.]
Elf: Free me (if you dare)!!
Elf: When I'm chewing on an artery you---. [alt: Then I'll chew on an artery---]
Grunt: I'll throw this into your mouth to shut it up. Don't wriggle!
Elf: Wa----h!!
Elf: No No No No No No

Page 14
Elf: Huh?
Bandits: I…
Bandits: Igor
Bandit: Bastard-…Who are you!?

Page 15
Bandit: Hi…!!

Page 17
Bandit: Aah…
Bandit: Gyaaah!!
Bandit: Hi…

Page 18
Elf: ---That'd hurt.
Black Swordsman: You, you're one of the Coca Castle bandits, aren't you?
Bandit: Vu---Vu--- [alt: Ouh--- Ouh---]
Black Swordsman: Answer me.
Bandit: Tha…That's right… [alt: Tha…Thaz wight…]
Black Swordsman: Good. In that case, I wonder if you wouldn't do me a favour and convey a message to your boss for me?
Bandit: Wha……What is it………? [alt: Wha……Whot iz ut………?]

Page 19
Black Swordsman: The Black Swordsman has come.
Black Swordsman: You got that.
Bandit: The Black…Swordsman…
Elf: Behind you!!

Page 20
Bandit: Eh…?

Page 22
Men: Uwaaah
Voice: It's too big to be called a sword.

Page 23
Voice: Big, thick, heavy, and that's just a rough sketch. It was certainly forged from a slab of iron.
Black Swordsman: Don't forget the favour.
Elf: Ah Ah Hey! Hey!!
Elf: Wait! This, release me-----!!
Elf: Ah---Oh---

Page 08
Elf: Hey-----Wait-----!!
Elf: If you help someone, don't leave them stranded]. [alt: If you help someone, do it right.]
Elf: follow it through to the end, OK. [alt: You have a responsibility to wait until the end, OK]
Elf: Anyway, that's quite a sword you have there.
Elf: It's iron, isn't it, so [Since it's iron, isn't it]
Elf: How much does it weigh?
Elf: A(h)-----
Elf: I'm Puck, nice to meet ya…
Puck: I was (living) with an acting troupe but it was attacked by those bandits-----!
Puck: Since then, I've been tossed into a mina bird cage and soaked in a liquor bottle. It's a wonder (that) I'm still alive, that's for sure!

Page 25
Puck: This town was also attacked on many occasions but the (local) lord made a pact with them. [Re '(local) lord, Puck literally refers to the individual as the 'feudal lord'.]
Puck: Tribute and the freedom of the town in exchange for no more raids…
Puck: But after this, I guess they'll start attacking again. [The "I guess" part is questionable, but as I was able to come up with an alternative for the "kamona--" at the end of Puck's statement I've left it as is. On reflection, a possible alternative could be: "But after this, I wonder whether they'll start their attacks again--]
Puck: You should leave here immediately.
Puck: If you're found, you'll be cut to pieces.
Puck: But not by a bandit.
Puck: By a town guard, because of the pact made by the (feudal) lord……
Puck: A(h)--!!
Puck: Ouch…
Puck: That hurt. What did you do that for!? [alt: what'd you do that for!?]

Page 26
Black Swordsman: Don't touch me!!

Black Swordsman: (Or) I'll swot you. [alt: I'll crush you; I'll smash you]
Puck: Wha!!
Puck: What is it with you-!! A person shows a little concern and you respond with that awful attitude-----!!
Puck: Oops…Look at that

Page 27
Puck: Anyway, be seeing you.
Guts: Shit.

Page 29
Torturer: Shit!!
Torturer: You're a stubborn bastard, that's for sure!!
Torturer: Hey, why don't you say something? [The torturer literally says 'why don't you say 'un' or 'sun' (or the like)?]
Torturer: How 'bout it?
Torturer: Y…
Torturer: You bastard-……!!
Man (flanked by 2 guards): Enough.

Page 30
Old Man: Leave it at that, for the moment.
Torturer: It's……Your lordship. [Please note that the manga differs in many respects to the anime. Here the old man is literally the 'feudal [or fief] lord', whilst the leader of the Coca Castle Bandits is merely their 'chief', 'boss' or 'leader', not a baron. The problem is in trying to establish the old man's feudal title. Is he, for example, a viscount, a baron, or a lord mayor?]
Lord: This mountain of weapons, do they all belong to that man?
Torturer: Yes Sir…He no doubt intended to start a war by himself, don't you think?
Torturer: Crazy bastard. [lit: Grandiose/exaggerated bastard.]
Lord: Are you a mercenary?

Page 31
Lord: A complete stranger……did (such) outrageous things. [lit: A complete stranger……was kind enough to do outrageous things.]
Lord: Do you know what you've done?
Lord: Because you did us the honour of killing those men……
Lord: This town may be destroyed!!
Black Swordsman: Your colleagues (standing) there, they scarecrows?
Guard: What's that!!
Lord: That's enough!!
Lord: You don't understand. The horror……the horror of their leader……… [lit: You don't know. That man……their leader's horror………]

Page 32
Lord: He……that man, is not like other men. He's something strange and incredibly terrifying…an inhabitant of the world of the dead…
Lord: No-one can kill him……No-one human at least…
Black Swordsman: I see…thus the grubby pact…
Lord: What could you know!?
Lord: A tramp like you………!!
Lord: You know.

Page 33
Black Swordsman: I know.
Black Swordsman: That he's a man-eating monster……
Black Swordsman: I know all too well.
Black Swordsman: And, I know you're sending food to him.
Black Swordsman: We passed each other earlier at the town gates.
Black Swordsman: A prison wagon loaded with women and children. [Re 'prison wagon', the Black Swordsman' literally refers to an 'escort use, horse-drawn carriage'.]
Lord: I am the fief lord!!
Lord: It's my duty to protect this town!!
Black Swordsman: 'This town'? Sure it's not 'yourself'?

Page 34
Lord: Y…
Lord: You…
Lord: U(h)…
Guards: My lord!! [alt: Your lordship!!]
Lord: Do it…!!
Lord: Knock that man about as much as you like, I don't care………!!
Lord: But do not kill him!!
Lord: Because he has to be delivered to the men of Coca Castle!!

Page 35
Lord: Have my carriage prepared immediately…
Lord: I must go straight to Coca Castle, give an explanation, and beg him for forgiveness… [Gist of this is correct, but I'm not absolutely sure about the wording.]
Voice: The Black Swordsman, you say?
Bandit: Yes sir!

Page 36
Bandit: He split Dean in two with a single stroke of a fearsome great sword taller than himself… [lit: A fearsome great sword that exceeds his height and split in two Dean with a single stroke…]
Bandit: He dressed all in black and had an iron artificial arm. He's a strange-looking fellow…… [Re 'strange-looking', the bandit literally says 'suspicious-looking'.]
Jaws: It can't be…
Jaws: him (can it)?
Bandit (at door): I'm sorry to interrupt. [lit: I have something to say/tell/report.]
Jaws: What is it?
Bandit: The local gentry has just arrived at the castle gate……He wants to give an explanation for recent events……
Jaws: I see…

Page 37
Jaws: It's been a while, hasn't it, your lordship. I'm honoured by your visit. [Re 'I'm honoured by your visit', the verb in this instance, meaning to go, come or visit, is in the passive, so this literally means something along the lines of 'I am/was well visited by you'.]
Lord: B…
Lord: Boss, please, can't we let by-gones be by-gones? [The fief lord literally pleads 'to float recent events on the water'.]
Lord: I don't know the circumstances at all. They were the actions of a vagrant…
Lord: It has nothing to do with the townspeople…

Page 38
Lord: B……Both money and hostages, I'll send twice as much as now!!
Lord: So, please………!!
Bandit Leader: You're exhausted (aren't you)……
Lord: …E(h)?
Bandit Leader: Because, unlike before, now you also have to worry about yourself.
Bandit Leader: Isn't that right, your lordship…
Lord: Hi…
Lord: Hiiii!!

Page 39
Bandit Leader: Money…hostages, I don't care about such things.
Bandit Leader: But……I would like to see humans running about trying to flee from the midst of an apocolyptic fire…
Bandit Leader: I would like to hear the sound of bones breaking (as they are) trampled by horses (hooves)………
Bandit Leader: I don't need an excuse………
Bandit Leader: Not at all…

Page 40
Lord: W…What are you doing!?
Lord: Don't interfere!! [lit: Don't separate (us)!!]
Lord: Get off of me…!!
Lord: B…Bosss…!!
Lord: Bossss…
Bandit Leader: The Black Swordsman…

Page 41
Black Swordsman: Where am I?
Black Swordsman: …shit, I can't move (my body).
Black Swordsman: …u!

Page 42
Black Swordsman: … you again………

Page 43
Black Swordsman: …… Don't come near me………
Black Swordsman: Don't come near me--
Puck: Ga Bo Bo…[Most probably a cry followed by the sound of taking in mouthfuls of water (ie drowning).]

Page 44
Puck: Gehe!!
Puck: Gehe!!

Puck: Y…You started yelling all of a sudden!!
Puck: It took me by surprise!!
Puck: Hey----- Is this water yellow……? It can't be…
Black Swordsman: ……You were at the tavern…
Puck: Were you having a nightmare? I was met by a pretty awful look.
Puck: You can relax now. I had a dose for the bald guard!

Page 45
Puck: For as far as I can see, you're covered in wounds.
Puck: So, even though I told you, you're not prepared to listen to people's advice……
Black Swordsman: What did you come here for…?
Puck: To repay a debt.
Puck: Elves, you see, have a strong sense of duty.
Puck: Now,
Puck: let me see what I can do.
Black Swordsman: Don't touch me!!
Black Swordsman: Don't you touch me!!

Page 46
Puck (outside SB): You frightened me.
Puck: …Geez.
Puck: It's not like I'm possessing you.
Black Swordsman: Gu(h)…!!
Puck: Hey, look! You're hardly in a position to say such conceited things. Now, shut up and leave it to me!
Black Swordsman: …Stop!!

Page 47
Black Swordsman: The pain's going away…?
Puck: Elves have many different powers.
Puck: We have the power to bring people happiness, by, for example, sensing their feelings and curing their injuries………
Puck: …Although the troupe leader, who was telling me that, died, decapitated by a bandit……

Page 48
Puck: Hey----- What's your name?
Black Swordsman: Guts…

Puck: Why'd you come to this town?
Puck: …If you don't feel like answering…
Puck: it's OK………
Puck: Hey,
Puck: what's that?
Puck: What's this thing on your neck that looks like a coat of arms?

Page 49
Puck: Howa(h)---!!
Puck: What's up all of a sudden!!
Guts: ……The brand…
Guts: It's the brand……
Puck: Th…The brand, what…?
Puck: What the heck is that?
Puck: Why? Why do you have it?
Puck: Who gave it to you? Hmm-----?

Page 50
Guts: You're a real talkative fellow, aren't you.
Puck: ----- A(h)…
Guts: You'll know soon.
Guts: He'll come to this town soon now, in order to kill me……
Guts: And to reduce this town to ashes.
Puck: He----…
Puck: Does it, perhaps,
Puck: have something to do with those guys from Coca Castle?

Page 51
Puck: Th…Then you,
Puck: You're intending to drag the people of this town into your personal affairs!?
Guts: I don't know, OK.
Guts: I'm here to seek out and destroy one guy.
Guts: I don't know about anything else.

Page 52
Puck: ……A(h).
Guts: Anyone (who is) likely to get involved in someone else's battle and die is a small fry who, from the beginning, never had the strength to live…
Puck: E…Emotion is pouring forth.
Puck: My chest is burning……!!
Guts: If you can't even live your own life as you please, you're better off dead.

Page 53
Puck: Hatred……?
Puck: …Yes, but that's not all.
Puck: Hatred, sorrow, fear…!!
Puck: A mixture of various emotions, deep……and extremely deep-rooted… [lit: A mixture of the various sorts, deep……and extremely deep-rooted…]
Puck: …Then
Puck: why did you rescue me?
Guts: Ha ha ha ha ha …

Page 54
Guts: Fool. Who'd do that, for you!? [lit: Fool. Who's intention is it. You!?]
Guts: Where would you find someone who would bother rescuing you!?
Guts: until you stop looking like an insect………!! [alt: You look like an insect………!!]
Puck: In…
Guts: Ha-----…
Guts: ……Ow-----!!
Guts: What'd you do that for-----!!

Page 55
Guts: A(h)…Hey!
Guts: Wait, you fool!!
Guts: Shit!!
Guts: What is it with him!?

Page 56
Guts: Gu…!
Guts: …ha…
Guts: …ha ha
Guts: I was waiting for this (to happen)--…

Page 57
Puck: How awful-…

Page 60
Bandit Leader: Ku Ku Ku …

Page 61
Puck: ……Ah He's…not human!?
Bandit Leader: Go-!! [alt: Charge-!!]
Bandit Leader: Burn everything to the ground!! [alt: Destroy everthing!!]

Page 63
Bandit: From amongst the dead……!! [alt: From out of the corpses……!!]
Bandit: Wha…!?
Puck: Guts!!
Bandit: Gu…!!
Bandit: Ga…!!

Page 64
Bandit: Hi…
Bandit: Gaha!!

Page 65
Bandit: Wha…What in hell is that crossbow……!? [lit: Wha…What in hell, that crossbow……!?]
Bandit: Uoooo(h)
Guts?: Aah!!

Page 66
Bandit: Hi…
Bandit: Uwaaa(h)!!
Guts: Haa
Puck: Aw…
Puck: Awesome-

Page 67
Bandits: Aa(h)…
Bandit Leader: …So you're the "Black Swordsman" that's been slinking after us Apostles…

Page 68
Bandit Leader: I don't know your intentions. [alt: I don't know what you intend to do.]
Bandit Leader: But for a mere human to oppose me……
Bandit Leader: is absurd!!

Page 70
Puck: He did it…!? [alt: Alright…!?; It's over…!?]
Bandits: Boss-!!

Page 71
Bandits: Wha…!?

Page 74
Puck: Guts!!
Guts: Gu…!!
Puck: Guts!!

Page 75
Apostle: It's futile… [alt: It's useless…]
Apostle: No matter how many arrows you shoot at me…………
Apostle: I can't be killed by a puny human like you!!

Page 77
Apostle: I'm going to devour you!! [alt: I'm going to eat you!!]
Apostle: I'm going to devour you, boyyy!! [alt: I'm going to eat you, boyyy!!]
Bandits: Uwaaa(h)
Bandits: It…It's a monster-!!
Puck: Aaaa(h)
Puck: Hi!! [Not sure about this short statement of Puck's.]

Page 78
Puck: He's coming, he's coming, he's coming, he's coming, he's coming, he's coming.
Guts: Gaha!!
Puck: Watch out Guts!! Up, look up!!
Puck: What are you doing!! Don't Hi------!!

Page 79
Puck: Guts!!

Page 80
Apostle: Oh…You're still breathing?
Apostle: An ordinary human would have died from internal injuries after the first blow.
Apostle: But, this is the end!!

Page 81
Puck: Guts…!!
Puck: Aa(h)…
Apostle: Pathetic……
Apostle: Insubstantial things, human beings……
Apostle: You humans are nothing but fodder [alt: food].
Apostle: Fodder to fill our stomachs…………
Apostle: (Fodder,) Just fodder……

Page 84
Puck: …A(h)

Page 85
Puck: Aaaa(h)

Page 86
Puck: ……Gu
Puck: Guts!!

Page 88
Puck: Ulp [lit: U Pu Pu]
Puck: Ge----- He's still alive………Gross-
Guts: Oi!! [alt: Hey!!]
Guts: Don't die yet.
Apostle: Hi……Stop…Stop it-!!
Guts: Didn't you say it was futile? No matter how many arrows I shot at you?
Guts: (But) This is terrible (isn't it). You just won't die……

Page 89
Guts: Like you said, humans are weak.
Guts: They die quickly.
Guts: (But) Those weak humans, no matter how they're mangled or pierced, they will do whatever they can to survive.
Guts: You, show a little sympathy.
Apostle: Hi…!!
Apostle: Sto…!!
Apostle: Gyaaaa(h)…

Page 90
Apostle: Y…You, what in hell…?
Apostle: Th…That's the sacrificial brand…!
Apostle: You…!!
Guts: "God Hand"
Guts: Where are the five "God Hands"?
Apostle: Th…That………!!
Apostle: Hi…!!
Apostle: I don't know…!! I don't know that!! Their affairs………
Apostle: None of us Apostles know their whereabouts……!!

Page 91
Apostle: I …I swear……
Guts: Lie back and enjoy.
Guts: Your body, as it burns away.
Apostle: Guwaaaa(h)

Page 92
Apostle: W…wait…!!
Apostle: I don't want to die…!!
Apostle: Wait…!!
Apostle: Help…!! [alt: Mercy…!!]
Apostle: Hi…
Puck: A(h)…!!

Page 94
Puck: Berserker.


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