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Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Berserk Volume 1 Chapter 3

Translation for Berserk Volume 01 Chapter 3: Desire's Guardian Angels (1)

Page 167
Old man: The verdict
Old man: The inquisition has found the accused guilty of making a pact with the Devil, and of having been an adherent to grossest heresy. [Re 'inquisition', the term used literally is ' Heresy Inquiry Committee']
Old man: The accused is therefore here sentenced to death.
Woman: It's a lie-!!

Page 168
Woman: Please believe me …!! [Lit: Believe me …]
Woman: I'm not a heretic ……!!
Woman: I swear-!! [Lit: Believe me-!!]
Woman: [Nooooo]

Page 169
Desire's Guardian Angels (1)

Page 170
Old man: Your excellency
Old man: I'm sorry to disturb you like this but …………
Lord: Trouble, Dahl?
Dahl: ……but we have only just entered this month and 5 people ……
Dahl: It …… seems a little excessive ……
Dahl: If this continues then how long will it be before (his holiness) the Pope intervenes and comes to …['yamo' follows the verb 'kuru', to come. Have absolutely no idea about the significance of these characters].
Lord: I could not care less. Arrest anyone who looks like a pilgrim or a spy.
Lord: You would leave the heretic unmolested ……[lit: You would do nothing with the heretic ……]

Page 171
Lord: I do this for the good of all my subjects,
Lord: so as to protect them from the abominable heretics within my borders [lit: territory; alt: lands]. [Previous 2 sentences literally: This also for the good of all my subjects. Divine judgement me (?) in order to protect my subjects from abominable heretics of my territory]
Lord: The peaceful existence of my subjects is both my desire and my pleasure.
Lord: Any interference, I will either remove or demote. [An additional verb is probably not necessary. A better alternative would (probably) be to say: "I will remove anyone who interferes." That being said though, "demote" is a more literal translation than "remove".]
Dahl: ……My Lord

Page 173
Boy: Uwa ---- Sister!!
Soldier: Hey-!!
Soldier: Those having sympathy for the heretic will not go unpunished, even if they are children!! They will be tossed into the dungeon!!
Soldier: Hey, you

Page 174
Soldier: Are you gonna pass her here?
Soldier: Wha … !?
Soldier: Y … you Dare!!

Page 175
Dahl: Y…!!
Dahl: Your excellency!?

Page 176
Soldier: Why … [Alt: Y …]
Soldier: You-!!

Page 177
Lord: … Th
Lord: This ……!
Lord: This crest ……!!

Page 178
Dahl: Y … You, who are you!?

Page 180
Dahl: What do you think you're doing!! After him, quickly!!
Dahl: Who on Earth is he …?
Lord: The Black Swordsman…
Lord: ……Interesting
Lord: He says it's to be war [alt: He's telling me that it's to be war; He's just declared war].

Page 181
Count: Ku ku ku …

Page 183
Guts: Shit

Page 184
Knights: By decree of the inquisition, you are to be imprisoned for conspiring with a heretic!!

Page 185
Knight: If you resist, you will be taken by force!! [Implication here seems to be that the guards cannot guarantee Guts his life if he resists]

Page 190
Voice: It's too big to be called a sword.
Voice: Big, thick, heavy, and that's just for starters]
Voice: It was certainly forged from a slab of iron.
Knights: W … What the hell! That sword ……!?
Knight: Don't hesitate, charge-!! [Note: 'charge' part questionable]

Page 192
Knight: … Hi!!

Page 194
Knight: Uwaaah
Knight: Hi..
Knight: H … How's he swinging that sword …!?
Knight: With each stroke, through two sets of armour …!!
Knight: He's not human [Lit: He's a monster]!!

Page 195
Puck: Look out Guts!! Above you!!
Crossbowman: Uooo
Crossbowman: M … My eyes …!!

Page 196
Crossbowmen: Hi…
Crossbowmen: Uwaaah
Puck: Hey- Hey- Did you see me save you!? Did you see me save you!? [Alt (less literal): Hey- Hey- Did you see me!? I saved you!!]
Guts: You … (You) still here?

Page 197
Puck: (Now) You owe me one, OK!
Puck: …m?
Puck: Hau! [alt: 'ow' or 'ouch'] [Sound? Could also be 'How', or a statement such as 'He snuck up on me' or 'I'm caught', or a cry for help such as 'help'].
Puck: …K K Kya---!!

Page 198
Guts: (Now) We're even!
Puck: Arghh…
Puck: Y …
Puck: You went too far --- That ……!! [Lit: You crossed the mark --- That ……!!]
Knights: C … Commander!!
Knights: Lord Zondark ………!!

Page 199
Zondark: Big sword isn't it …… boy.
Puck: ……… He's [Lit: ……… H]

Puck: Enormous- … [lit: Huge-…]

Page 200
Zondark: That sword of yours, I wonder how it'll fare? …
Zondark: When I put it to the test with this war hammer!? [I'd be inclined to class Zondark's weapon as a footman's military pick rather than a war hammer!]

Page 202
Knight: Hi …!!

Page 203
Zondark: Ku ku ku … What's the matter? You're done for! [alt: There will be no later for you!]

Page 204
Zondark: I'm going to tell you something, and it's no riddle. That sword, if you're unable to handle it then ………
Zondark: it's nothing but baggage!! [it's just baggage!!]

Page 207
Knight: C … Commander!
Zondark: Hi … Hiii!!
Guts: I agree (with you) [alt: I concur].
Zondark: A ga ga [Could also represent agaku - to flounder, to struggle].

Page 208
Knights: Lord Zondark …!!
Knights: Y … You ------!! [This is a literal translation. The knights are most probably referring to Guts in a more colourful fashion!]

Page 209
Puck: Guts …
Guts: Shit
Guts: Not more of them.

Page 210
Knights: W … What the hell!?
Knights: … U!! [alt: … Ugh!!]
Puck: Hi -------!! Smoke ---!!
Weirdo: Hey you!
Weirdo: This way, quick!!

Page 211
Puck: Ke he [alt: cough]
Puck: Who is it?
Knight: He's still here!
Knight: Where is he-? Find him-!!
Weirdo: What are you waiting for, quick!!
Puck: A [alt: Ah] Wait for me --
Zondark: Don't let him escape- …
Zondark: Find him …
Zondark: Kill him …
Zondark: Kill him-!!

Page 212
Puck: It doesn't feel right …

Page 213
Weirdo: It's because everyone is wary [alt: on guard].
Weirdo: When you could be betrayed for a heretic by anybody, how would you behave? It's not because they're rude [lit: Not from understanding; alt: They don't behave this way because they want to.]
Weirdo: They fear not only strangers, but acquaintances, neighbours, friends … even family [Lit: It's not just strangers. Acquaintances, neighbours, friends … even family].
Weirdo: This street then, for these people, is an object of terror.
Weirdo: Here we are [Alt: Here it is]

Page 214
Puck: W…what is this place …? I … is he a butcher? I wonder if he's from China? [lit: China, I wonder?; alt: I wonder if he's Chinese?]

Page 215
Guts: Big collection isn't it.
Guts: All this. Are you a heretic, and why is it that you haven't been betrayed? [alt (better literally): ,and what excuse can you give for why you haven't been betrayed?]
Weirdo: He, he … Such a big question. These are merely the working materials of a doctor, and I am a doctor.
Guts: You, who are you? And, why did you lend me a hand?
Weirdo: He … He, he …
Weirdo: I saw it. What you did at the gallows [place of punishment (execution)]. Because of that …

Page 216
Weirdo: Do you also have a grudge against the Count?
Weirdo: Do you want … revenge?
Puck: Guts …
Guts: You don't ask the questions, I do.

Page 217
Puck: How Cruel-!! How could you kick out his cane like that!!
Puck: Are you alright? Old fellow ………?
Puck: ['piku' = twitch (I think!)]
Weirdo: He …
Weirdo: He he …
Weirdo: You should be concerned. I did not want them to capture you there [alt: at that place] …
Weirdo: …… I want you to kill him ……

Page 218
Weirdo: I want you to dismember him, piece by piece …
Weirdo: that demon ……!!

Page 219
Puck: Hi … Hi …
Weirdo: He … the fucking Count, isn't [even] human.
Weirdo: He's a monster …
Weirdo: Look …These legs …This face ………!!
Weirdo: He cut away, piece by piece, snapped …… and devoured……!!
Weirdo: He…he he … You don't believe me, do you? Such a story …

Page 220
Guts: I believe you
Guts: … No
Guts: I already knew about him……

Page 221
Weirdo: I have something that I want to show to you……
Puck: A secret door…… [Alt: a concealed/hidden door]
Puck: At any rate, I bet it's also something frightful [Alt (possibly more accurate): At any rate, it'll also be something frightful, don't you think]
Weirdo: There

Page 222
Weirdo: This is it…
Guts: This…

Page 223
Guts: …Beherit…


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