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Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Berserk Volume 4 Chapter 13

Translation for Berserk Volume 04 Chapter 13: Golden Age (5)

Page 149
Golden Age (5)

Page 150
In Guts' dream, he's being chased by a big monster. He hold a sword while running.

Page 151
The monster's trying to grab Guts, so he slashes his sword at the monster's hand.

Guts: ...!!
Guts: Wah..

Page 152
Behind him's a shadow of Gambino playing with his dog.

Guts: !
Guts: Gambino!?
Guts: Gambino, help me...!!This guy won't die no matte how many time I strike him!!
Guts: ?..Gambino..?
Gambino: Don't be ridiculous.

Page 153
Gambino: You are holding my right leg. Without itt, how can I use my sword?

The sword Guts' holding turns to be Gambino's leg.

Guts: Wa...!!
Gambino: And have you forgotten...?
Gambino: I'm dead.
Gambino: You were the one who cut my throat........
Gambino: It hurted a lot. It hurted like hell..

Page 154
Guts: ......
Gambino: Whu would I help a person like you...
Gambino: right, Shizu?

The dog Gambino's been playing with has the head of Shizu, Gambino's dead wife.

Guts: Gambino..listen to me...

Before Guts can finish his sentence, the monster has already grabbed Guts.

Monster: Guts..Guts...

Page 155

The face of the monster transform to be Donavan's

Guts: .....
Guts: Gambino!!
Gambino: You should have been dead.
Guts: Please forgive me, Gambino....
Gambino: You should have been dead.

Page 156
Guts: Don't..
Guts: Don't..touch me!!
Guts: ...!!
Guts: a woman...?

Guts feels the presence of Caska hugs him in his sleep.

Guts: .......
Guts: Black..pupils..
Guts: ......

Page 157
Guts wakes up in the morning.

Guts: Where is this place?
Guts: Ah. Feel his pain from the wound caused by Griffith.

Page 158
Guts: !

Guts walks outside his tent and sees he's in an army camp.

Guts: A group of mercenaries?
Guts: They are all so young..?

Page 159

Guts sees Caska's talking to Griffith

Guts: !
Guts: That's ...
Guts: .....

Page 160

Guts stares at Caska

Guts: Black pupils.....

Caska walks to Guts' direction and punches him in the stomach.

Guts: Agh..!!

Page 161
Caska: You should have been killed by Griffith.
Guts: .....

Other soldiers laugh at Guts

Soldier (Judeau): You deserve it.
Judeau: Caska abandonned her womanhood and became a mercenary. She's far better at fighting than most men.

Page 162

Judeau's sharpening his small daggers.

Judeau: But Griffith ordered her to keep you warm by hugging for 2 days and 2 night because you lost so much blood....
Judeau: It was a woman's task to give warmth to men. That's what they used to say!!
Guts: .......

After finished talking, Judeau throw his dagger at a soldier taking bath in a water barrel.

Soldier: What the hell are you doing, Judeau!!
Judeau: Oh..Sorry.

Griffith: Woke up, finally?
Guts: !

Page 163
Griffith: I'm Griffith...
Griffith: are..?
Guts: ..Guts...

Griffith lifts up Guts' sword.

Guts: !

Page 164
Griffith: Such a fine sword.
Griffith: I can barely lift it.
Guts: .....
Griffith: Come with me.
Guts: !
Judeau: Hm..
Caska: !
Caska: Griffith...?

Page 165
Corkus: Damn it!
Corkus: What's Griffith going to do with him?
Corkus: Why did he help that guy!
Young Soldier (Rickert): Probsbly trying to make him join us...
Corkus: Huh?
Young Soldier (Rickert): Because he's quite an able soldier.
Young Soldier (Rickert): He'd be a great addition to our force.
Corkus: You are talking non sense, Rickert!!
Corkus: He cut Il's arm off and killed Dan! How can we forgive him
Rickert: Well, you were the one looking for trouble.
Corkus: Right, Pippin?

Page 166
Soldier (Pippin): .....

Page 167
Guts: What is this? Who are these people?
Griffith: .....
Griffith: Band of the Hawk.
Guts: !
Guts: Band of the Hawk!?

Page 168
Griffith: You know?
Guts: .....
Guts: I have heard about it.
Guts: Band of the Hawk is the group of mercenaries that all soldiers want to avoid. Because they joined the enemy, the castle raid took 3 months instead of 3 days.
Guts: While fighting in the battle field, I didn't realize. They are so young....
Griffith: Hur--- Such a good view from here.

Page 169
Guts: Why..
Guts: Why did didn't you stab me in the heart.
Guts: You could have done that.
Caska: ......
Guts: Why didn't you kill me?
Griffith: .....
Griffith: Because..I want you, Guts.

Page 170
Guts: .....
Guts: Are you gay or something?
Griffith: .....
Griffith: 4 days ago, we were at the castle too
Guts: ....
Griffith: I witnessed the fight between you and Bazuzo. It was a great fight.
Griffith: was close.
Guts: !

Page 171
Griffith: If Bazuzo's axe wasn't damaged. The smased head could have been yours.
Guts: Probably.
Griffith:.....Frankly speaking.
Griffith:Your style of fighting is like betting with your own life.

Page 172
Griffith: You fought hard with Bazuzo and Corkus. Even when you were out numbered, you didn't hesitate to fight.
Griffith: You kept on swinging your sword. It may seem brave...
Griffith: But it looks more like you intentionaly endanger yourself. find a way out of that death.
Guts: ....
Griffith: .....You are quite interesting.

Page 173
Griffith: I like you.
Griffith:I want you..Guts.

Page 174
Guts: .....
Guts: What the hell is he talking... Babbling about others...
Guts: What if I
Griffith: No?
Guts: I refuse!!

Page 175
Guts: Ah...
Guts: You smart mouth..
Guts: You don't know me. We barely talk, how would you know me!?
Griffith: Probably not. I just felt it.
Guts: .....I don't like you...!!
Guts: You stabbed me and now you want to befriend with me?
Guts: You are the one looking for problem. BEsides, I killed one of your men.!

Page 176
Guts: We are enemies
Griffith: ....What will you do then?
Guts: What? That's a simple question.

Guts draws his sword.

Caska: !

Page 177
Guts: Let this be the judge!!
Guts: If I won, I'll strike a hole on your chest like what you did mine!!
Griffith: ......And what if I won?
Guts: I'll be your soldier..or even be your partner.
Griffith: Well then...

Page 178
Griffith: In fact,I quite fond of fighting.
Caska: Griffith!!
Guts: !
Griffith: Don't interrupt, Caska
Caska: ..But...!!
Griffith: I'll take whatever I want

Page 179
Guts: I hate how he looks down on other people.....
Guts: I hate him!!

Page 180

Pippin senses something's going on up the hill top.

Corkus: What is it, Pippin?
Pippin: ......
Ricker: Ah..there.!!

Page 181

Guts and Griffith continue on fighting. Griffith's able to cut Guts' left arm.
Guts: Ah..!!

Page 182

Guts: ....!!
Guts: What is going on!! I was sure with that sword I should be able to cut steel in half...!!
Guts: But he's able to block me with his tiny sword. And he was using just one arm.

Page 183
Guts: This guy....
Guts: is not like the others!!!
Griffith: We can do this some other time, you are still wounded.
Guts: No way.

Page 184
Guts: Win..
Guts: I must defeat this guy!!
Guts: I must swing faster..
Guts: ....and harder..!!!
Caska: ....!!
Caska: !
Corkus: That guy won't give up!!
Corkus: Kill him!!
Caska: Stop right there!!
Corkus: !

Page 185
Caska: Griffith ordered that no one shall interrupt his fight!!
Corkus: Stop talking non sense!!
Corkus: This is the opportunity to kill that guy!! Step back!
Caska: Since when did you become a leader, Corkus?
Corkus: Ah...
Caska: Don't you know? Here, Griffith's words are decree!
Corkus: ....!!

Page 186
Guts' getting slashed here and there.

Page 187
Guts: ....!!

Guts uses his sword to project dirt at Griffith's face.

Griffith: ....!!
Caska: Ah!!
Corkus: He cheated!!
Guts: Yah!!!

Page 188-189
Guts: Now I'll finish you!!

Guts thinks he'd finish Griffith for certain, but Griffith jumps up and lands atop the edge of Guts' sword

Page 190
Guts: !

Griffith now points his sword at Guts' neck ready to pierce.

Page 191
Soldiers: A...amazing...
Soldiers: D..did you see that?
Soldiers: That was such an incredible move
Corkus: Griffith won!!
Griffith: I like you even more.. Can do anything to win a battle.
Griffith: Like probably won't even be able to lift your sword.
Griffith: Do you want to surrender?
Guts: ....!!
Guts: .....You talk too much
Griffith: !
Guts: I'll let you know something. On a battle field, this is how you should use your mouth.

Page 192

Guts bites on Griffith's sword hard in ordder to fight back.


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