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Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Berserk Volume 4 Chapter 12

Translation for Berserk Volume 04 Chapter 12: Golden Age (4)

Page 105
Bazuzo lays down dead on the floor whre other soldiers stare at Guts.

Page 106
Golden Age (4)

Page 107
General: Now is the time! The enemy's still in shock. Get rid of them all.

Page 108
Guts defeats another large soldier with ease.
Guts: Shi..

Page 109
Guts' side got victorious. There are enemy soldiers standing on the second floor balcony looking down
Mysterious Soldiers: Um.. there's a good soldier among the enemies.
Mysterious Soldier 1: Comparing with you, I wonder who's superior.
Mysterious Soldier 2: Are you nuts..Of course Griffith's superior.
Griffith: .....

Page 110
Mysterious Soldiers: This castle ius going down. We better retreat.

Page 111
General: Here's half year salary and today's reward. Count it.
General: By the way. You are quite good but it could have been your luck also. A kid like you able to kill Bazuzo...It's quite amazing!!
General: How about..join my army? It's not bad you'll get paid 3 times your current wage and even have your own soldiers to command. You want?
General: It's a rare chance for a mercenary like you...What do you say?
General: !

Guts pays no attention to what the General was saying and simply walks away.

Page 112
Guts: The contract ends today right? If I still stay here..there are no more battles here.
General: w..wait..
General: There's no need to go risking your life on a battle field. Here you'll get both money and rank. Come one join me.

The general tries to persuade Guts to stay and grabs Guts by his arm.

Guts: Do not touch me!!
General: Ah....

Page 113
Guts: Do..not..touch me...!!
General: .....
Guts: ...Shi..
General: What the hell, you mad! You should go and die in the battle field!

Page 114
Guts walks along a small road
Soldier 1: Oh! Hey. There's someone coming this way.
Soldier 2: Huh?
Soldier 3: !

Page 115
Soldier 3: Look! It's the guy who killed Bazuzo yesterday.
Soldier 1: Why is he here?
Soldiers: What should we do? He's an enemy.
Soldiers: It doesn't concern us now.
Soldier 4 (Corkus): It seems like he got quite a heavy pocket. The money he got from killing Bazuzo. That should be ours finally come looking for us.
Soldier 4 (Corkus): What should we do, Griffith?
Griffith: ...... Do whatever you wish.

Page 116
Soldier 4 (Corkus): .... He...he..
Soldier 4 (Corkus): All guys follow me.
Soldiers: Ah..Are we going to kill him, Corkus?

Another soldier's snickering at what Corkus' about to do

Corkus: !
Corkus: What now? What so funny, Caska?
Caska: You think you can defeat him, Corkus?
Corkus: Let me tell you something. I was planning to kill Bazuzo so I could become famous. But that damn soldier stole my opportunity!

Page 117
Caska: You might know?
Corjus: .....
Corkus: ..just wait and see.
Soldier (Judeau): Stupid Corkus....
Soldier (Judeau): Should we leave it like this, Griffith?
Griffith: ......

Soldier 4 (Corkus): All guys follow me.

Page 118
Guts senses something

Guts: ..Just my thought...?

Page 119

Corkus and his soldiers begin attacking.

Guts: .....!!
Guts: Thieves...!?

Page 120
Corkus: Allright attack!

Page 121
Guts kills one of the soldiers

Soldiers: !

Page 122-123
Guts continues fighting the soldiers

Soldiers: ....!
Corkus: This crazy....guy..!! He's so good in battle....!!

Page 124

Soldiers: Hy! Dan and Il are in trouble. What the hell!? Corkus, he's getting scared!?
Caska: Don't blame him
Griffith: Caska
Griffith: Go take care this.
Caska: But wait.....Why? Corkus was the one who started the trouble!!

Griffith gives a cold glance at Caska.

Caska: .....All right....

Page 125

Corkus: Hey!! Rikel you go fight.
Soldier (Rikel): Why me!?

Guts starts to attack Corkus

Corkus: Waa.....

Page 126

Guts' interrupted by someone shooting a cross bow at him. The bow pierces his right arm

Guts: !
Corkus: Caska!!

Page 127

Corkus: You are here..finally?
Caska: I can't help it. It was Griffith's command.
Caska: You guys stay back.
Caska: ......

Guts pulls the bow off. Caska begin s the attack.

Page 128-129

Guts fights with Caska and hits Caska's helmet off revealing Caska's face.

Page 130
Guts: a woman....!?
Caska: Hmm..!!

Page 131
Caska: Damn you!!
Corkus: Ah.....
Soldiers: H..he look!!
Soldiers: Even Caska's being cornered! There's only one in our army that cna beat Caska and that's Griffith...right!?
Caska: So good!! He attacks so fast!!

Page 132
Caska: .....!!

Caska falls to the ground. Guts' in the position to hack Caska.

Caska: I'm going to be dead for sure...

A lance was thrown and interupt Guts' attack.

Page 133

It was Griffith who threw the lance.

Page 134

Griffith in full body armour rides on a horse.

Page 135
Caska: Griffith!!
Guts: Griffith..?
Corkus: You'll be defeated for sure..
Caska: Be careful, he's no ordinary soldier!!

Page 136
Griffith: Can you lower your sword? (Asking Guts to surrender)
Griffith: No.....?

Guts begins attacking Griffith

Page 136
Griffith's able to block Guts' every attack.

Page 137
Guts: What!?
Griffith pierces his blade into Guts' left arm.

Page 138
Guts falls down to the ground.
Guts: .....!!!!

Page 139
Soldiers: Huray!!! Griffith's so great. One move and he's finish!!
Caska: So great...Just one move....
Corkus: Hee's a fool to fight with Griffith
Caska: You think Griffith has to fight becasue of who?
Corkus: Ah..

Page 140
Caska: If you can't fight do not get yourself ino troubles.
Corkus: Understood! I wasa wrong!
Corkus: Hy! me out here...!!
Griffith: That's enough, Caska.
Corkus: ......
Caska: Shi...
Caska: ! Guts tries to stand up.

Page 141
Caska: That guy..!!

Page 142
Guts who's now bleeding from Griffith's attack tries to head Griffith's way.
Caska: Hm...
Griffith: Stay back, Caska.
Caska: ....

Page 143
Guts: Hmm.. Ya....
Guts lifts his sword in the attempt to strike at Griffith.

Page 144
Caska: Griffith!!
But he's too weray and simply falls to the ground.
Griffith: .... Griffith removes his helmet....

Page 145
..revealing a long hair and beautiful face man.

Page 146
Guts stares back for a moment before he passes out.


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