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Thursday, December 02, 2004

Berserk Volume 4 Chapter 14

Translation for Berserk Volume 04 Chapter 14: Golden Age (6)

Page 194
Guts bites Griffith's sword tightly. His mouth starts to bleed.

Griffith: .....!!
Guts: Hmm..

Page 195

Golden Age (6)

While Guts bites tightly on Griffith's sword, he also tries to tilt his large sword. This makes Griffith falls from the sword edge.

Guts: Hmm..

Page 196
Caska: Griffith!!

Page 197
The two begin to roll down the hill.
Caska: They are falling!!
Griffith: .....!!
Griffith: Ah..!!

Griffith now seems to be losing his edge as Guts' ready to blow his punch.

Page 198
Guts starts punching Griffith mercilessly.
Griffith: ...!!

Page 199
Soldiers: ....!!
Soldiers: What the hell...?
Soldiers: I never thought Griffith would lose the fight.
Corkus: A...are you crazy this is Griffith's ploy!!
Soldiers: But the one laying on his back now is Griffith.
Soldiers: I've never seen anything like this before.
Guts: How does feel like to taste your own blood?
Guts: This probably is the first time your pretty face got hit, right?

Page 200
Guts: You are finish!

Guts begins to punch again but this time his move was blocked and reversed by Griffith.

Page 201
Griffith locks Guts' shoulder.
Guts: Ah!!!
Soldiers: !
Soldiers: Hurray!!
Soldiers: He's dead this time for sure!
Griffith: That was just the beginning.
Griffith: We can end this now...Do you wish to surrender or you want me to dislocate your shoulder?

Page 202
Griffith: Choose
Guts: ...!!
Guts: ....
Guts: .Y..
Guts: You son of a bitch....

Page 203
Griffith dislocate Guts' shoulder cold heartedly
Guts: Ah!!!
Soldiers: All right!!
Corkus: You are so amazing, Griffith!!
Caska: .....

Page 204
Soldiers: I thought you were in trouble when you rolled down the hill.
Soldiers: Of course not, Griffith is far better than that
Soldiers: are so amazing
Corkus: Hur! You deserve it! Stand up!
Guts: Ah!

Griffith interrupted

Corkus: !
Corkus: ....Griffith..?

Page 205
Griffith: and are mine.
Soldiers: What does it mean?
Griffith: From now on...he's one of the Hawks.

Page 206
The soldiers were in awe.
Soldiers: Oh...
Caska: .....
Caska: Never...
Caska: Griffith never spoke liek that to anyone.....(I want you)
Caska: He never spoke like that.

Page 207
Guts' thinking while taking a rest in his tent

Guts: Lost...
Guts: I lost !!
Guts: I lost miserably!!
Guts: I lost to that big mouth!
Guts: ....

Page 208
Guts' thinking while taking a rest in his tent

Guts: His smiling face.
Guts: Seemed open and very shild like....
Guts: But he could broke my shoulder cold I was a doll.
Guts: .....
Guts: Damn it..who the hell is he..!?

Guts senses someone chat just outside his tent.

Page 209
Guts' thinking while taking a rest in his tent

Soldiers: Are you sure, Corkus?
Corkus: Sh..Don't be afraid. We got 7 people here!
Corkus: You were the one that hates him. He killed Dan...
Soldier: But..he's very skilled...besides...Griffith..
Corkus: Don't worry about that...He's badly wounded..he probably can't even lift a sword.
Corkus: If we kill him now and throw him in to jungle. Griffth might think he simply escaped.
Guts: These ..I won't even shed a sweat.
Corkus: All right!. go first!
Sam: W..what? Why always me?
Caska: You better not do that
Soldiers: !

Page 210
Caska: He may be wounded..but I doubt you guys can take him out.
Corkus: ..Caska!
Guts: !
Caska: You all should head back to your tent and I will pretend I saw nothing.
Soldiers: He..he..all right..
Soldiers: Excuse me then...
Corkus: H..hey wait!
Corkus: Caska! Why are you always on his side.
Caska: .....
Corkus: You also want to take revenge? You were ordered to hug him for 2 nights straight.
Corkus: Did something happen during that time?

Page 211

Caska point her sword at Corkus.

Caska: Say that again.
Caska: And I will cut off your head.
Corkus: ..Don't be hasty..
Corkus: I was just kidding
Corkus: .....

Corkus and other soldiers leave the scene.

Caska: Shi..

Page 212

Guts steps out of his tent.

Guts: .....
Guts: I owe you for the second time. Thank you.

Page 213
Caska: Don't be misunderstood.
Caska: I did it becasue Griffth ordered me.
Caska: ..else..who would help someone like you..!!
Caska: .....
Caska: I hope you die an early death on battel field.

Page 214
Guts: ....
Guts: Hur~
Guts: ....

Page 217

Griffith: The main garison's at the hill top..around 2000 men.
Griffith: Our main objective is to burn their food and arms which locate right behind the hill.
Griffith: We must go around by taking the river bank path.
Griffith: Once we finished our work, we must move out of there quickly.
Griffith: We'll take the shortest path which is through the enemy. All the way through the front gate.

Guts: Through the enemy...?

Page 218

Soldiers: How about the enemy's reinforcement?
Griffith: None... seems like they don't have enough men to do that.. They merely have enough men to protect the castle from breaching.
Soldiers: sh...Cowards..
Guts: Not a slightest change of mood on his face.....They really do believe in Griffith.
Griffith: For the guard behind our trrops.
Griffith: I'll give this task to Guts.

Page 219
Caska: ....
Soldiers: It's a tough job to block the enemy so we can get out fast.
Griffith: Although there's one way out of the forest, you must flee and fight hundreds of enemy at the same time. The risk is very high.
Griffith: Can you do it?

Page 220
Guts: Is that an order?
Soldiers: What's Griffith trying to prove?
Soldiers: Probably a test...but it's a bit cruel.
Soldiers: He's going to be a dead meat.
Caska: No....this is a risky task butt also very important.
Caska: He didn't do this simply to test Guts.
Caska: Griffith really trusts that guy...!!

Page 221
Corkus: He's dead for sure this time.

Griffith's army begins to move out

Page 222

The Hawk army's now at the river bank

Guts: This is more like wading through river rather than walking along the river bank.

Page 223

Guts: The enemy wou;dn't have thoguht of this.. Who would be crazy enough to do this.
Guts: So many factors. wind, and river..these can disguise our approach.
Guts: Especially we are upwind. We can use fire as our main weapon.
Guts: Everything has been calculated..!?

Judeau signals others to stop as he's spooted a guard.

Page 224

Judeau throws his dagger to silence the guard.

Guts: ....

Page 225

The scene shows the enemy's encampment. There's a guard sits there shivering.

Enemy Guard: cold....
Enemy Guard: My watch for the whole night....
Enemy Guard: Damn.....
Enemy Guard: This cold...even wolves.....

Page 226
Enemy Guard: Eh?

The enemy guard sees men holding torches approaching from the forest.

Enemy Guard: ....!!
Enemy Guard: E...Enemy?

Page 227-228

Griffith leads his army to the enemy's camps

Page 229
Enemy soldier: Ah!! The enemy attacks from behind..!?
Enemy Soldiers: Enemy attack!?

The Hawks fight well and kill almost everyone on their path.

Page 230
Griffith: Burn it!!

Page 231
Enemy Soldier: !
Enemy Soldier: The gun powder catches fire.

The gun powder barrels blow up.

Guts: .....!!

Page 232
Griffith: Don't mind the enemies. Go on...break the circle.
Enemy soldiers: Enemy attack!!
Enemy soldiers: They attack from behind..!?

Page 235
Griffith: Realign the group. e persons at a time. and let's go!!

Page 236
Enemy soldier: General!! We are in trouble. Our weapons and rations are all burned up in flame!!
Enemy General: I knew that!! Hurry and get the stuff out.
Enemy soldier: But..the wind's blowing too strong. The flame might even reach the main tents.
Enemy General: Hmm...
Enemy General: Send out horse riding soldiers!
Enemy General: If we are beaten by mercenaries, we will lose our faces as knights!!

Guts: Incredible...
Guts: I didn't think he would attack this fast.
Guts: I've never seen anything like this!!

Page 237
Guts: Now this is my task!!