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Monday, November 29, 2004

Berserk Volume 4 Chapter 11

Translation for Berserk Volume 04 Chapter 11: Golden Age (3)

Page 55
Golden Age (3)

Page 56
Guts' sword stuck deep in Gambino's neck.
Gambino: Ugh....Y...You...

Page 57
Gambino: You...killed...Shizu..
Gambino falls atop Guts...

Page 58
which makes room lamp to fall down and cause fire. Guts simply in the state of shock.

Page 59
Guts: G........Gambino....?
Guts: Gam...!! ......

Page 60
Gambino's soldiers: Fire....!!
Gambino's soldiers: Are we under attacked?
Gambino's soldiers: There! at Gut's tent...!!

The soldiers hurry to Guts' tent only to see Gambino's body lay there while Guts holds on tight to his sword.

Gambino's soldiers: !
Gambino's soldiers: Guts...You.....

Page 60
Lead soldier: Hey!!
Lead soldier: What the hell is going on..!? Did you kill him, Guts!?
Lead soldier: You..Answer me!!

The lead soldier questions Guts by pointing his sword at Guts' neck. Guts instinctively reacts by slashing his sword and cut the soldier's arm.

Lead soldier: Ah!!

Page 61

The other 2 soldiers begin attacking Guts

Soldiers: Damn...You..!!
Guts: Hold's ...!!
Guts: ....!!

Page 62

Guts tries to escape from the tent.

Soldiers: Stop there!!

The tent begins to collapse as a result of the fire.

Soldiers: Ah...!! Damn it!
Guts Why...Why this thing happened...!!

Page 63
Soldiers: Hey what happened1?
Soldiers: Gambino was killed!!
Soldiers: What did you say!?
Soldiers: How? Enemy attacked?
Lead Soldier: Guts, the damn killed Gambino.
Soldiers: Are you kidding... How's that possible.
Lead Soldier: I'm not kidding!!
Lead Soldier: That damn kid repaid the man who raised him for ten years. Gambino was like his father.
Lead Soldier: But he cold heartedly killed Gambino!!
Lead Soldier: He killed his own father!!
Soldiers: But why?
Soldiers: He was taking good care of Gambino
Soldiers: Perhaps he thought Gambino was his burden.
Soldiers: Anyhow, he killed his own people. He has to be hung for his crime.
Lead Soldier: Under that tree...11 years ago.....Shouldn't picked him up...

Page 64
Lead Soldier: He's the unlucky one. He's cursed and brings only bad luck.

Guts' being chased by soldiers.

Guts: !

Page 65
The soldiers shoot cross bows a Guts.

Guts: !

Page 66
One of the bows hits Guts. Guts falls off the cliff.

Page 67
Soldiers: Did the arow hit him?
Soldiers: Yeah. bull's eye.
Soldiers: With this height, he won't survive the fall.
Soldier: damn unlucky.

Page 68
Guts: .....

Guts lays there semi-unconscious

Guts: Can't move my body..Like not my own body...

Page 69-70

Guts lays there under a dark sky

Page 71-72

Guts stares at the sky. He rests there for awhile before trying to get up
Guts: Ugh...
Guts: ....!!

Page 73

Guts: So cold....Probably lost a lot of blood while I was unconscious.
Guts: 2 ribs are broken.
Guts: .......
Guts: Where shall I go..?

Page 74

Guts: If I diedthen..things would have been better.
Guts: I wish I were dead.
Guts: Not a single good thing....Only bad....
Guts: Where shall I go..?

Page 75

There's a pack of wolves looking to hunt Guts.

Page 76

The Wolf Alpha begins to signal other wolves to attack Guts.

Guts: This is the end...
Guts: Here....So everything will be ended.

Page 77-78

Guts instinctively uses his sword to hack and slash the wolves.

Guts: H...Hm....

Page 79-80

Guts continues wading his way through the wolves.

Page 81

The wolves seem to give up and run away. Guts who has fought long and hard begins to drift away and faint again.
Guts: ....

Page 82

Guts cries softly and passes out while a group of people approaches.

Page 83

People: Hey look...he's still a kid.
People: Is he dead?
People: No. But he's seriously wounded.
People: Did he kill all these wolves.
People: That's incredible.
People: He's so lucky we found him here.
People: Being found by us, lucky?
People: Sure..Ungus unit needs more men.
People: He also got shot with an arrow. I wonder what's happened to him.
People: I don't know. Perhaps he was a slave before. Theses days......
Guts: Gambino.

Page 84

Guts thinks of Gambino in his sleep.

Page 85-86

4 years later.

There's battle going on. A group of soldier's trying to breach a castle.

Page 87

A ram finally breaks the castle gate.

General: Attack!!
General: Attack!! The one who can bring me the general's head will get whatever he wants!!

Page 88

Battle scene.

Page 89

The opponent's general appears wearing full body armour.
Soldiers: That's Bazuzo!!
Soldiers: The grey knight Bazuzo!!

Page 90

Soldiers: Is it the same legendary 30 corpses-Bazuzo?
Soldiers: I heard he killed them with his own bare hands.
General: Archers..where are the archers!?
Soldiers: They are still outside the gate, sir.
Bazuzo: No one can pass through here. Anyone wants his brain bashed just come on in!!
General: Hey. don't just stand there. No one dare attacking him!! Are you guys really are kngihts? Go on and fight!
Soldiers: We are just mercenaries. Why don't you go yourself?
General: Damn..these...
General: ! A...

Page 91

Guts volunteers to fight the grey Bazuzo

Page 92
Soldiers: Who's that?
Soldiers: A mercenary?
Soldiers: So young...Hey..check out his sword.
Soldiers: Oh..Such a huge sword. Wil lthat kid able to swing that thing?
Soldiers: He's still young that's why he's bing so cocky. He won't survive for long.

Page 93
General: Lad! Are you going to fight that Bazuzo
Guts: How much?
General: W..what?
Guts: The price on the giant's head. This 30 corpse...thing, right?
Guts: I'm a mercenary. I'm different from you who care about rank and all. Those thing can't be eaten. Money is what I'm after. Don't forget to pay.
General: All right...If you can kill him I'll give you 5 gold coins!

Page 94
Guts: 10
General: 7 and that's final!
Guts: All right..
Bazuzo: will regret this because you will lose your head for just 7 gold coins.
Bazuzo: Letting young kid like you to fight. That means they are not having enough soldiers.....
Bazuzo: Only cowards would send out young lad like you....

Page 95
Guts swiftly attack Bazuzo.
Bazuzo: !
Bazuzo: What..!?

Page 96
Soldiers: So fast..
Soldiers: He attacks so fast!!
Bazuzo: Ah..
Bazuzo: Hmm...
Soldiers: Look!! Bazuzo's being cornered!?

Page 97
Bazuzo: Ah...
Guts: Yah...
Bazuzo's axe cracks

Page 98
Bazuzo: What is this...!?
Bazuzo: Hey..!!

Page 99
Guts slashes his sword through Bazuzo's armour

Bazuzo: Oh.....
Soldiers: !

Bazuzo falls to his knees.

Page 100
Guts' ready for the final blow.

Bazuzo: W.....wait...!

Bazuzo's plea was futile. Guts' has already smashed Bazuzo's head open.

Page 101
Bazuzo slowly falls down to the ground

Guts: Whew.....

Page 102
Guts stands victorious over Bazuzo's corpse.


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