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Saturday, November 27, 2004

Berserk Volume 4 Chapter 10

Translation for Berserk Volume 04 Chapter 10: Golden Age (2)

Page 5
Golden Age (2)

Page 7
Guts: You?
Donavan gags Guts' mouth
Donavan: Don't resist!!
Guts: .....!!
Donavan: I'm not going to eat you.
Donavan: It will only take a moment.
Donavan: Heh..heh..It's common in an army.

Page 8
Guts hits Donavan's face with his right elbow
Donavan: Oh...
Guts hits Donavan's private part
Donavan: ....!!
Guts tries to reach his sword

Page 9
..Only to be kicked by Donavan in the stomach.
Guts: !
Donavan: You untamed....boy

Page 10
Donavan grabs and lifts Guts by his neck
Donavan: You resistance is futile!! I paid Gambino already.
Guts: Eh?
Donavan: I bought you for the whole night. Bought from Gambino with 3 Silver coins.

Page 11
Donavan: You are sold by Gambino.
Guts: No that's not true....
Guts: It's a lie!!!

Page 11
Morning scene. Donavan leaves Gut's tent.

Page 12
Guts lies down naked on his bed staring blank.

Page 13
Gambino's shaving his beard and accidentally cut himself.
Gambino: Oh. Damn that hurts.
Gambino: ! Guts?

Page 14
Gambino: Go on and prepare morning meal.
Gambino: Don't forget to feed the horses.
Gambino looks at Guts who stands there holding a sword
Gambino: ... What is it?
Gambino: You want to practice this early?
Gambino: Sorry lad, I'm still having hang over. If you want to practice go find someone else.

Page 15
Guts: Doesn't know...!?
Guts: Gambino doesn't know about what happened last night...1?
Gambino: Go on.
Guts: .... G..Gambino...
Gambino: Huh?

Page 16
Guts: .....Nothing...
Guts: .....
Guts releases his anger by hacking on a bareel full of water.

Page 17
Gambino and his people ambushing soldiers
Gambino's men: So many of them
Gambino: Don't be afriad!! They are defeated soldiers. They have no stength nor will to fight left.
Gambino: Listen up!!! The guy who hires us want to attack and kill these soldiers.

Page 18
Gambino: Of course, their belongings will be ours. The faster will get the goods.
Donavan senses Guts staring at him.
Gambino: Attack!!

Page 19-20
Gambino and his army attacks the soldiers

Page 21
Donavan's chasing after 2 fleeing soldiers
Donavan: Wait! You guys won't be able to run from me!!

Page 22
Donavan kills the 2 soldiers. But he's shot by a crossbow.

Page 23
Donavan: Ah...ugh...?
Donavan sees the person who shot him's Guts.

Page 24
Donavan: Guts...!! You..!!
Guts fires one more shot into Donavan's mouth.
Donavan: Ugh...
Guts: Say it...

Page 25
Guts: tell me again!!
Guts: Who sold me to you!?
Guts: Say it!!
Donavan:....!! Gam...
Guts: Say it!!
Guts pushes his sword into Donavan's mouth.

Page 26
Guts: .....
Guts mounts his horse and go back to join his army.

Page 27
Gambino: Crush them... They almost finish!!
Suddenly a bomb goes off and blows Gambino off his horse.

Page 28
Guts: Gambino!!
Guts: !
Gambino lays there and remains unconscious.

Page 29
Medic: He lost a lot of blood. It's lucky that he still live.
Soldier: He's fought many battles. Just this won't kill him.
Soldier: But without his leg, he probably won't be able to fight another battle....
Solder: We will have to consider what we will do next..
Soldier: About a new leader.
Soldier: We can have Duck....

Page 30
Guts: ....
Guts: He alwasy looks down on me. Always arrogant and cold blood. All he does is ridicule others.

Page 31
Gambino: W....wait..
Gambino: Don't you die....Shiz...
Gambino: I'll go back now.
Guts: .......
Guts: Come on.....this is so not like you.....Gambino..

Page 32
2 years later
Guts fights on a battle field.

Page 33-34
Guts rides on his horse while hacking his enemies. After his battle, he goes back to his camp
Guts: Gambino!!

Page 35
Gambino sits on a chair and plays with his dog
Gambino: Oh oh..
Guts: Gambino. Check this out!!
Guts: I killed the enemy's general and for that I got a lot of reward!! With this money you can buy booze and even women easily.
Gambino: How about meat?
Guts: eh..?
Gambino: Meat...For the dog.

Page 36
Guts: .....Uh....
Gambino: Don't just stand around. hurry and go get it.
Gambino: Hurry up!!
Gambino hits Guts's face. Other soldiers look at them.
Guts: I'll...go get it now.

Page 37
Gambino: Shi..
Gambino kicks the dog.
Gambino: .....
Soldiers: Being so arrogant, Gambino. We wish we can do like you.
Gambino: Hey! Say that again?
Gambino: Say that again!!
Soldiers:'s nothign we just...

Page 38
Solders: H...hey Gambino. Don't be so serious. We were just kidding around.
Gambino: Gambino takes out his sword. Kidding around? Then you want to be kiddingly slashed with this sword? You two come at the same time.
Soldiers: ......
Gambino: Shi.
Gambino: Don't even dare to fight a handicap like me. Then don't be a smart mouth.

Page 39-40
Guts throws the money he got from the battle onto the ground and beging hacking and slashing to release his anger.
Guts: ....!!

Page 41
It's raining at night and Gut's unable to sleep in his tent.

Page 42
Guts: I better stop thinking. All I need to think about is how to survive tomorrow. Tomorrow I have to kill a lot of enemies. So...I'll earn a lot of money......

Page 43
Gambino with a word in his left hand.

Page 44
Gambino begins slashing his sword aiming to kill Guts.
Guts: ....!!
Guts: Gambino!?
Guts: What are you doing...!?

Page 44
Guts: Gambino? Is he drunk?
Gambino: I was too careless....
Gambino: Becasue of you..I'm so unlucky.
Gambino: ....I thought you won't survive. But you are such a die hard......and Shizu was doomed because she took you in.
Guts: ....!!
Gambino: I became a handicap. Can't even work.

Page 45
Gambino: Why you are so vengeful? What you repay me like this?
Guts: Gambino...I...
Gambino: You are a devil's son...You are cursed and will bring only bad luck.
Gambino: You should have died under your mother's corpse 11 years ago.

Page 46
Gambino: You should have died.
Gambino continues slashing his sword.

Page 47
Guts grabs his sword and guards himself
Guts: .....!!

Page 48
Gambino: Let me tell you something..
Gambino: Remember the fight night that you went to battle?
Gambino: Donavan bought you from me with 3 silver coins.
Gambino: He bought you from me.

Page 49
Guts That's a lie.
Guts: Why...?
Gambino: Why? Because I disgust you! You killed Shizu and you want to keep me like a tamed dog!!!

Page 50
Guts: ....!!
Guts: Why....?
Guts: Because of what !?
Gambino darts his sword to Guts

Page 50
Guts' sword slices through Gambino's neck.


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