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This page is for all the stuff related to this Berserk Site that are no classified under any of the main section.
Special Thanks:

1. Kentarou Miura
For Such a wonderful Story and Drawings of Berserk
2. Sasis Suwonpakprak(Khem)

For providing me with the scans and translations in Thai which I will turn them into the English version for all of us to enjoy (^_^)... thanks pal.
3. My Brother, Ying
For providing me with the full 21 volumes of Berserk in Thai.
4. Eiji Yamashita
For translating the current chapters from Japanese to English.

5. Aristotle de la Cruz
For providing me with storage space for all these Berserk Files. :) Without him, there wouldn't be this Berserk site.
6. James Gladden
For helping me capture the Berserk Dreamcast Game and teach me how to encode the clips as Windows Media Player Format Files :)..
7. Tadahito Oba
A Good friend of mine and another translator who will be helping me when Eiji's too busy :),.
8. John Turpin
A kind person who donates his server for this site when my friend, Aris, needs to move out of his apartmentand his server will not be functioning temporarily.. :) Thanks a

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