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The Berserk Manga appears in Hakusensha's Young Animal and is later released in volumes that have on average 10 or 11 chapters. It began in 1989 and is the master work of Kentaro Miura.
Here are some of my translation for you guys to view. This contians my labour of love, countless hours and late nights. Provided here is a free translation for your better understanding of Berserk.

Volume 1-7 require password to access, please see the instructions below. From Volume 8 onward will be provided as text only tranlation.

To View the Translation From Volume 1-7:

1. You'll need to purchase the Manga and/or Young Animal Magazine. You may purchase them from online stores such as or
2. Contact me regarding your interest in viewing the translation(s).
3. Proof of purchase may be asked for the verification of your ownership of the Manga. After approval process, I'll e-mail you your username and password.
4. You will be given the username and password only to the volume(s) you have purchased.
5. Sharing the access code is strictly prohibited. I'll immediately turn off that particular access code immediately to prevent sharing of access code. Furthermore, I will not give out to that person who violated the rule again.
If you have suggestions or comments, please drop me a line at [email protected].

Yong's Translation Disclaimer:

Please note: You are only entitled to read these BERSERK Translation only under the following conditions:
1. You own the actual comic book(s).

2. These Images are provided as a mean for you to understand your copy of Berserk Manga and ARE NEVER to be viewed by those who did not purchase the books.
3. Under NO circumstances are you allowed to reuse the Translation. All Translation works are done so by Eiji Yamashita, Tadahito Oba, and Yongkiat K.
4. You are not allowed to (re)distribute the images as these images solely for your better understanding of Berserk.
5. Please Do not give away the Username and Password. As this is a mean to protect people from merely reading the Comics without paying.
5. All images in this Translation are the works of Kentaro Miura and Hakusensha Publishing.