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1. Characters in the first arc "Black Swordsman"


Gutts is the main character of Berserk. He was born from a hanging corpse, raised as a mecernary by Gambino. Later he was forced to join the band of the hawk. His life is full of tragedy.


Puck is Gutts' elf friend. Puck is the funny element in the Manga series. He has a power to read people's feeling. Also dust from his wings can heal human's wound.


The Snake Baron
The Snake Baron is one of the first apostles shown in Berserk(Both in the Manga and Anime). He is a man who has taken control of a city by his force, ruling by means of fear and threat. He feed on town peple as his food source.

Also known as the 'Egg of the Emperor', allows its owner to exchange his flesh and blood for one wish. The behelit is the source of the births of God Hand apostles, and also the births of the God Hand members themselves. Once activated, the God Hand members are summoned from their realm, and give the summoner a chance to sacrifice somethign in exchange for his/her dream.
There are 2 types of Behelit:
- The crimson Behelit (the rarer kind) for those who destined to be one of God Hand memebers
- Normal Behelit (The one carried by apostles). It comes in several colors-olive, blue, green, etc.


The Count
The count was once a good leader. He had a seem to be-nice family consisted of a beautiful wife and a young a dorable daugther. But one day, he became ruthless. The cause of this change was that the count became one of the God Hand Apostles. He now rules his land with fear.


The Count's Priest
The priest was probably the Count's closest servant. even though he serves under the Count, he has no idea that the Count actually is a monster. Though he's a priest, he has military power and power to cammand castle troops. He lead group of soldiers to battle against Gutts, but failed miserably. He dies shortly after discovering the Count's true form.


Captain Zondark
A captain of the Castle guards, a man with large physique and immense power to wield a giant battle axe. As a human, he was defeated easily by Gutts. He was madly insane and vowed to do anything to kill Gutts. The Count let him has "a part" which converted him into a slime infested monster in order for Zondark to have enough "power" to fight with Gutts.....


Vargas was once the Count's doctor. But when the Count changed, Vargas was one of the first to see the count in his true demon form. He attempted to run awaywith his wife and two sons. However, his plan was a failure, he was then tortured by the Count, leaving him in a groteque disfigured form.


Theresia is the Count's only daughter. Her mother was the person who was sacrificed in exchange with the Counts power as an apostle. She did not know about how her mother really die and her father's true form until it's too late.


Ubik is a member of God Hand, who resembles a floating old chubby man with sun glasses.


Conrad is another member of the God Hand. He never seems to say anything, other than 'ho....ho...ho'. Conrad is resembles a bald man with his mouth open in an"O" position, and always has his hands together.


Slann is the only female member of the God Hand. She wears thedark wings, and has green/blue hair.


Void seem to be the leader of the God Hand. He appears as a man with exposed brain, eyes tied shut with strings and lips peeled back and expose his teeth (Look like one of the Martians from the movie, "Mars Attack").


Femto is the newest member of the God Hand. His previous form was Griffith, the leader of the Band of the Hawk. Griffith sacrificed the entire hawk band in exchange for his only dream--to rule his own kingdom.