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2. Characters in the second arc "Band of the Hawk"


Gambino is the mercenary who raised Gutts. He taught him how to fight and survive on the battlefield. He never really loved Gutts as his son. As a matter of fact, he sold Gutts to Donavan for a night. Gambino believes Gutts is the unlucky element who killed his lover, Shizu.


Gambino's lover, who loves Gutts like her own son. He got Gutts from a hanging corpse. She was ill and later died by a very contagious disease.


The ugly man who raped 9 years old Gutts. Donovan bought Gutts for a night from Gambino. Gutts eventually kills Donovan in a battlefield.


Caska is the only female member of the Band of the Hawks. She joined them at an early age. As she was being raped by an aristrocrat, Griffith came and recue her. Until Gutts came along, she was the second highest in the Hawks, next to Griffith. Caska and Gutts later fell in love. But the happiness did not last very long....

Griffith has a dream, and that dream is to rule his own kingdom. He would stop at nothing to achieve that goal. He was rebirth as Femto, a newest member of God Hand, during the eclipse. But later he is back (in the 4th Arc, Millenium Falcon) in Griffith form.


Corkus is the cynical but loyal member of the Band of the Hawk. He never like Gutts and always try to get rid of Gutts.


Judeau is the carefree, easy going member of the Hawks. He has several fighting skills (particularly knife trowing) and very knowledgeable all around. He secretly lovefor Casca, but he never tell anything to her... He protects Caska until he die.


Rickert is the youngest member of the Hawks. He is the best friend with Pippin. He was saved during the eclipse by the skullknight. Later, Rickert becomes Godo's assitant, and is the one who customizes armor and weaponry for Gutts.


A man of very few words. Pippin is the largest member of the Hawks. He is very knowledgeable about many arts of war. He was fighting the demons during the eclicpse til his death.


Gaston is a member of Gutts raiding team. He works under Gutt's raiding unit. He respects Gutts as his boss and hero.


King of Midland
The King of Midland seem to be a nice and kind ruler. Until he found out Griffith slept with his only daugther. He became obsessed with killing the band of the Hawks.


Nosferatu Zodd
Zodd is renowned among soldiers for being able to survive deadly injuries. He has been seen on battlefields for over 300 years. Zodd is an apostle perhaps the oldest one, his true form is a minotaur with bat wings. Though a God Hand apostle, he's different from others, while others seem to only be interested in killing innocents, All Zodd wants is to find worthy opponents.


Count Julius
Count Julius is the King's brother, and is the heir to the throne. He hates Griffith once Griffith begins to rise in the ranks so quickly. He has a secret relationship with the queen of Midland.


The only child of the King of Midland. Her real mother died long ago, and the Queen is her foster mother. She fell in love and lost her virginity to Griffith.


A cunning man of Midland. He gives the idea of assassinating Griffith to Couint Julius. He's double blackmailed by Griffith. Since then, he turned to live a modest life.


Count Julius's only son. Julius treats him very harsh and tries to train him to be the next king. Tragically, Adonis is killed quickly (accidentally) by Gutts as Adonis walks in to the room that his father's just murdered.


Queen of Midland
The Kings second wife. She had a long affair with Count Julius. She plots another assasination of Griffith.


The ruler of the most important castle in the Tudor empire. He likes small, teenage boys. He once slept with Griffith and gave Griffith a large chest of gold. He still yearns for another night with Griffith.


Raban is a high ranking noble in Midlands army. He is very supportive of Griffiths.


Owen is a high ranking noble in Midlands army and is also supportive of Griffith and his abilities as a leader. He's a good friend of Raban.


Boscone is the lead general in Tudor's army. He is extremely powerful as a fighter, as well as a good strategist. He was killed by Gutts, who was weilding Zodd's special sword.


Skull Knight
A mysterious character, Skull Knight opposes God Hand and its apostles. He's often seen eating Behelits as he finds them....


There is an old story of a man named Gaiseric from 1000 years ago. In the legend, no one knows where Gaiseric came from...Wearing a Skull Mask into battle, and through time formed the first empire called Midland. He ruled over the people with harsh taxes. One day, God became angry with Gaiseric and sent 4 (the God Hand maybe?) angels down from heaven to destroy his empire... Many speculate that the Skull Knight is Gaiseric....


Silatt is the leader of the Kushan clan of the Bakiraka, a group of assassins. He is attempting to gain back his homeland. Silatt uses strange weapons in battle, and is a very versatile fighter.


Erica is Godos foster daughter. She was found on a battlefield by Godo, and Godo raised her as his own daugther. She is always happy, and is very friendly with both Gutts and Puck. She wants to be a blacksmith like Godo oneday.


Godo is the blacksmith that created Gutts' armor, as well as the Dragon Slayer Sword.


Roshinu is actually a main character of the 'Lost Children' chapters. but she is first introduced during the Band of the Hawk as she appeared briefly infront of Rickert. Roshinu is a teenage female apostle with the appearance of a large fairy.

The Bakiraka
The Bakiraka are a group of assassins from the Kushan army that the King of Midland hired to assassinate Griffith. They are composed of five assassins:
1) An extremely tall and limber man with claws.
2) A very fat round man, who is nearly invisible in water.
3) A very small man, who is able to fit in small places.
4) A large bulky man who can hurl spears at long distances.
5) A woman who uses black powder and fire to torch her enemies.
The Bakiraka find the Hawks and engage in combat with Pippin, Judeau, Gatts, and Caska. Eventually, The Hawks win...but Charlotte is hurt by a poison dart from the small man.


Wyald leads the group of the Black Dogs to chase Griffith as the Kings last hope. Wyald is actually an apostle, his true form is a hairy monster with an eye in his chest.


Demon child
The Demon Child is the offspring of Gutts and Casca, but contaminated by Femto... It was prematurely born. It has the nature of a demon. He is by nature evil but also has warned Gutts of danger many times...His role in the storyline has already ended, with the Rebirth of.......Griffith....

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