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3. Characters in the third arc "Retribution"


Azan is a high member of the Holy Iron Chain Knights. He uses a large spear as his weapon. Gutts seem to know this man reputation quite well as a fighter. He is very noble fighting and living by a very strict knight code.


Serpico is also a member of the Holy Iron Chain Knights. He is very close with Farnese. The two were brought up from teh same place. He has strong fear against fire. When he was young, his mother was burned alive while he was watching.


The female leader of the Holy Iron Chain Knights. She was born a noble. Her mind is closed, and focused on only on her religion which she follows blindly. Becasue of her strong belief in the religion, she's unable to see Puck until later chapters..


Jill was a good friend with Roshinu before Roshuni turned into an apostle.She respects Roshinu as her elder sister. She's constantly abused by her drunk father.


Zepec is Jill's dad, who drinks all day, abuse his wife and daughter. He was a veteran and always wanted to rejoin an army. Later he joined in with the Holy Iron Chain Knights in order to track down "The Black Swordsman".


Pikaf is a boy in a legend story told in this village. His appearance was different from normal kids for he has pointy ears and red eyes.


The Beast of the Shadows
This dream monster that haunts and tells thing to Gutts. Appears as dark shadow of a large beast.


Mozgus is the strong believer and follower of God. His methods are extremely cruel. He kills in the name of God.


Mozgus's assistants
These grotesque mutatants are Mozgus personal assistants. Their job is to torture and kill people as Mozgus commands.


Isidro is a young thief who was saved by Gutts. After that, he follows Gutts for awhile.


The Tapasa are four large men who are assistants of Silatt.. They are quite versatile fighters.


Luca is the prostitutes' leader who live on the outskirts of Albion. She's very nice to the fellow prostitutes. She treats them like her very own family. She has a romantic relationship with Jerome, a member of the Holy Iron Chain Knights.


Jerome is a member of the Holy Iron Chain Knights. He loves Luca. Though not an amzing fighter, he has a good heart and not consider himself higher than anyone just because he's born a noble..


Nina is a female teenage prostitute, working with Luca. She contracted strange desease becasue of her work as a a prostitute. She later turned to worship pagan religion and engaged in pagan orgy.


Joachim is a boy who fell in love with Nina. One night, Nina invited him to join the pagan orgy to prove his love to her.

This apostle was an outcast from Albion for his innate deformity. He fled into a large hole underground... Oneday, he found Behelit near the Great Tower of Albion and turned into a God Hand Apostle. His wish was to give birth to a perfect world. He later ate the demon child and gave birth to the new Griffith...(a perfect world?).

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