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Wednesday, July 14, 2004

My B.D. Present

To celebrate my birthday and other 2 co-workers who happen to have the same birth month, my boss took the whole company to eat at a fine Japanese restaurant. Too bad the place is a bit too small, so we have to split to 2 rooms with about 10 persons per room.

I ordered a U.S. Beef stake but it seemed like they ran out of American born I reorder another dish which suppose to be equally good, NZ. Beef ;). Meanwhile, I was nibbling on my friend's dishes. It arrived the second to last, by that time I was already full with other peoples' food. I had all kind of stuff ranging from various types of sushi, rolls, and teriyakis. It was indeed a good lunch. To top it off, my boos paid it all ;) Now that makes the dish even more delicious.

Here are some faces on my table:

It's almost time to leave, and is time to unwrap my present. My co-workers have all shelled out and bought me a book I've been yearning to get....LOTR-ROTK illustration book. The book contains a lot of very well drawn and designed illustrations for the last chapter of one of the greatest films ever made. Some were used in the process of creating the film. Now I'll have something to read or the next few weeks.

Here is the cover scan of the book:

More factual details about the book:
Title: The Art of The Return of the King
Author: Gary Russell
Book Format: C Format Hardback
No. of Pages: 192 pages
Height & Width: 28.7cm x 22.9cm
ISBN: 0007135653
Publication Date: 3 March 2004


Anonymous said...

Oh hhh , อายุ มั่น ขวัญยืน ถือไม้เท้ายอดทอง กระบอง ยอดหน้า มีความสุข ในอายุ ครบ 27 ( ถึงแม้ หน้าตา จะไป 37 ก็เหอะ ( ไม่ต่างจากคน คอมเม้นท์ นี่เลย )
) แต่ได้ข่าวมาว่าเย็น วันศุกร์ จะปิดสีลม ซอย 4 ฉลองวันเกิด นี่ อย่าลืมใส่ แจ๊ตเกต หนังมาด้วย ละ โทรเรียก แจ๊ค มาด้วย ละ เห็นมันบอกว่า อยากตามไปด้วย ส่วนเรานะ ใกล้ๆ ไปนั่งคอยในร้านก่อนละกัน ---แทน => ---

3:50 PM

Anonymous said...

Who are these people? Your new friends? Forgot your friends back here? Come back to the U.S.A!!!

10:04 PM

Anonymous said...

Without any doubt it's Zen restaurant in Silom. Good food indeed. @tom

5:44 PM

Yongkiat said...

You got sharp eyes, The location's at Zen restaurant but at All Seasons Place (CRC Building) not at Silom ;)


9:47 AM


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