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Yet another yummy pixel site.
A personal Flash site with tons of collective works by the artist name Robert Lindstrom.
The Ring (A-)
Quite a great adaptation from a japanese cult classic with a similar name "Ringu" which was abased on a book of the same name.. This film will surely have you at the edge of your seat. The only flaw of this movie is its believability. Other than that it's rock solid.
Hero (A+)
It's a must see movie. I wonder when it will hit N. America. It's like this year's "Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon" I really like the way it filmed--Very soft and very poetic. Oh and I didn't even mention how great the fighting sequences are.
SimCity 4 (A-)

Developer: Maxis
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Genre: Simulation
Platform: PC
Number of Players: (1+ Online Play)
Minimum Requirements:
- Windows 98/2000/ME
- PIII 500MHz
- 128MB RAM
- 16MB video card
- 8X CD-ROM drive
- 1GB hard drive space
Still recall the very first time I built my first virtual tiny city from scratch, see how the city grow, see how the people in it behave, and see how my city come to an end. It was exhilerlating experience. And now I feel just like that again!

Every nitty gritty details are present here to make your "Virtual World" a much lively and beautiful than the last incarnation of SimCity. Overall high marks on Graphics. Though my com got a bit of jitter when I move things around. But I guess my Pentium IV (1.7 GHz) is getting dated.
Control and Gameplay:
Tight Control, Simple navigation make this game one of all time best in my mind. The gameplay is what expected plus online playing tyhat even add replayability to this already amazing game.
Final Words:
A very good game, no shell out some of your money and get a copy!

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