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Thursday, July 15, 2004

TRUE DSL...this coming August

I’m about to say good bye to the old 56k and the annoying modem connection sound forever (I hope). As TelecomAsia (Thailand) suddenly changed its name to “TRUE” and also have special promotions for high speed internet which will eventually allow me to surf the net unlimitedly with up to 256kbps for meeker 590 Baht/month (Approx US$15). I know it doesn’t sound a lot to those who live in USA and/or other civilized countries, it will indeed be a blessing to how I surf net at home for sure.

I ordered the service about a week ago and they said they are able to arrange a technician for line installation (free new telephone line with extra 350 Baht as labor cost) in a week. But since the billing system will be PRO rate that means I will pay the first month in full yet only able to use for 15 days. Being a stingy that I am, I decided to let them install on the 1st of next month.

What I have learned today:

1. Google, a company that never ceased to amaze me, has recently added a new service ( allowing net users to ask any questions and get relevant answer(s) back within 24 hours for US$2.50. I think the fee is rather expensive but hey I think people this system could work. I think I have seen this kind of implementation a few years back but don’t quite remember what site was that.

But for me, just the knowledge readily available within the google search system itself is more than enough for my simple brain.

2. It’s not possible to post direct links to my website ( on,the biggest Thailand online community, due to the fact that the URL contains the “F” word. I can only use the IP based temporary URL given by my host provider only.

3. The place where you can request an ISBN (to write and publish a book you need one) in Thailand is The National Library.


Anonymous said...

I'm getting one too 512/256. Goign to be fast pixelboy.

10:33 PM

Anonymous said...

Oh I'm getting a DSL this month too 512/256

8:59 AM

Anonymous said...

I like the Google-Answer idea...but quite expensive

11:31 AM

Anonymous said...

"What I have learned today"
i like this one :)

11:42 AM

Yongkiat said...

Thanks for all comments :) For "What I have learned today", I'm trying to summarize what I get out of life ona daily basis.

Again thanks all for reading.


1:40 PM


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