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Sunday, May 29, 2005

Tawipop The Musical

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This weekend, my friends and I had a chance to see one spectacular show, it's called "Tawipop, the Musical". The show's based on a famous Thai novel by the same name. The penname of the author is "Tomayanthi". The story''s been adapted to many forms of entertainment mediums such as TV Show, movies, etc. This time around it's in Musical show.

The story's about a young girl who lives in modern day Bangkok and somehow able to travel back in time to the past through a magical ancient mirror she bought (Much like stargate stuff :)) This little adventure leads her to a little political turmoil, and in the process she meets a man of her dream and discovers true love.

I've got to say this is one of the best show I've seen in Thailand yet. The show features many well experienced performers, actors, and dancers. When you see the show, it's not just about singing, but the way everything's been prepared's amazing from choreograph, music, and stage--All are what you expect for in a musical show.

You can visit this site (in Thai only) and kearn more about the show,



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