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Sunday, January 09, 2005

20th Century Boys by Naoki Urasawa

I have a huge obsession with a manga, 20th Century Boys. After I've been reading the serie through and through, I can conclude that the manga's probably one of the best ever written and drawn comic I ever read. So I decided to create a fan site for it. The address of the site is:

For those who do haven't read the manga, I'd like to share a little introduction about the comic.

20th Century Boys or 20世紀少年 is a Japanese Manga written and drawn by one of the finest Japanese Maga artists, Naoki Urasawa. Unlike other mangas out there which mainly aim toward kids with a lot of fighting scenes, 20th Century Boys is packed with interesting plot and is suitable for older audience. It began serialization in the weekly magazine Big Comic Spirits in 1999, and there are 17 volumes to date (January, 2005).

The story compose of several parts. The first part, takes place in the late 1990s and second part in the year 2014. The story of the first part involves a man name Kenji and his childhood friends. They begin to notice strange events around them that somehow connect to their childhood memories. Some one they know from the past is realizing their childhood ideas (bio weapons, mass destruction, and a killer robot) to hurt people. The mysterious man also uses their symbol of friends to create a cult-like organiztion and call himself “Friend”. No one know who this man really is. But for certain he’s set out to destroy this world. Ultimately the horrible incident at the end of the year 2000. The outcome of that event makes “Friend” the World’s hero and Kenji and his fellows criminals.

There are a lot more which I posted on my site. ;) Hope you will soon like the serie as well.



Anonymous said...

Nice site..I like the comic too. Good one.

11:35 AM

Anonymous said...

Here is a movie stealing the story.

Alex Proyas to direct 'Knowing'
February 17th, 2005

Alex Proyas is to direct the long in-development film 'Knowing'. The film kicks off when a time capsule is opened from 1958 earlier than scheduled. Inside are drawings from school children that have correctly predicted disasters and tragedies from the past 40-plus years. There's one drawing left and one disaster left to prevent. How cool is that for a movie plot!

The film is written by the guys that brought us Boogeyman and was at one time linked to Donnie Darko helmer and writer Richard Kelly, who has gone on to do 'Southland Tales' instead.

12:50 AM

Yongkiat said...

'Knowing'--indeed has similar plot to 20th Century Boys. I hope the director make a good film :)

12:50 PM


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