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Friday, October 01, 2004

Freeware Book

The book I contributed is finally available on Amazon.

The following is a brief Synopsis on the book:

The world of graphic design has undergone major changes in the past decade. Now, designers can find a font or image for a particular project, order it, pay for it, and download it off the Internet in minutes.

But where do you start? Freewave inspires by acting as a one-stop sourcebook of cutting-edge designs, enables by providing immediate access to graphic design applications and empowers by peeling back the creative process. A combined book-and-DVD package, the book provides a platform for an international selection of artists, photographers and designers and illustrates some of the best contemporary graphic work being produced today. Some 100 contributors are featured in five sections: Fontware (a selection of 50 font designs), Humanware (self-evidently figurative images), Non-humanware (abstract or animal images), Sub-humanware (alien or cartoon graphics) and Scratchware (photographs and photomontage).

The text explains the editors' choice, gives additional insight into the work and shows how it fits into their overview of graphic design. An Almanac provides an invaluable resource facility with biographical information and contact details for each designer. Freewave is characterized by its creative diversity. It opens the door to the work of both emerging and established designers from Milwaukee to Tokyo and Madrid. It reflects a unique multitude of styles and ideas, aesthetics and influences: from the playful, digital graphics of Vicki Wong to the regional aesthetics of California and Frisco Remix. And not only do you get a great book full of diverse fonts, graphics, photography and illustration but you also get to use the work yourself. Just download from the accompanying DVD.

All the designers featured have given their time and designs for free. Uniquely, for Freewave, they have provided their designs in an open format that allows both student and professional to pull the work apart, layer by layer, and so uncover the creative process. All the designs supplied can be used by studio or designer for either commercial or non-commercial applications, be they print or multi-media, without restriction. They can be dissected and reused, in part or as a whole. Organized according to the structure of the book, but with additional sections entitled Motionware and Soundware that provide animation and music tracks, the DVD is user-friendly, with named folders arranged by artist or designer.

A real opportunity for people who want to have access to great work (in some cases, that of famous designers) for the price of a book. It's cool, it's Freeware.

Grab a copy now!!!


Anonymous said...

Your book is out? I'm going to get me a copy now. You are such a hard werker, Yong.

9:49 AM

Anonymous said...

This is a very interesting project. So people can re-use graphics for non-commerical purposes, right?

10:09 AM

Anonymous said...

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หาซื้อที่ไหนได้บ้างนี่ แถวนี้ คุโนะมีหรือยัง

อย่างน้อยเอามาดูรูปถ่ายสวย ๆ กับพวกไฟล์ที่มันแยก layer มานี่

10:26 AM


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