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Thursday, September 02, 2004

3D Scene Rendering Test

I enjoy spending a bit of my time to learn new thing everyday because I feel like life is full of knowledge that's ready to be learned from. At the moment, I've finished reading the manual for the program I bought (ZBrush) and able to do simple models with it now (see?) Next thing I need to do is spend more and more time to polish my skill as a 3D artist. It's quite tough, I might add. It requires a lot of hours and a lot of patience. But one day I'll harvest that skill.

Learning can be rather expensive. I've been spending a lot of cash on software which I use for my professional works. The one I used rather extensively before was Corel Painter 6. I did try version 8, the most up-to-date version of this software. But I feel that the older version works much better for me. This piece of software costs me $299 (approximately 11,960 Thai Baht). The latest one I bought is ZBrush which is a very fine 3D modeling software and that was $399 (15,960 Baht).

Those are my 2 main programs for now......The damage was $698 or around 27,920 Baht. Learning is truly expensive. I'm also plan to purchase a new software which should be available sometime next year. VUE 5. It is a world building software allowing realistic rendition of environment and stuff. It will also complement ZBrush as ZBrush can do a very good job on modeling and VUE can be used to create backgrounds for those models. I've tested the current version of this software for about an hour (see image above). I'd rate it as a very good software for its purpose. But the price is a bit steep as it will cost me another $599 (23,960 Baht) when the newest release arrived. I'll be poor for a long while.

Update: (September 4, 2004)

Did some more scene testing. Here it is...


Anonymous said...

Quite a nice 3D island you got there.

3:03 PM

Anonymous said...

This is totally awesome. This project of yours is quite interesting!

9:23 PM

Anonymous said...

you're getting better and better..
cool man..


1:22 PM


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