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Sunday, August 08, 2004

So little time to learn

There are so many things I would like to do and learn. Too bad time always seems to be my biggest enemy. There are times when I wish a day should consist of at least 56 hours; 8 hours for normal workload (where I get my salary paid and stuff); 8 for sleeping (Because recently I got only 3-4 hours a day of full sleep); 8 for self relaxation (I got 4 different games consoles which I haven’t turn any of them on for the last 2 months); 4 for being a social animal ; 4 for regular activities (Such as eating, walking, transportation, etc); 4 for exercising; 4 for regular reading (This reading’s limited to comics, novels, and magazine—not including learning technical stuff or art techniques); and 16 for learning new things.

The reason is because I feel like once you have graduated and started working full-time, you will realize that you have less and less time to improve yourself. Of course, your work will probably improve over time as you will be more skilled at what you do. But will you learn something radically different from what you already know? Probably not! This is truly a sad thing.

Let’s get back to reality….This is how I really spend me day:

9 hours working as a project manager
4 hours sleeping time
3 hours for daily transportation.
3 hours for eating; breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack
1.5 hours for learning new things
1.5 hour for reading novel, comic, magazine, news
1 hour for social activities; chatting, MSNing, ICQing
<1 hour for sport and exercise

Basically with the current configuration, my brain won’t improve much since I can learn only 1.5 hours a day (6.25% of 24 hours). Within 1.5 hours time slot, I wish to learn so many things such as ZBrush (a 3D program which supposed to be great at doing organic modeling), English language improvement, Traditional Drawing, and Digital Painting.

Examples of what I’ve learned and tried recently:

ZBrush Tutorial:

Traditional Drawing:

Digital Painting:


Anonymous said...

I like the sketch you did (second image) it looks kind of raw and quite wonderful. Also the 3rd image, what program did you use? It looks very soft and realiztic. Very much liek a photograph.

10:35 AM

Anonymous said...

As always, you are a great illustrator. Keep up the werk!

11:13 AM

Anonymous said...

Such an active man you are, Yong-San

12:01 AM

Anonymous said...

I want to see the full color version of image# 2 posted. Let us know when you are done.

4:36 PM

Anonymous said...

24 hours a day is too little for you? You really want to live a full life! Get some sleep...get some rest.

2:56 PM

Anonymous said...

You got some sense of humor, Mr. K. Very funny especially the "56 hours" thing.

11:36 PM


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