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Thursday, August 05, 2004

Limewire = Spyware

A lot of freeware are bad for your computer security, particularly those peer-to-peer programs like KaZaA, LimeWire, and Morpheus. These programs often install additional unwanted components such as "SpyWare". These components often remain in place even after the Peer-to-Peer program has been removed.

This happened to be because I was a music glutton. I downloaded LimeWire 4.07 and installed on my Windows XP. At first, this app seems to be quite promising fro what I wanted as a free music getter as it allows you to search for multiple files at the same time, music and programs. The sin caught up with me faster than light. I noticed that once I logged on to my DSL connection, my computer would keep sending and receiving several megabytes of packets. Making my system virtually slower than a 28.8 connection. I got quite paranoid because I have no idea what it was doing to my computer and what kind of damage has been done. I wanted to remove this piece of crap right away. I ran "Windows Add or Remove Software" immediately in hope that this will eliminate the problem.

I was dead wrong! Even after I ran the removal software process, my net connection's still fucked up. Meanwhile, my Norton Antivirus kept on finding 30+ viruses and Trojans on my system ranging from ABAP.Dosjob, Bloodhound.packed, DSO Exploit to Zyrtec.4300. Pretty much covering every letter from A-Z. I was frightened! After I have removed most of the viruses, I went and checked up on several webboards and downloaded a free trial version of NoAdware and located the process which was the source of the problem. All this went on for 8 hours from the time I got home at 8 PM to 4 AM this morning. This is crazy! I'll never install LimeWire again......It caused me more pain and trouble than other actual viruses. My suggestion to you all is "There are no such thing as free and good stuff.....and go buy legal stuff"

More info about Spyware:

What's that SpyWare thingy ?

Quote from :

"In general, spyware is any technology that aids in gathering information about a person or organization without their knowledge. On the Internet, spyware is programming that is put in someone's computer to secretly gather information about the user and relay it to advertisers or other interested parties. Spyware can get in a computer as a software virus or as the result of installing a new program. Data collecting programs that are installed with the user's knowledge are not, properly speaking, spyware, if the user fully understands what data is being collected and with whom it is being shared.

The cookie is a well-known mechanism for storing information about an Internet user on their own computer. However, the existence of cookies and their use is generally not concealed from users, who can also disallow access to cookie information. Nevertheless, to the extent that a Web site stores information about you in a cookie that you don't know about, the cookie mechanism could be considered a form of spyware. DoubleClick, a leading banner ad serving company, changed its plans to combine cookie information with database information from other sources to target ad campaigns directly to individuals without their permission. DoubleClick's current policy is not to collect "personally-identifiable" information about a user without their explicit permission or "opt-in."

Aureate Media, which distributes free software on the Web in exchange for the right to gather user information, is another company that has been criticized for not plainly indicating what data it gathers and for making it difficult to remove its programming.

Spyware is part of an overall public concern about privacy on the Internet"


Anonymous said...

เคยเจอแต่แบบเปิด explorer ขึ้นปุ๊ปมันไปเวป search บ้าบอคอแตกอะไรก็ไม่รู้ ทำไงก็ไม่หาย คิดว่าติดไวรัส เลยฟอแมทมันทิ้งเลย พวกนี้นี่เลวสัดๆ

9:10 AM

DJ Etan said...

You need to find a roque version of kazaa called kazaa light, no spwyare installed with the program.

Then you need to get a program called hijack this - one of the better spyware removers - remove all spyware.

I have no spyware issues and I run kazaa all the time. Best of luck! Spyware is a bitch!

10:48 AM

Anonymous said...

I hate Spyware and Adware, they are the very bad of our privacy and digital security. We should excute them all.

11:24 AM

Anonymous said...

Fuck Spyware, Fuck Adware, Fuck Virus, Fuck Trojans, and Fuck those who have created them.

2:20 PM

Anonymous said...

I've had bad experience with Spyware, it nearly wreked my whole system.....They are very careful.

9:15 PM

Anonymous said...

You might want to consider an alternative spyware program. NoAdware is not generally held in high regard. Here's a third-party review:

10:57 AM

Yongkiat said...

Thanks man, I'll chekc the link out :)....

1:52 PM

Anonymous said...

first of all noadware is an adware remover as the name implies for spyware ont he other hand i would recommend spybot s&d, as far as limewire is concerned I have installed it and run several different ad and spyware programs on it and come across one adware package which was no threat and easy to remove.
Youse people must just be real paranoid or something because yes these wares are annoying but generally are not hard to remove, geez

9:37 AM

Anonymous said...

in addition to that if you run a spyware check on norton you may be surprised at what you find

9:39 AM

Anonymous said...

sepku here,

#1 for music use Soulseek (
#2 Get Spybot S&D (
#3 Get Ad-Aware (

Also for music Check out Bit-torrent sites:

PS: Get on MSN biatch.

1:36 AM

Anonymous said...

I think you got a bad version of Limewire... I've had no problems using it at all... even running pc-cillin adaware, spybot, and stinger found nothing on my system after install... (or uninstall either)... you might've got a bad install... where'd you get it? off

2:30 AM

Anonymous said...

limewire 4.x has no spyware, please get your facts straight. it probably came from kazaa or whatever else you've got.

4:36 AM

Anonymous said...

Still running limeware, just upgraded to the LimeWire 4.2.2 Pro and I'd have to say its just as awsome as the last! No spyware on my copy at least!

best tools to remove spyware (from above):
#1 Get Spybot S&D (
#1 Get Ad-Aware (

They are without doubt the 1-2 punch that'll fix ya right up!

11:54 PM

Anonymous said...

Just switch to Linux and you wont have problems with virus's, spyware, adware or any other B.S. kiddie hacker problems.

7:05 PM

Anonymous said...

Xproject187 here:
I just have to say that anyone who would put a file sharing program onto a modern PC ($) is a dis-respectfull kid who probably didnt pay for the damn PC in the first place.

Personaly I dont think they would know how to detect or admitt to a slowdown in performance if they had it happen anyhow.

When you actually work & pay for $omething then you feel the risk (Recognize)

To any LAMEWIRE lovers out there!
I dare you to tell the truth:


5:55 PM

Anonymous said...

Hahaha, what a stupidity about LimeWire in first post... OMG... you should get rid of fucking Norton first dude, and then talk about security. What a waste of time...

7:46 AM

Anonymous said...

Note to this idiot which posts in caps... your fucking mom didn't tell you how to type ? Get a life you moron !!!

7:48 AM

Anonymous said...

So he used a few words in caps, big fucking deal!!! I hate wankers like the previous dolt that post something to piss all over other people. I guess he was taking a break from porn surfing and pounding his pole.

10:41 AM

jurgita said...

Spyware is a huge problem in nowadays computer system. There are over 350 various removers and most of them fails to delete spyware.
I try to delete parasites manually with the help of various sources like, spyware removal - which provides manual and automatic removal of spyware, adware, worms, dialers, hijackers and other parasites.

3:17 PM

Anonymous said...

this is to you charlie, i told u that limewire was too good to be true, listern to what they say on here. dnt mess up ur new computer.get rid of limewire!!!

2:44 AM

Anonymous said...

HI ALL caps off.. Well i used to download a lot of tunes i have not done so as of late.. i hate spyware.. i dont use norten because it allways used to get hijacked and then would turn off its protection or disable it at the very least.. i use panda now and even that im not 100 sure is the best anti virus..i use spybot and adaware.. but the reality is this ...if your going to websites there is a active x potential of spyware or virus depending on what your active x settings are ..if your like me and like to check out programs then your going to experience a lot of spyware..i have had more then 5 spyware programs replicated off one program.. yes use kazza++ or something .but the reality is this ...scan everything you download... set a restore program every once in a while so that if u do get infected u can go back to a ealier time..or do a norten ghost (one product of theres i actully like) and have a perfect image of your pristine harddrive to reinstall within 20 minutes ... there is no perfect program to block unwanted spyware from everyone use google wisely for searching out spyware..surprizing a lot of spyware actully have websites that do have the tools to get rid of it..funny but true..i had a tool bar i could not get rid of once ..i found there website though google..and after extensive searching there was a area to delete the toolbar ..worked too... happy surfing

1:04 AM

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone, I have been downloading files for quite some time I have even used kazza (for witch I am still ashamed). Though I have to usually agree with that nothing that is good is free, this is not accurate when it comes to file sharing programs. There is at least one excellent program. Namely DC++, its free, open source, GPL and damn good. Everybody should switch to this program.
(ps. I have paid for and built my own computer)

12:04 PM

Cookiemonster said...

I have tried Kazaa Lite, eMule, Ares, Limewire and Exeem Lite, and not one single of those gave me the same service or quality of the good old AudioGalaxy (R.I.P).

- eMule is too danm slow

- scared of using Kazaa because of the "self-proclaimed protectors of justice" that actually just is a bunch of people that sue you because they can score money out of you.

- Limewire (back when i tried it) had a hard time even start downloading, plus it didnt have a wide selection of artists.

- Exeem lite is good for bigger files, but it has a huge lack of options, because you can only get the latest files and not get that one song you though was cool from 6 months ago.

- Ares is at the time what i find most usefull, even if it takes some time to download anything.

7:24 PM

Anonymous said...

I would not use limewire because you are nw sharing the files that you download. That is probably why your connection is running slow. I have never had a virus because of limewire, but I have had spyware.

7:34 AM

Anonymous said...

Why shouldnt you share the files you download? Its a bit selfish to just take and then not share with others.

3:21 PM

Anonymous said...

KaZaA Lite, which says no Spyware, has also spyware. Don't believe it ! Take a good Antispyware, like Microsoft Anti-Spyware Beta and you'll see.

6:00 AM

McLachlan said...

Shareaza has not spyware, open-source and connects to the same networks as LimeWire.

It has a large user base, but not as large as the poor bastards still using Kazaa.

It gets the job done in my opinion.

8:50 PM

Anonymous said...

Dude. I just installed Limeware and a TON of spyware all of a sudden was found on my system. I keep a clean check on my system and most scans I had previously were data miners and cookies. After a few popups and toolbars that suddenly appeared(haven't had those in ages) I did a scan with Spybot and Adware. I'm not too impressed. All were installed just after I installed Limewire. I like the P2P, but ticked off about the crap I received

7:57 PM

Anonymous said...

I want to see that spyware adware shit hunted down and removed. I will buy anyone a beer, cause i'm not rich, if they hunt the names and address of the people or company's creating/profiting from about:blank or any other shit.
I fucking hate this and would personal like to greet them every morning,noon and night outside their homes with a big legal immoral fuck you protest.

3:36 PM

Anonymous said...

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11:55 PM

Anonymous said...

Some say limeware is the devil and other's say it's the best.

Im gonna play it safe and NOT use ANY filesharing networks

3:43 PM

Anonymous said...

people who said shit like 'im never using a file sharing program' and other bullshit like that just have too many fat logs up their ass. limewire is fine, i have it, my system is spyware/adware free. just run fucking spybot after installation and your fine. jesus christ stop treating your computer like its your body. you can fix any problems you get. if limewire fucks your computer up that bad then your computer obviously had something wrong with it in the first place.

download limewire, its great.

12:03 PM

Anonymous said...

people who said shit like 'im never using a file sharing program' and other bullshit like that just have too many fat logs up their ass. limewire is fine, i have it, my system is spyware/adware free. just run fucking spybot after installation and your fine. jesus christ stop treating your computer like its your body. you can fix any problems you get. if limewire fucks your computer up that bad then your computer obviously had something wrong with it in the first place.

download limewire, its great.

12:03 PM

Fyre2012 said...

hi kiddies

kinda funny watching you guys flame ;)
But, to add a little to the discussion... I came here cuz i was searching my system because noAdware said that Limewire WAS 'Severe' spyware...

this confuzed me, being a software developer / network admin (oblig. disclaimer)

So, i did some digging...

a scan of Spybot reveals a couple of cookies and, interestingly enough, identifies noAdware's registry uninstall settings as being 'spyware' settings, and fails to find Limewire a threat. I use version 4.9.1

Limewire != spyware

most of that crapware we moan about comes from the files downloaded from limewire, not limewire itself...

Yah, noAdware says it's a severe warning... but only saying that it can be used to download files (well yah, thats generally what it's for, durka durka)

then offers you the oppertunity to clean it, once you've purchased the full version of this program.

Of course it's going to point out that a filesharing app can give you viruses... but it doesn't do it on it's own, you download them yourself

Internet Explorer is a great big hole also, and it's relatively easy for software to install itself without you being aware. Spyware often integrates with it also, often in the form of a new toolbar and wonderful, privacy loving programs gently monitor your internet browsing habits.

This data gets assembled and arranged to graph our market trends and then sold to bigger companies looking to get an edge in their marketing effectiveness. The better you know your audience, the better to sell them something ;)

Ok, so all that said...

you can defend yourself by:

NOT USING INTERNET EXPLORER (for starters, pardon teh n00b caps)

Switch to Firefox!

It's free, open source, sports hundreds of extentions, themes and addons (which are amazing, btw...) and about 1000% more secure...

use zone alarm (free version) firewall if you don't have Windowz XP with SP2

use something like Anti-vir or AVG for antivirus... they're free, small, robust and effective, updating daily.

Spybot's by far the best spyware tool out there IMHO and it's free. It also has a couple of nice little applets that track system setting changes, and asks you to approve of them before they're done (like a hijack warning)

So, screw paying for software, OR downloading pirated warez (which very silently hijacks your system with 0day (unknown/unreleased) exploits...)

The most effective way to avoid viruses which affect the Windows operating system would be, of course, to use a different operating system!

There are many to choose from, most are free like Linux & FreeBSD or you could use OSX for Mac which is built off of Unix, the grandaddy of Linux.

So yah... hope i either informed or entertained, and if i'm lucky i did both with my $0.02

cheers =)

12:00 PM

Anonymous said...

there are lots of p2p programs that are not related to spyware - use them instead! you can always remove spyware using manual removal guides over the internet.

6:56 PM

X said...

Xproject187 back again !

I see alot of good points.
The tools mentioned are great for removing the problem files,that is true!

But to say that file sharing programs dont bring Virus's & Spyware is a complete act of denial!

Yes it is one's self whom ultimately downloads the file, but the file sharing program is the medium by which it is transfred.

You get something you didnt bargin for,that falls into this catagory(TROJAN)

Alot of people dont know the true potential of File sharing programs

If a hacker places a file on any file sharing program & it has a "BOT" in it,then that hacker has just distributed his bot to millions of people without having to resort to emails or the cost of a porn site!

To a Hacker a file sharing Program is a free distrabution site!

Yes the guy who said scan everthing prior to using it is correct that will eliminate the virus & or spyware,no doubt about it.

But if our kids scaned everthing prior to using it then we wouldnt have a problem would we?
(Kids dont Scan Shit)

As for being able to remove any problem that comes along well that is the answer but it isnt practical nor allways Possable!
What about the Cool Web strains
They took a good long while to figure out! meen time we are all Jacked.

Some people cant,because they dont have the same knowledge as you.

I have seen people bring me their PC's that have suffered from a burnt CPU due to "True Spybots"

The Bots phone home to the
Hacker or Script Kiddy who created it, or barowed it.

You see once it is established that the PC has a Broadband connection the "BOT" will pass on the IP address to a underground group of hackers which will then use your PC for anything that the Hackers want it to do!
Via remote Admin service that most people have enabled (by default)

The Hacker can basicly see your desktop remotely /Operate it remotely
In short your PC becomes a "Zombie"

It works nite & day trageting a site which then can fall victim to any number of attacts.
Just read this link & learn:

As for cheap well I wouldnt call Intel chipset cheap nor Nvidia either .
It doesnt matter what type of PC you have if you put stuff on it that is designed to run & run & run your PC @100% CPU usage then your thru, it's just a matter of time.

I get paid to remove these problems from others PC's & I am telling you Adware / Spyware is a bummer!
But Bots & Virus's can literaly burn your PC up by doing what the Hacker wants it to do.
As well as Identity theft & Bandwith loss .

Remember Nothing is free!!

These guys use cracks Keygens & other mediums to distribute there Bots you are tricked into thinking you are geting something for free

What do you think they sit around cracking all these games & Uploading files for nothing ?
They are in it for the money!

There is allways a Hidden Agenda!
Inform your self Dog
You cant see me!
I'm Out

11:48 AM

Anonymous said...

When those insecure and maliciously potent Windows XP
machines are mated to high-bandwidth Internet connections,
we are going to experience an escalation of Internet
terrorism the likes of which has never been seen before.

11:54 AM

Anonymous said...

To anyone that's suffered this far, I Use Microsoft Anti-spyware beta, Counter Spy, NoAdware, Spyboy SD, Ad-Aware, Spy Doctor and Hijack This... I ran all of them to clean out the system, then installed Limewire (only install, didn't run it)... there is adware/spyware within Limewire.
To all those that recommended Sypbot SD, it didn't pick up anything. Microsoft is completely useless, and since I got it, has never picked up anything.
No 1 program will detect everything. Use a combination of.

6:49 PM

Anonymous said...

Just to add to all the other comments on Limewire I to downloaded it, and with it came the imfamous Bonzi Buddy and a rack of other stuff..after running numerous spyware to no avail I managed to get rid of it manualy..and it also slowed my PC to almost zero as I am by no means a prof with a PC it was a bit scary... and to the (POLITE) guy who insulted all the people that sometimes download freebees...No we are not all pre pubesant some of us have paid for our own PC's were simply human and make mistakes...Oh what it must be like to be perfect.....

5:08 AM

VowOfSilence said...

Listen up, I never get vira or spyware, just go download the latest version of Limewire, when you have installed it you search on programs after LimewirePro, find it, download it and install it, this give you no problems with spyware or vira and you will have Turboconnection without sharing any files

11:05 PM

Anonymous said...

As far as I'm concerned LimeWire is nothing but trouble. I also downloaded it after a friend said it was great. What a mistake! My computer was infected with viruses and spyware immediately and it has taken me two days to finally clean it up. I feel I'm lucky to have gotten off so easily. I thought I had screwed up my computer permanently. Thanks to several antivirus and antispyware programs everything is back to normal. I have been using WinMX for a year and it is great. No viruses or spyware, no problems. Stay away from LimeWire!

2:32 PM

Leeeeeeeth said...

A lot of spyware removal programs misreport spyware and adware. KaZaA Lite is VERY overreacted my Microsoft AntiSpyware Beta 1, says it's a moderate threat (KaZaA: Spyware/Adware Bunder apparently) despite it being the LITE version. Use BitTorrent! It's fast and easy, and in most clients you can choose which files to download from say, a certain album, despite it being better for larger files. It's also one of the most active and growing file sharing communities.

12:26 AM

Mr.Bill Gates said...

Hey Mr.Whosoever ,i know that maost p2p contain spyware but at no cost can there be any spyware in Limewire.
(If it ever happened ,then maybe you downloaded the spyware using limewire but the Limewire LLC is not to blame............)

8:44 PM

Anonymous said...

Give me a break! The Limewire download ITSELF is infected. I didn't even get a chance to download anything else. Within seconds of downloading Limewire my anti spyware and antivirus programs were going crazy, telling me my computer was completely infected. You can spout all the Limewire propaganda you want. All I know is the experience I had and I'm just giving a warning. You can take it or leave it. But I still say "Limewire is trouble. Don't touch it!

2:41 PM

Anonymous said...

have had no problems, some people have but id imagine cos all the same dload must have come from elsewhere. if not, then summat's gone very very strange. shock horror. gd luck all yous p2pers, and microsoft can take that DRM stuff and... well i shall go on no longer. gd luck, iv found no spyware but so many have. bibi.

8:47 AM

Anonymous said...

oh, and GB rocks.

8:49 AM

Anonymous said...

ive run a windows xp box for 3 years now without any spyware issues whatsoever.

man, the average user sucks at security.

if ur stupid enough to use p2p, u should get spywared.

that or read the gnutella or bittorrent spec and write ur own client. then you know its clean.

8:03 PM

tinkerbelle said...

I believe someone said they have WinMX, I had that also and loved it, and never had any problems, easy to use, etc. etc...never had viruses, or spyware.....Would love to have WinMX again, and I still have it d/l on my computer, but when I login, it comes up, but never seems to be able to connect...someone told me that WinMX is no more, is that true? Oh I sure hope not, but there must be something wrong that it won't connect...guess it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that out.....Can anyone help with what's going on?? thanxxxxxxxx

6:04 AM

Anonymous said...

Interesting replies. I have an answer to the spyware issues. Its called Microsoft Antispyware. You can get if from Microsoft.
If you have windows XP you can use this tool. Its Microsofts way of policing its own operating system. It uses a colective database to make decisions about possable spyware files and it safely removes them. It also actively protects your system from browser redirects. Try this, I'm sure you will like it as I do, and its FREE.

11:19 PM

Anonymous said...

This page is full of a bunch of worthless comments from a bunch of fuckers that don't know shit. Thanks for showing me just how stupid motherfuckers can be. P.S. I love (.)(.)&(_|_)&(|)

11:41 AM

Anonymous said...

This page is full of a bunch of worthless comments from a bunch of fuckers that don't know shit. Thanks for showing me just how stupid motherfuckers can be. P.S. I love (.)(.)&(_|_)&(|)

11:41 AM

Anonymous said...

This page is full of a bunch of worthless comments from a bunch of fuckers that don't know shit. Thanks for showing me just how stupid motherfuckers can be. P.S. I love (.)(.)&(_|_)&(|)

11:42 AM

Anonymous said...

This page is full of a bunch of worthless comments from a bunch of fuckers that don't know shit. Thanks for showing me just how stupid motherfuckers can be. P.S. I love (.)(.)&(_|_)&(|)

11:42 AM

Anonymous said...

and YES, I had to repeat myself 4 times

11:42 AM

Anonymous said...

when people are talking about limewire here is it just the free version, or limewire pro, the one u pay like 20dollars for for a year.

I thought limewire pro assured against the attached viruses and spyware. maybe i just made that up though....

8:49 PM

Anonymous said...

I have read the previous list of mindless rambling (think of it as a sociological exercise).

First off, how in the world do you expect anyone to consider your comments professional when they are riddled with profanities, grammatical errors and incomplete sentences.

While I am NOT an English teacher (actually I taught Computer Science for a couple of years at Universities), it just reinforces the perception that most of you are mindless drones.

I am not trying to belittle anyone, but none of you know what-the-hell you are talking about.

Even those correcting the posts by others are way off. (and I also include the post made by a self proclaimed 'professional' that 'removes these things for a livin' ')

1.) Limewire does have spyware as well as most P2P clients that hillbillies gobble up in the neverending quest for 'free stuff'

2.) Microsoft AntiSpyware is not a product from Microsoft. They acquired Giant Software and are using their product without modification. (for crying out loud, just look at the friggin running executable you morons..)

3.) No one on this board is a security expert. That includes me. Yes, I have actually hacked into other sites (not illegally) without using kiddie scripts. Yes, I have good contacts at the major software vendors' security teams (including MS). And I _have_ been paid to remove those problems, but that is NOT my job function.
I have been using the 'net since 1992 and have been programming for 20 years.

7:11 AM

Anonymous said...

ur all fknloers go pay for your fuckin songs you fkn cheap ass bitches.

10:43 AM

Anonymous said...

artists make music to make money if theres no money theyll stop makin music!!

10:44 AM

Frylock said...

Lol Limewire fucking blows. Spyware within the javascript is probable but I have to say the main risk is in the downloading of Executable programs. I submit to you that Limewire is shit. But At the same time you guys probably don't know shit about p2p. Without P2P
Networking wouldn't be the same. I suppose none one here has done CCNA. But im no expert and i know how to keep a computer healthy.
Step one: If you choose to run Limewire get a recent version. Also never Download files that are not hosted by more than say 10 people.
2. Hijack this, Microsoft Anti Spyware, Adaware, Norton Anti Virus are all effective.
3. Use a computer off your network and use one that isn't valuble. Build a P.O.S, mod an xbox, do whatever just don't use your main PC enless your ready to deal with the shit.
4. Piracy is illegal so don't share shit.
5. Even though you turned of file sharing it will still share the files you're downloading currently. Turn that off too.
6. Get the files you want and uninstall the peice of shit. It will take up to many resources.
7. Check the startup programs by going to run and typing msconfig
Check to see if your comp is running programs it shouldn't be. Hijack this can help.
8. STFU you dumbasses..Limewire is like going shopping in the projects and pawn shops. Of course people want to hack your ass.

1:52 PM

Frylock said...

Limewire is slow because it's written in java. So remeber that. It can't kill your internet connection, but i can use all your RAM. Obviously the blogger Doesn't know fucking shit about computers because if he did, he'd know that it spends your available bandwidth while running, the kicker is that it uses a shitload of RAM. On my AMD athlon 3500 powered PC, with 1 gig of 400 sDDR ram it eats up my bandwidth. See THe huge freako movies you download clogg the harddrive, and are fragmented until completely downloaded. Thus it's common that when you preview the movie it will use alot of resources because it's not only downloading the's sending the parts of the file to the preview, thus it uses alot of resources to do try that about 40x times with 40 movies downloading at once. Yeah that slows shit down. Now Exit limewire out and restart. If you turned it off on Start up with msconfig (assuming you run windows XP) you should have all your bandwidth and Random access memory. So really you just pissing into the wind blaming limewire and spyware for your shitty computer sucking ass. IT's not the bandwith that slows you down in processes...well it is partly...but its also the RAM. COntrol Alt delete and go to CPU processes...if it's using 100% of its capacity you are overloading the godamn thing. I love downloading free shit. But the only way to get away scott free is to use a seperate computer, off the workgroup, and copy all the movies and shit to another computer after checking for viral and spyware and all that shit in the files. Then reformatting regularly the seperate computer. Then again you could just pay out your ass for porn, Aqua teen hunger force episodes, and music, but lets face it. THE RIAA cant handle it....but if they could i would suggest hidding your files and using encryptions or putting them on dvd-r's or cd-r's. Thus you eliminate the clogged harddrives. Or perhaps you could buy extra hdd's that are used and reformatted...then put them in your machine and put the files on there AWAY from the OS. Mirroring your OS on a clean new harddrive is also wise. Remeber...the OS and Harddrive are often the most replaceable parts on a computer.

2:04 PM


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