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Saturday, July 24, 2004

Hippogriff and Ussadorn Vihok, a Himapan creature

I'm not much of a Harry Potter fan, but I just happen to notice a creature in the film to be quite interesting and similar to what I'm doing for my Himmapan (Himapan) creature book. The animal in the film Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban named Buckbeak is a part eagle-part horse creature. The official name to this creature is "Hippogriff" which is
a combination word derived from 2 words; "Hippo"(which means horse) and "Griffin".

According to Encyclopedia of Britannica, Hippogriff is a legendary animal, half horse and half griffin. Its father was a griffin and its mother was a filly. It is often found in ancient Greek art and appeared largely in medieval legends. It's however strikingly similar to a "Ussadorn Vihok" in Himmapan (Himapan) legend.

Buckbeak, a Hippogriff in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Ussadorn Vihok in Himmapan (Himapan) Legend

What I have learned this weekend:
1. The book I participated in is now being printed and will be in stores world wide by September 2004.

2. Thai measurement: 1 Yod (๑ โยชน์) = 16 kilometers.

3. You may go to if you wish to have your comic printed. They provide comic on demand service. (Learned from reading a post on David Luscombe website


Anonymous said...

โห มันเกี่ยวกะหิมพานต์ด้วยแฮะ

11:34 PM

Anonymous said...

Wow...never thought Harry Poter would have anything to do with Thai culture or remotely close to it.

9:09 PM

Anonymous said...

Way cool...

9:28 AM

Anonymous said...

I like the Hippogriff thing. Damn cool beast in the movie.

12:47 AM


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