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Saturday, August 21, 2004

Here comes the head

This thing is getting addictive. Zbrushing is quite a fun thing to do. The only problem is I’m still not quite familiar with the whole software. But at least now I can make simple models by utilizing zSphere and buildup process. This time around I learned how to texture map on a finished model (Although mine’s not quite finished due to the lack of time to invest to fine tune the mesh)

Here are the steps I took:

1. Develop simple zSphere with all important parts (Nose, ears, eyes, etc)

2. Start sculpting and keep checking the wire-frame of the mesh

3. Pre-render the model with simple plastic material

4. Develop some sort of texture on the model itself

5. Begin to use projection master to create the look I need

6. Finished render from another angle

7. Keep rotating and see the rest of the model

8. A closer look at the texture that wraps around the model

Next Time I’ll try to merge the face with previously created armor (Not sure how that would look though).

Update (Sunday-August 22, 2004, Noon):
Spent half an hour more and redid everything from scratch in the attempt of getting a better understanding of the program. This is what I got.

Model with texture

Close up shot of the image

Update (Sunday-August 22, 2004, Night):
I decided it's time to combine the 2 pieces of models together; the head from this entry and the armor from this entry.

The final render in full view

Closer look at the armor's texture

Closer look at the head

You can see the detail from this pic


Anonymous said...

very damn cool wa !!!

I really wanna see it with armor.

2:54 AM

Anonymous said...

Freaking cool...thisd is very realistic.

8:44 AM

Anonymous said...

Oh my's real cool.

5:27 PM

Anonymous said...

สวยจิงจิงคับ ดูเหมือนของจริงเลย

ไม่น่าเชื่อว่า 3d จะเจ๋งงี้

4:03 PM

Anonymous said...

You skill has improved greatly. Keep up the werks!


9:11 PM

Anonymous said...

Jeee...sus....You are getting out of control! It's really amazing what you have done. I've been following your WIP from the head and the final render looked like a masterpiece. You are doing more than good.

12:50 AM

Anonymous said...

As I said, I don't know much about this (crating image) but I can see that you've put an effort in it and it turned out as great job! Way to go, man! They look realistic and I like that you pay attention to every detail. Thanks again for sharing this na ja ;) Mr. mango

1:34 AM

David G said...

Nice Job! You only can get better in the future. Keep up the good work, and don't get any on you!

10:23 AM


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