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Wednesday, August 18, 2004

3D Modeling Practice

This entry is a follow up to my post about Learning a 3D program, ZBrush. ZBrush is a very cool 3d modeling program developed by Pixolator. It is perfect for modeling organic stuff especially strange creatures. The program was even used for the action packed trilogy, "Lord of the Rings". You can read up about ZBrush usage in the film here.

So I try to spend sometime everyday to read up the manual page by page in order to get a clear understanding of what the program is and how I can master it. The the last post, I have learned how to do a basic 2.5D painting and I finished up a rusty stickman image. Every time I finished a tutorial for this program, I feel like I have learned a lot. Perhaps because my 3D knowledge is rather limit, so once I can create something in such programs, I'd good.

This time around, I spent a good one hour to do an armor model. I followed the tutorial instructions and made some modification to personalize the look of my armor. The process utilized the program's intuitive Z-sphere system allowing me to model the armor.

Wire-Frame of the model

Once I have my model as I imagined, I started rendering it with basic plastic material.

Rendered model with Shiny plastic material

The I tried a few more material for different looks.

Rendered model with different materials

I'll try to squeeze more time and invest in this program. Hopefully by my next ZBrush related post, I'd be able to model something more impressive. Overall, it's an amazing program.

Tonight I got another half an hour free, so I decided to re-practice the armor model. Here are what I got:

ZSphere Model

Wire Frame

Final Render with Metal Material


Yongkiat said...

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10:09 AM

Anonymous said...

You did that in an hour? That's really amazing. If it were me, at least a day would be required just for forming the shape!

11:35 AM

Anonymous said...

Very nice. I first thought it was done in 3D Studio or other well known 3D apps. Very nifty!

5:39 PM

Anonymous said...

I like the texture of the last image. Very real. How much is this piece oif software?

9:23 PM

Anonymous said...

Your second try looks even better with even less time. Very impressive. It looks really well detailed as well.


12:50 AM

Anonymous said...

very nice


12:55 AM

Anonymous said...

สวย สวย สวย ...

3:51 PM

Anonymous said...

โอ๊ววว มันเยี่ยมไปเลยจ๊ออออด

3:54 PM


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