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Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Old comicker friend of mine

It's been awhile since I last chatted with this friend of mine, Natt or Thanet Sangsuwan. (Not the same Nat I mentioned on this blog before) He's a good friend from my high school, Samsen Wittayalai school. The last time I really talked to him was over 10 years ago and we were merely high school students. We both were very interested in arts especially the art of "Cartooning" or what most Westerners know as "Manga".

We would rush to newsstand nearby our school (or shall I say comic book stand?) every Tuesday/Wednesday to get us a copy of either "The Talent" or "The Zero" comic magazines, whichever one's available. I believe "The Talent" magazine was published by Mitr Mai Tri publishing house and due out every Wednesday. "The Zero" was published by Vibulkij publishing house and due out every Tuesday. The two got similar contents, the main content that we were eagerly waiting for and was the drive of our rush to the newsstand was "Dragon Balls". Aside from Dragon Balls, our other favorite comic was "Akira" by Otomo Katsuhiro. We would practice drawing and sketching on a regular basis hoping to one day become great comic artists. We even did a collaborative comic together but it never get to see light of the day.

After My 4th high school year (equivalent to US's grade 10) I got a scholarship to New Jersey, USA and since then we didn't not keep in touch. Partly because I was too lazy to write snail letters (at the time, computers weren't common yet). was my fault for not keeping in touch.

Years have passed and through the magic of technology, or Bill Gates' to be precise, we manage to get each other's msn contact (I got his contact from another Samsen friend of ours, Jaturong). I learned a great deal that he has grown from just an aspiring comicker to a full blown architect. At the moment he's attending London Metropolitan University doing MA in Architecture and Interior design. Additionally he also has a part time job as an interior/stage designer for a Bar in London. I'll be chatting with him more on a regular basis and he promised me to show some of his interesting works which I'll post more on this blog. For now here's his updated pic with his GF, Fon.

Thanet(Natt) and his sweetheart, Fon


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12:38 PM

Anonymous said...

Oh...the great talent and zero days.....the pirated era :)

9:16 PM

Anonymous said...

My favorite was Saint Saiya. Very exciting and very cool.

9:18 PM

Anonymous said...

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1:04 AM

Anonymous said...

Yong-San, your friend's GF is very cute...tell him that he's lucky.

8:54 AM


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