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Wednesday, October 13, 2004

What really is " Lifetime Warranty"?

Lifetime warranty is something we all face everyday since every products now come with so-called "LIFETIME WARRANTY" As I'm in the market for new set of RAM (2 GB more). So I window shop around and the thing that gives me comfort is the "LIFETIME WARRANTY" thing. Uncertain of what the hell this is, I searched for a few explanations on the net and this is what I found:

---"Lifetime" warranties or guarantees can be a source of confusion for consumers. This is because it is often difficult to tell just whose life measures the period of coverage. "Lifetime" can be used in at least three ways. For example, a warrantor of an auto muffler may intend his "lifetime" warranty's duration to be for the life of the car on which the muffler is installed. In this case, the muffler warranty would be transferable to subsequent owners of the car and would remain in effect throughout the car's useful life.

Or the warrantor of the muffler might intend a "lifetime" warranty to last as long as the original purchaser of the muffler owns the car on which the muffler is installed. Although commonly used, this is an inaccurate application of the term "lifetime."

Finally, "lifetime" can be used to describe a warranty that lasts as long as the original purchaser of the product lives. This is probably the least common usage of the term.---Taken from


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