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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Seven Swords

Went to see a new Kung Foo movie, Seven Swords, directed by Tsui Hark the legendary in Chinese film himself.

The story's not new. It's about a small village being invaded by an Evil emperor, and 7 swordsmen are band together to fight back.

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The thing I like most about this movie is actually the sword design. I think they did a superb job in this. Part of teh sword's created using ZBrush Displacement system. Such a lovely sword ;) indeed.

The man creating it is Glenn Melenhorst (You may check his site at )

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If you have time, try loading this movie and you will see the amazing sword in motion



Anonymous said...


ส่วนตัวแล้วชอบ hero มากกว่า


12:11 PM

Anonymous said...

Great Film, good action!

3:00 AM

Software Freak said...

I suppose photos are better than the movie.. 2nd one is the best!

1:02 AM


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