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Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Berserk Volume 2 Chapter 4

Translation for Berserk Volume 02 Chapter 4: Desire's Guardian Angels (2)

Page 5
Desire's Guardian Angels (2)

Page 6
Guts: Beherit…!?
Weirdo: Y… you know what this thing is!?

Page 7
(Guts grabs the weirdo by the neck)
Weirdo: Hi…
Puck: Hey ……… Guts!?
Guts: ………Who the hell are you?
Guts: And, where did you get this?
Weirdo: I…It's not mine ………!!
Weirdo: I, from the castle ……… I stole it from the Count …!!
Weirdo: I … I swear …

Page 8
(Guts drops the weirdo to the ground)
Guts: Shit!
Guts: Will you tell me?
Guts: All that you know about this business?
Weirdo: My name is Vargas. I was the castle's doctor ……
Vargas: The Count wasn't always like that. He was a cruel man ……
Vargas: but at least he was human.

Page 9
Vargas: About 7 years ago, that man …… after he acquired this …
Vargas: that man ceased to be (a man)!!
Vargas (voice): (That thing,) He began to cut off lives as he pleased. Treating people not as human beings, but as dolls.
Vargas: He mutilated, raped and devoured.
Vargas: The hunt for heretics is just an excuse to obtain more bodies.

Page 10
Vargas: I could not endure the count's 'games'. So with my wife and two sons I secretly fled from the castle ……
Vargas: But, we were discovered en route and imprisoned.
Vargas: (Then) He mutilated me ………
Vargas: and, right in front of my eyes, my wife and …… my son …………!!
Vargas: I can still see it plainly even now, as though it were scorched onto this eye …………!!

Page 13
Vargas: …… At that time …
Vargas: Instead of anger or sorrow …
Vargas: Instead of concern for my wife and sons ………
Vargas: I ……
Vargas: I was a captive of fear…………
Vargas (voice): I used a drug that I had concealed to feign death.
Vargas: Then, when the opportunity presented itself, I slipped out from the castle, taking this thing with me …… It was a miracle.

Page 14
Vargas: 7 years have passed since then. During that time I have tirelessly researched God, religion and the occult.
Vargas: But, I was unable to uncover even one fact about this thing ………
Vargas: This ………
Vargas: What is it ………?
Guts: ……A key
Guts: A key that opens a door to another world that overlaps this world…
Guts: To monsters of a strange dimension who have since ancient times governed mankinds' Dahlkest hours……

Page 15
Guts: A key to summon "God Hand" [alt: A key to summon the 5 God Hands].
(Puck and Vargas look amazed)

Page 17
Servant: L …… Lord Zondark ………!! [Zondark's rank is something of a mystery. In volume 1 he is referred to as 'taichou', that is 'commander', but whether this means that he is the Count's constable or marshal, a knight banneret or just an infantry captain is almost impossible to determine. I have proceeded on the basis that he is the Count's marshal; thus 'Lord' instead of 'Sir', 'Captain' etc.]
Old man (worried): Lord Zondark, please you need rest ………!!
Zondark (grabbing the old man by the head): Kill …!!
Old man: Hiii …!!
Zondark: I'm going to kill ………!!

Page 18
Count (entering the room): What is the matter?
Servants: This …!!
Servants: Y … Your excellency …!!
Servant: Noisy (isn't it) ……
Servant: I … It … Lord Zondark's curious …!!

Page 19
Zondark: Black Swordsman………
Zondark: Black Swordsman!! I will kill you!!
Count: I see…
Dahl: Your excellency …
Dahl: It is dangerous. Please return to your chambers …
Count: Dahl, get everyone out of the room ……
Dahl: Huh …?
Dahl: B…
Dahl: But…
Count (looking terrible): I said, everyone out …

Page 20
Dahl (scared): E … Everyone leave the room!!
Zondark: …Va
Zondark: Ga!!

Page 21
Count (grabbing Zondark from the back): ……Do you hate him, the Black Swordsman?
Zondark: I hate him…!!
Zondark: If I could kill him……anything……!!
Count: ……ku ku
Count (grabbing Zondark's face): Very well then………

Page 22
Count (getting close): I will grant you your wish.
Zondark: …Hi
(A horrible worm resembling the count sprouts from the count's mouth toward the mouth of Zondark)

Page 23
Count: Accept it.
Count: My other self.
(Zondark screams)

Page 24
Soldier: Lord Dahl!
Dahl: What is it?
Soldier (in a hurry): It's an informer!! They know the Black Warrior's [lit: Black Swordsman's] current whereabouts………!!
Dahl: What-!?
Dahl (to another soldier): Good! Take another 30 men with you.
Count: Wait…
Dahl: Your excellency.
Count: If you move a large body of troops against him, they will be noted and many men will be injured…
Count: Remember what happened earlier (during the day). How many men did you send forth only to be killed by him. It is a difficult task.
Count: And, because of this……

Page 25
(Zondark appears, leaning forward to pass under the door to step next to the Count. He looks to have healed most of his wounds, though he still sports a bandage around his head that also covers his injured eye. In addition to looking healthier than the last time we saw him, Zondark looks bigger, Darker, meaner, and … hungrier!)

Page 26
Count: Zondark.
Count: Your wish, pursue it to your heart's content.
(Everyone stares at Zondark in horror, then Zondark laughs)
Puck: H(u)----m
Puck (looking at beherit): Well made, isn't it. This (thing) ……

Page 27
(Puck examines the beherit in a comical way)
Puck (touching beherit): Chon

Page 28
Puck (resting on beherit): Whew
Puck: No way-- It can't move [alt: There's no way it could move; No way--It couldn't move].
Puck: But, if you look closely, it does have a fascinating face.
(Beherit opens an eye briefly)
Puck: It's art, art! [alt: It's a work of art, art!]
(Puck gets very scared)
Puck: Ah [lit: Va]
Guts: That's not a statue, or anything like that. It's a living being. [alt: That thing's not a statue, or anything like that, it's alive.]
Puck (angry): Then you should have said that earlier, you idiot!!
Guts (Voice): Look, I said it's alive but I didn't say anything about it being dangerous [alt: but I said nothing about it being dangerous]. This as (it) is…
Guts: It's like a closed shellfish. [note: not sure about this. Guts is, however, making a 'shellfish like' comparison!]

Page 29
Puck: In that case, how does it summon "God Hand"?
Guts (with the boots in the table): Idiot, if I knew that I wouldn't be here thinking about it.
(Beherit opens an eye again, and Puck looks disgusted)
Puck: Gulp… [Not sure about this]
Guts: I forgot to ask you something.
Vargas: aah?
Guts: How was the Count able to obtain this thing?

Page 30
Vargas: By chance…
Vargas (voice): He just happened to buy it from a caravan that unexpectedly paid a visit to the castle.
Vargas: The caravan people knew nothing about it …
Vargas: except that they had been able to obtain it in a town bazaar somewhere to the East (,and thus ends the tale [and that's the tale])……
Guts: …By chance was it……
(Vargas puts a scroll on the table, getting the attention of Guts)
Vargas: Have a look at this. It's a map of the castle.

Page 31
Vargas: Very few people other than the Count know the castle well. Here is the location of a secret passage that allows escape from the castle. If things go smoothly, nobody will question you. You should then be able to struggle on to the much desired goal [alt: long cherished goal].
Vargas: ……I (also) want to go with you, but it's this body…… If I go I will invariably prove to be a hinderance…………
Vargas: ……I beg you.
Vargas: For 7 long years I have waited for this day……!! [lit: I seven (long) years this day……!!]
Vargas: For the day when a man such as you would appear, and it's finally here [alt: and it's came]!! [This could be slightly off target! Vargas is certainly talking about waiting patiently for the day when someone like Guts would appear though.]

Page 32
Vargas: Just you………
Vargas (grabbing Guts by the shoulder): Nobody but you………!!
Vargas: I beg you…!!
Vargas: The enemy…!! ['My' or 'Our' probably better, but which one to use!? Thus, 'The'.]
Guts: (kicking Vargas in a fit of rage): Don't touch me!!

Page 33
Puck: Guts!?
(Guts stands up and looks at Vargas, on the ground, with contempt)
Puck: What is it all of a sudden!! [alt: Why so suddenly!!]
Guts: It's his face…
Guts: You sicken me [unsure about this] Don't touch me (again)!! [Re the 'You sicken me' part, Guts used the same expression in volume 1. The kanji individually are easy to determine, it's the combination of the two kanji that's the problem. The nearest interpretation that I was able to come up with was 'low feeling', which supports the 'sicken' mentioned pre-revision. I don't know if this is appropriate. From the context, I tend to think that an expletative may be more appropriate from an English point of view, eg 'Don't fucking touch me'.
Guts: Have you looked at your face in the mirror, have you?
Guts: Because you're a fucking nightmare!!
Guts: Your beggars body, all of it! [I have absolutely no idea what's being said here. Gut's makes some sort of reference to the 'person who wooed's body', but that's about as much sense as I can make out of the statement. And, I'm not even sure about this!]
Puck (grabbing Guts by the clothes): Y…you---!!

Page 34
Puck (very upset): Why---th---attack a man's weak-spots like that, you idiot…!! [May be a problem with the 'you idiot' part. Puck says 'bakka', not 'baka'. Still, I think this is right!].
(Guts flicks Puck with a finger)
Puck: Dah!!
Puck: Y… [alt: Y…]
Puck: You!! [alt: You jerk]
Vargas: D…Don't worry about me……
Vargas (looking humble): If he kills that man for me…
Vargas: Whatever is said…
Puck: …Pops… [alt: …Gramps…]
Guts (with disgust): (He's a) Spinless bastard. [alt: (He's a) Gutless wonder].
Guts: Ke [small sound of disgust, I imagine]

Page 35
Guts: I don't intend to take out the enemy for your sake, but
Guts: my plans haven't changed so [alt: and] I will kill him. Wai…Quiet……
(Guts shuts up suddenly and seems troubled)
Puck: What is it?
(Someone enters the room out of the blue, trashing the door with a huge battle axe (size wise, a halberd)…)

Page 36
Puck: Guts…!!
(…it's Zondark, heavily armoured)

Page 37
Puck: This afternoon's…!!
Guts: You, again………… Sturdy fellow, aren't you.
(Zondark attacks)

Page 38
(Guts parries the attack but is knocked to the ground, crashing through a table full of jars)
Guts: …Gu!!

Page 39
Puck: Guts…!?
Puck: Aah
Guts (standing up): …I see
Guts: You're no longer human (now), are you!?

Page 40
Zondark (with a demonic voice): Boy……I'm going to hack you to pieces………!!
(Zondark charges)
Puck: Guts…!!

Page 41
(Guts slices off Zondark's right arm)
Zondark: Ga…!!

Page 42
Puck: Alright!! [alt: Yes!!; Well done!!]
(A tentacle begins to sprout from Zondark's wound)

Page 43
Puck: Hi!?
Vargas: Aah…
(The tentacle reaches forth over Guts' head and grabs the battle axe from the ground)

Page 44
Zondark: Kill…
Zondark: Kill

Page 45
(Guts takes a fighting stance)

Page 46
Vargas: Hi…
Vargas: Hi!!

Page 48
Zondark: I'm going to mince you……!![alt: I'm going to turn you into mince……!!; I'm going to cut you into pieces……!!]

Page 49
Puck: Wha!?

Page 51
Zondark: Shaaaah

Page 52
Puck: Wah
Puck: Wah Wah Wah Wah..

Page 49-52
(Zondark goes into a fighting frenzy, but Guts parries and dodges his blows. The laboratory is trashed, and Vargas shields Puck from some falling debris with his body.)

Page 53
Puck: P…!! [alt: G…!!]
Puck: Pops, are you alright? [alt: Gramps, are you alright?]
Vargas: …He He…
Vargas: More or less …… little one. How about you? [alt (more lit): Are you injured?]
Puck: ……No
Puck: Thanks…
Puck & Vargas: Hi…
(some debris falls near them, scaring them both)
Vargas (holding Puck with white-knuckle force): W…What a horrible monster…Lord help us!!
Puck: The future… [Not sure about this. I think Puck is referring to 'the days to come'. In which case, other possible interpretations might be 'from now on', 'I don't wanna die' or even 'mummy'.]

Page 54
Vargas (voice): He's wielding that battle axe as if it were a whip……!!
Vargas: It's moving too fast to be seen by a human being!! [alt (much less literal): It's moving faster than the eye can see; It's moving too fast for the human eye.]
Vargas (holding Puck): It looks as though we're all…
Vargas: going to be turned into mince meat!!
Puck: But…
Puck: Though it's moving faster than the eye can see…… [alt (more literal): Though it's moving too fast to be seen……]
Puck: It looks like all of the blows are being parried…

Page 56
Zondark: Gaaa

Page 57
Zondark: Gi…

Page 58
Zondark: Ga…

Page 59
Zondark?: Shaaa

Page 55-59
(The fight continues. Guts dodges an attack, counterattacks from behind, and cuts off Zondark's other arm. Guts then manages to get close to Zondark, with a flap of his cloak, and slices part of Zondark's skull off. As Guts is about to strike the final bow, Zondark counterattacks, with one last desperate lunge, but this too is parried by Guts. Zondark then falls to his knees, signaling to Puck and Vargas that he finally dead.)

Page 60
(Vargas and Puck stare in awe)
Puck: He's… [alt: Str…]
Puck: Awesome- [alt: Strong]
Puck (trembling): Up until now I thought he was incredible, but I was under the distinct impression that the sword's movements were [alt: his movements with the sword were made] without direction and at random.
Puck: B…but…that's not the case. He……

Page 61
Puck: He's a brilliant swordmans!!

Page 62
(Zondark rises from the ground to stand once again facing Guts)
Puck: Ge [alt: eh]
Puck: Half his head has been knocked off… How!?
Worm (The worm starts to appear from the gapping head wound): …Splendid……

Page 63
Worm: Black Warrior…
(The worm sprouts from Zondark's head wound)

Page 64
Worm: Black Warrior…
Worm: Yes, you're splendid. [Not sure about this, though the implication seems to be that the worm is concurring with what he said before.]
Worm: For a human that is.

Page 66
Vargas: That's…!!
Vargas: The…
Vargas: The Count!?
Worm: It's been a long time (,hasn't it)
Worm: Vargas…
(The worm spots Beherit on the ground)

Page 67
(Vargas hurries to pick up Beherit)
Worm: Of course, it was you……
Worm: After I've taken care of this fellow, I'd be delighted to pick-up where we left off 7 years ago at a more leisurely pace…….

Page 68
Worm: You are magnificent… [lit: You are a magnificent person…]
Worm: Power and technique, along with the will to push yourself to the utmost limits.
Worm: For such as the humans whom try to defeat you that is enough……
Worm: ……But I'm not human.
Worm: What you possess is human……[alt: That which you possess is human ……; What you possess is of humanity……]

Page 69
Worm: That is your limitation!! [alt: That is your weakness!!]
(The monster attacks, and the roof starts to collapse)

Page 70
Zondark: Ga…!?
Guts: …Ku!!
(The roof collapses on the monster)

Page 71
Vargas (from a trap door): Oi!! [alt: Hey!!]
Vargas: This way!!
Vargas: Quick!!
(Guts escapes through the trap door, and the entire building falls down and catches fire)

Page 72
Guts (coming out of the sewers): You could have found a less revolting way of escape.
Puck (with a shudder): Is it dead?
Guts: I don't know.
Vargas: That was the count?
Guts: No, it wasn't him. It was like a double.

Page 73
Guts: it was a… something that took over the body and mind of that poor soldier, from whom only remained the fighting spirit.
Guts: I'll leave you here. But first…
Guts: You have to give me something. Behelit.
Guts: It's my reward for killing the count. You wouldn't know what to do with it.
(Vargas looks at behelit, doubtful)

Page 74
(Guts snatches the behelit from his hand)
Guts: See ya.
Puck (upset): Wait!! Guts!?
Puck: Goodbye, grandpa. Good luck.
Vargas: Yes. Take care, little one.

Page 75
Puck: Grandpa, thank you for everything. Even though you were scary, at first,…
Puck: Oh… I'm sorry
Vargas: It's alright. Now, go.
Puck: Ok. Goodbye.
(Puck stops as he is about to leave,in doubt )
Puck: one…one moment!
Puck: I think that the humans… must fight to survive.

Page 76
Puck: And… you… I don't want to hurt your feelings but…
Puck: Instead of concentrating so much in your revenge… you should work to survive.
Puck (embarrased): Ah… I'm talking nonsense.
Vargas: No.
(Puck laughs, playful)
Puck: Goodbye.

Page 77
Vargas (looking dreamy): That elf…
Vargas: Let's go! I shouldn't stay here.
(a tentacle is seen underwater, getting out of a sewer)

Page 78
(the tentacle grabs Vargas)
Vargas: It can't be!
(The shadow of monster is seen)

Page 79
(Gats and Puck walking in the streets)
Puck: Wait a minute, Guts!
Puck: You went too far! Taking behelit and parting without a goodbye! You should have escorted him to a good hideout.
Puck: You have gratitude! He helped you! He showed you a way into the castle, and gave you behelit.
Guts: I would have found a way into the castle by myself, eventually.
Guts: And had he refused to give me behelit, I would have killed him.
(Puck thinks something, but it's not translated in the spanish version. Maybe it's a pun)

Page 80
Puck: You don't know to keep your allies. You both want to kill the count, don't you?
Guts: An ally, that crap?
Guts: How funny! I would never consider an ally such a weakling.
Puck: Guts! Don't say such things!
Guts: I can't have friends, especially if they can't fight by themselves. I can't worry defending a crippled.

Page 81
Guts: That… also applies to you. Midget.
(Guts lets behind an offended Puck,who looks as if about to cry)

Page 82
(Guts gets aglimpse of sme guys talking, and hides to listen)
Puck: what?
Peasant: another execution?
Peasant: another? But there was one just yesterday.
Peasant: yes
Peasant: This time, it' someone they caught during yesterday's upheaval, an ally of that stranger.

Page 83
Puck: Guts!!
(Guts leaves without a word)
Puck: Wait…
Puck: Guts!?

Page 84
(Guts is oiling his weapons)
Puck: Guts
Puck: hey, Guts
Puck: Guts, listen…
Puck: Guts!

Page 85
(He pays no attention)
Puck: …I understand!
Puck (with irony): It's alright…
Puck (angry): I'll wont beg you anymore!

Page 86
(Puck leaves, crying. Guts examines his crippled body, and remembers Vargas)

Page 87
Vargas: He tore their skins apart… their limbs… then he ate' em
Vargas: In front of my very eyes. My wife, my sons…
Vargas: I only could feel an utter fear.

Page 88
Vargas: Please. Kill him!
(Guts punches a hole in the wall)

Page 89
(Vargas is about to be executed in a public act)
Count: We meet again, Vargas

Page 90
Count: It has been 7 years.
Count: (laughs)… what a gaze
Count: You should be grateful, you'll die quickly instead of being slowly cut to pieces.
Dahl: Sir, we didn't found that object anywhere…
Count: I see. (Thinking) The black warrior must have it…

Page 91
(In a weather vane)
Puck (looking worried): Grandpa!
Puck (panicking): Aaaa! What to do! What to do!
(sees Guts,hidden in the shadows of a alley)
Puck: Guts!
Puck (yelling and flying towards Guts, surprising him): Guts!

Page 92
Puck (screaming with joy): You finally came!
Puck: You aint so bad, after all.
Puck: Do something! They are about to kill him!
Guts: Y…!!
Guts: You are wrong!!
Puck: eh?
Guts (with a grin): I just came to see the end. To see that poor devil die.

Page 93
Guts: Look
Guts (voice): Behind the entrance. There are hundreds of soldiers, ready to get into action.
Guts: I won't let'em catch me trying to save that worm.
Puck: B…But we…!!
(Guts points to Puck with the finger)
Guts: If you want so much to help him… do it yourself!

Page 94
Puck: But…
Puck: But I can't.
Guts: Then shut up.
(Puck looks sad)
Guts: you and are like the old man.
Guts: You are both weak and powerless. You can't swing a sword and yet, you want to kill those monsters.

Page 95
Guts: People pursue a target to get a reward, but there is no reward worthy enough to die for it.
Puck ( in pain): I feel something very strong inside me. Like those other times.
Guts (with a grin): If a target is out of reach, you must renounce to it.

Page 96
Puck (still in pain): It burns! I feel something Dahlk and terrible that is hurting me. It's very painful! It's black and devours me.
Puck (voice): These…
Puck: These are… the feelings of Guts!?

Page 97
(the execution is about to start)
Puck: Grandpa!
Guts: it's better not to die trying.
Guts: the rats can only live like rats.
Puck: Guts! Are you scared?

Page 98
Guts: what do you say?
Puck: Grandpa… he was afraid, but he fought against his destiny!
Puck: of course. And you are like him. You fight something you are not sure to be able to beat. And that scares you!
Puck: Isn't it? Admit it!

Page 99
Puck: You admire the old man, don't you? If you didn't care… you wouldn't have come!
Guts (violently grabbing Puck): You talk too much. Fairies shouldn't speak in the name of humans.
(Suddenly, Guts notices Puck is about to start crying)

Page 100
(Puck bites Guts in the finger)
Guts (releasing Puck): ouch!
Guts: You!
Puck (taunting): Guts! You are stupid! You nasty! You don't have a heart!
(Puck flies away)
Guts: damn fairy!

Page 101
Guts: That midget!
Guts: Cruel? Me? He has some nerve!
Guts: Who does he think he is?

Page 102
(Puck flies to the execution site)

Page 103
Puck: My head… it's going to explode!
Puck (voice): I feel al the fear, anger, sadness, guilt… all the feelings of the crowd!
Puck: (voice): Grandpa!
(Looks toward Guts,still hidden in the shadows, behind the crowd)

Page 104
(Guts stares back looking smug)
Puck: I can't stand it!
(the axeman raises his axe, and Puck bursts into tears)
Puck: I can't stand it!

Page 105
(Puck charges toward the axeman)
Guts (shocked): Stupid!
Vargas: little one…!!
(Puck crashes with the axe and faints. The axeman looks puzzled)

Page 106
Guts (with a funny face): Fool…
(The axeman grabs Puck, puzzled)
Count(urging the axeman): Finish the job. Behead him!
Axeman: Yeah!
Vargas: I'm sorry, count.
Vargas: I'm sorry to miss the moment the fear flows through your veins.
Count: What?
Vargas: You'll know the taste of fear. The souls of your victims will come back and will take you to hell with' em.

Page 107
Count: nonsense! Finish him!
Vargas: Please, black warrior!
Vargas : Offer his bloody head to his victims! Kill him for us!
(the axestarts to fall, Guts looks nauseated)

Page 108-109
(Vargas is behaded. Guts leaves with anguish. Then, his neck hurts, and notices something in the alley, in front of him)

Page 110
(it's the baby fetus)
Guts: You!
(is head changes and resembles the head of Vargas)

Page 111
(Guts is utterly shocked. The fetus crawls away)
Guts (voice) (in nausea): the head of that diabolic count…!! (I'm not quite sure what means the translator here…)

Page 112
Count (thinking): I was hoping you would appear, Black Warrior, but…
(A girl has been watching the execution from a window, in the castle)

Page 113
(it's night)
Gravedigger1: Shit! We always get the dirty jobs.
Gravedigger1: This hole is almost filled with dead bodies.
Gravedigger2: One more!
Gravedigger2 (talking the head of Vargas): What a fool, old man! Why did you oppose the count?

Page 114
Gravedigger2 (still holding the head of Vargas): It's disgusting. Let's finish this…
(The gravedigger notices a looming shadow. It' Guts. Doesn't looks happy.)

Page 115
(Gravediggers are dead)
Guts (voice) (kneeling and looking atVarga's head, in the ground): It still has that gaze.
Guts: The gaze of deep hate.
Guts: I won't fail like you.

Page 116
(Guts's neck itches. Ghosts and beheaded skeletons raise from the grave)
Ghosts (voices): My head… my limbs…my eyes… give' em back to me… I suffer a lot… give me back my flesh!

Page 117
Ghosts (voices): The head… cut the head of the count…!!
(Guts grabs the handle of his sword)
Ghosts (voices) (a ghost grabs Guts from the back): Our hate… feel it.
Ghosts (voices) (several ghosts grab Guts): Use our hate… use it to kill him.

Page 118
(A ghost starts to merge with Guts)
Guts: Stop it!
Ghosts (voices): Togheter. Use our hate!
(Guts starts mutating)
Guts (in demonic rage): STOP IT!

Page 119
(Ghosts fly away. Guts falls to his knees, trembling, and is back to his self)
Guts: Leave me alone!

Page 120
Guts: (Yelling to the ghost, who stare him from the forest): Go away! I'm not related to you! You are dead! You can't do anything! I'm alive, and this is my fight! I'm not a ghost, I'm a living being!

Page 121
Guts: I tell you for the last time…
Guts: The one who kills him must be alive. And this body and this soul are.


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