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Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Berserk Volume 2 Chapter 5

Translation for Berserk Volume 02 Chapter 5: Desire's Guardian Angels (3)

Page 125
(Guts, now in the escape passage, moves up a series of stairs)
Desire's Guardian Angel (3)

Page 126
Puck (crying, in a birdcage): Grandpa…

Page 127
Puck: I couldn't do anything
Puck: Nothing. Nothing at all.
Puck: What will they do with me now? I'm scared.

Page 128
(Puck imagines the worst. Then he's taken to the bedroom of a girl)

Page 129
(It's the girl who was watching Varga's execution from the window)
Girl (from his bed): Father…
(Puck looks amazed)
Count: Still awake, Theresia?

Page 130
Puck: Her… father?
Theresia: Why are you awake, father?
Count: I got you a nice toy
Theresia (holding the birdcage): An elf? Is it still alive?
Count: Do you like it?
Theresia: yes.

Page 131
Theresia: Thank you, father
Count: I'm sorry, Theresia
Count: Soon, everything is going to be alright. You must understand. I can't let you go out of here! The city is diseased with heresy. You could get infected.
Count: Forgive me, Theresia.

Page 132
Count: You are still pure…
(tries to touch her)
Theresia (in fear): no!
Count (shocked): You…still… don't want me to touch you?

Page 133
Count: Ok, I won't. It's late. You'll better sleep.
(the count is about to leave)
Theresia: Father!
Theresia: nothing… Good night.

Page 134
(outside the room)
Dahl (worried): Sir…
Count: Let me alone…
Count (looking grim): Let me alone!

Page 135
Count: Theresia…
(gets a flash view of the secret passage)
Count: That is.…
(laughs evily)

Page 136
Count: He came…
(Guts is climbing the stairs of the secret passage)

Page 137
(His neck itches. There is a glimpse of a monster, and his shadow looms menacing)
Guts (with a grin): you are very obstinate.

Page 138
Monster: I was waiting for you… Black Warrior

Page 139
(It's Zondark, still wearing the armor, but looking more monstruos than ever. The worm is all over is face)
Guts (joking): I leave you for a while… and you mutate into an ever impressier monster!

Page 140
Worm (upset) : This time it's for real! You'll eat your irony!

Page 141-148
(Guts defeats the monster and continues climbing the stair. Then the monster attacks him from the back, by surprise, and knocks him down.

Page 149
Worm (getting close to Guts): don't sweat it. It's usless. Even if you destroy Zondark's head, I can revive this body. I can regenerate it as many times as necessary. I'm inmortal!

Page 150
(Guts's sword cuts through the middle of the head of the worm by surprise)

Page 151
Guts: Thanks for the information.
(the monster falls, and part of the head of the worms remains attached to the point of the sword)

Page 152
(The head sprouts tentacles that grab the sword. Guts looks surprised)
Worm: I'll get… your body.
(it starts to crawl down the blade, towards the hilt)

Page 153-154
(Guts swings the sword back, and then splats the remains of the worm against the wall)

Page 155
Worm (dying): This doesn't end here. It'll continue. There.
(Guts briefly faints, but doesn't fall)

Page 156
Guts (resting against the wall): Shit! I lost a lot of blood…
Guts (scartching a head wound): You'll see!

Page 157
Guts: Just wait and see!
Guts (with a madman look): I'll thrust my sword in you!
Guts: I swear I'll thrust my sword in your filthy head!

Page 158
(the girl opens the birdcage of Puck)
Puck (scared): don't eat me! We fairys are indigestible and gnarly!
Theresia: I don't want to eat you. I'm going to free you.
Theresia: I'm a prisioner, too.

Page 159
Puck: I don't trust you…
Theresia: I understand. After all, I'm the daughter of the count.
Theresia: My father has changed a lot… since that day.
Puck (steping out of the birdcage): That day…?
Theresia (looking gloom): The day my mother died…7 years ago.

Page 160
Theresia: I don't remember it, I was just a child. I only know what my father told me.
Theresia: In theses days, he was a good ruler. But there was a sect that struggled for the power. They kidnaped my mother, and blackmailed my father to allow thm to perform their horrid rites freely.
Theresia: My father refused for the shake of his people, and they took revenge.
Theresia: My mother…

Page 161
Theresia: They sacrified her. They offered her beating heart to his cruel god.
Theresia: My father was a good ruler.
Theresia: a bit strict, bot fair. He protected his subjects, and they apreciated him.
Theresia: I loved him, too.

Page 162
Theresia: However…
Theresia (crying): my poor father… he changed since then.
Theresia: He became a terrible man.
Theresia: He found heresy everywhere, executing everyone. It seemed as if he found pleasure in killing.

Page 163
Puck (caring): Theresia…
Theresia: I'm scared.
Theresia: I sometimes think that his feelings… are no longer human.

Page 164
Watchman1: What a creepy night!
Watchman1: Ghosts walk around in nights like this.
Watchman2: don't joke with that.
Watchaman2: What's wrong?
Watchman1: Hey. Look.
(they see Guts in the middle of the corridor)

Page 165
Watchman1: Who… Who's there?
(They die)

Page 166
(Guts meets a large force of fully armoured soldiers waiting for him in the hall)

Page 167
Dahl: Since the Vargas incident, I knew you would come.
Dahl: Surrunder at once, or I'll have you killed on the spot.
Guts (coldly): Step aside.
(Dahl doesn't seem to understand)

Page 168
Guts: I said step aside.
Dahl (shocked): You… you are mad! I have 50 soldiers here!
Dahl: Crossbowmen! Shoot him down!

Page 169
(The arrows fly toward Guts, but his sword shields him.)

Page 170
Dahl: with the sword…!?
(Guts charges,…)

Page 171
(… beats the living crap out of the crossbowmen…)

Page 172
(…and their bodies fall around Dahl)
Dahl: don't stand there! Attack him!
(Spearmen charge against Guts. He dodges'em…)

Page 173
(…and does the same as with the crosbowmen)

Page 174
Dahl (upset): what are you doing!!
Dahl: Guerriko! Guerriko!
(A huge warrior appears. He has an odd gaze)

Page 175
Dahl: Go get him! You always said you were stronger than Zondark! It is time to show!
(Guerriko attacks)

Page 176-180
(Guerriko's armour and shield save him only of the first blow, then dies horribly)

Page 181
Dahl (failing to rally his troops): Cowards! Don't flee!
Dahl: Come back! You'll be punished!
(Guts steps towards Dahl)
Dahl (sweating): …ah!

Page 182
Theresia (voice): I'm sorry.
Puck (voice): Why?

Page 183
Theresia: For telling you my worries. It's been long since I spoke with someone.
Puck: I'm glad to help.
(She giggles)
Theresia: what's your name?
Puck: Puck
Theresia: Tell me, Puck. Can you fly?
Theresia: When you fly… what do you feel?

Page 184
Puck: Well… I can't explain. For me, it is nothing extraordinary. I guess birds and insects feel the same.
Puck (playful): But it's better than walking, that's for sure!
Theresia: I see.
Theresia (with a dreamy look): Of course…It's natural for a fairy.

Page 185
Puck: Theresia… you have been locked in here… all this time?
Theresia (resigned): Yes. My father never lets me go out.
Theresia (voice): He belives there are heretics everywhere. He doesn't want anyone to get near me, staranger or not.

Page 186
Theresia: This room is my only world. My only contact with the exterior is this window.
(She looks gloom)
Puck: Such sad eyes… her childhood has been stolen.
(Puck and Theresia see some soldiers going around by the window)
Theresia: I wonder what's happening?
(Puck sticks his face to the window)

Page 187
Soldiers seen through the window: what's going on? An intruder as breach the castle!
Puck: Guts!
Puck: Theresia! I gotta go!
Theresia: eh?
Puck: It's a friend of mine. I have to go with him!
Theresia: No! It's dangerous!
Puck: don't worry, I'll be ok.
Theresia: But…
Puck: I'm a natural born survivor!

Page 188
Theresia (screaming and scaring Puck): Noo!
Theresia: Oh! I'm sorry!
Theresia: I understand.
Theresia: You are worried for your friend…
Puck (looking a bit embarrased): We are not exactly close friends but…

Page 189
(She opens the window. He wind is chilly)
Theresia (striking a pose, the wind waving in her hair): c'mon, go…
Puck: Theresia…
Theresia: I know too well what's to be a prisioner… Because that's how I feel all the time.

Page 190
Theresia: Go.
Puck: Hmm…yes.
Puck: Goodbye.
(Theresia, with a sad look, watches Puck fly away. Then closes the window and seems wistful)

Page 191
(Puck knocks in the window)
Theresia (whiping a tear): wha…what?
Puck (upside down): One last thing!
Puck: We'll meet again.
(Theresia shines with happiness)

Page 191
Puck: And I'll take you out of here… I promise!
Puck: see you later!
(he leaves)
Theresia (thinking): I had lost all hope of going out!
Theresia: What must it be like… going out there?

Page 193
Theresia: I can't imagine it! Going out!
Puck (Dahlting through the sky): When they killed the woman he loved… he probably began practicing black magic.
Puck: (with a determined look): Surely he summoned the God's Hand.
Puck: And then… he became evil.

Page 194
(Guts kicks Dahl into the throne room…)

Page 195
(…and strikes a pose)

Page 196
Count (sitting in the throne): It's incredible you have come so far… you must be very skillful, Black Warrior.

Page 197
Count (with evil eyes): But that's not enough to beat me. You'll need something more than a sword…

Page 198
(Guts walks toward the throne)

Page 199
(He starts to climb the stairs. Then stop and thrusts his sword in one of the steps. Some tentacles sprout from it)

Page 200
(An huge tentacle sprouts)

Page 201
Count: You did it well!

Page 202
(the tentacle is part of the body of the count)
Count: Now I know your technique.

Page 203
Count (mutating): I'll have to…all my power against you.
Puck: I forgot to ask Theresia where is her father's room.

Page 204
(a wall is blasted behind Puck, scaring him)
Puck (calling): Guts…

Page 205-206
(Puck tiptoes through the debris, then touches a monster and is utterly scared)

Page 207
Monster: I'll crush you!

Page 208-210
(It's like a giant snail, or something.Dahl and Puck are utterly scared. It attacks Guts)

Page 211
(Guts cuts a tentacle, then it grows back inmediatly)
Monster: It's no use, you know

Page 212
Monster: You can cut my limbs… but they'll regenerate… and my body will grow larger!! You can't kill me with a sword!!
(Guts seems in trouble)

Page 213
(Theresia's Room is shaking)
Theresia: Wha…what?
(some debris falls around her)

Page 214
(the door is broken)
Theresia: The door!
(she aproaches the door)

Page 215
(she seems afraid to go out, into the Darkness. But then, the room is in danger of collapsing)

Page 216
(She remembers Puck's bravery, and goes out)

Page 217
Puck: Guts…!!
(Guts dodges an attack)

Page 218
(He hides)
Monster (looking for Guts): don't hide, coward!
Monster: Where is your arrogance? You understood that you can't win, don't you?
Dahl (trying to reach the exit): It's terrible!
Dahl: I must get out of here!
(Someone blocks his way…)

Page 219
(…It's Guts)
Monster: Where the hell are you, Black Warrior?
(the monster glimpses the cloak of Guts, behind a column)

Page 220
(the monster charges againts it)
Puck:Guts! Look out behind you!
(and crushes it)

Page 221
(But it's not him. It's Dahl, dressed with the cloak of Guts. He's dead now. Guts charges from behind a different column, sword in hands)

Page 222
(He hurts the monster)
Guts: It's not enough!

Page 223
(the monster slaps Guts against a column, then crushes him against it with a second blow)

Page 224
(Guts falls down, through the destroyed column, and vomits some blood.)
Puck: Guts!
Monster: You…

Page 225
Monster: You used Dahl's body to trick me into a trap. You are cunning, but you are a human, after all.
Monster (a scar is clearly visible across in his left eye): And there is nothing in the human world that can defeat me.
Monster (voice): Ah! That brand on your neck!
Monster: How can you have that brand and be alive?

Page 226
Monster: You are trying to get revenge on me… but you are just a pitiful human.
Monster (voice) (Guts struggles to get up): Look! I barely scratched you, and you are already on your knees.
Monster (voice) : You'll better give up and stop suffering. Try to die painlessly. If you contnue fighting, I'l tear your flesh piece by piece.
Monster (voice): only the most terrible pains await you.
Monster (voice): You are done for. Surrunder, and I'll spare you the pain.

Page 227
Monster: I can send you to the place where we meet with god.
Monster (Voice): The place you are destined to go by that brand in your neck!
Monster: Humans must abode by the divine plans

Page 228
Monster (attacking): I won't forgive your rebellion against the divine will!
Puck: look out!
(The monster claps Guts's leg…)

Page 229
(…and flips him down. Then he grabs his leg with a tentacle)

Page 230-231
(…and crashes him against a column and the floor)
Monster: You still hold that sword…!

Page 232
(crashes him one more time. Guts seems K.O., maybe dead.

Page 233
(The monster looms over Guts)


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