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Saturday, December 04, 2004

Berserk Volume 5 Chapter 15

Page 5
Golden Age (7)

Page 6
Guts defends against the enemy in order to let his army pass through the forest with haste.

Page 7
The enemies catch up and start hacking their sword at Guts but he's able to kill them off one by one.

Page 9
Some enemies ride their horses pass Guts and now chasing after Rickert.

Rickert :...!!

Again Guts saves Rickert and kills off the enemy.

Page 10
Guts: Hurry up and get going!!
Rickert: All right.
Guts: Come...come a bit closer!!

Page 11
Grifith's army reaches the base

The person hiring Griffith: Oh!! What a success. Wonderful, Griffith.
The person hiring Griffith: They have to wait dor another month for reinforcement.. That means... Ah.?

Griffith doesn't mind what he talk and simply heads to his men

Caka: ! Griffith?

Page 12
Griffith: ...Any damage?
Soldier: Not much. It seems like the new guy works out pretty well. More than what we expected. He blocked the enemies so well. The enemies couldn't catch up with us.
Soldier: Eventhough it's just a straight path, but he must fight so many people all by himself. He's quit skillful.

Griffith: How about Guts himself?
Soldier: I don't know. I lost sight of him because we are so far front.
Soldier: I hope he's not dead.
Griffith: ....

Page 13
Caska: ......

Guts continues to fight enemy soldiers

Page 14
Guts got hacked by on eof the enemies. But wasn't seriously wounded. He then decapitates the enemy

Guts: ....!!

Page 15
Guts sees the trail of his army. That means the destination is near.

Guts: Perfect!!

Page 16
But his horse got shot in the neck.

Guts: !
Guts: Damn it...!

Page 17
Guts' now on the ground and must face the enemies riding on horses.

Guts: So unlucky!!

Page 18
The enmies got shot by arrows.

Guts: !
Guts: Griffith!?

Page 19
Griffith: Grab my hand!!
Guts: ...!!

While Griffith saves Guts, an enemy soldier was trying to kill them but Pippin appears and smashes that guy on the face.

Page 20
Griffith: Let's go!!
Enemy soldiers: Don't let them get away!!

Page 21
Guts: Why did you come back?
Griffith:Don't talk now, you might bite your own tonque!!
Guts: ....
Guts: Not good...the horse has to carry 2 persons.

Page 22
Guts: They will catch up!!
Griffith: Almost there!!
Guts: !?
Griffith: We almost pass the forest.

Page 23
Griffith: We've passsed throguh. Get out of the way. Now!

Griffith has his men ready to fire cannons.

Soldier: Fire!!

Page 24-25

The enemy soldiers got blown by the cannons.

Page 26
Guts: ....!!
Enemy Soldier: Retreat...!!

Page 27

Enemy army flees the scene while Griffith army cheers for the victory.

Page 28
Corkus: Shi

Page 29
The person hiring Griffith army A: So cheerful for just one small victory.
The person hiring Griffith army B: Well, the outcome of this battle is very crucial.
The person hiring Griffith army B: By the way, he's quite a scary person.
The person hiring Griffith army B: He planned out the entire battle . He's still young and no big supporters, but his men really have faith in him. He's quite a good war strategist and a fighter as well.
Griffith Soldier A: When Griffith rushed out, I was so worry something might happen.
Griffith Soldier B: Of course nothing bad would have happen to Griffith.
Griffith Soldier A: Stop were the one who worried the most.
Griffith Soldier B: Yeah?
Griffith Soldiers: But that Guy's quite good!
Griffith Soldiers: Yeah...but he's kinda grudgy
Griffith Soldiers: I thoguht he would escape
Griffith Soldiers: Well, Griffith got keen eyes.
Griffith Soldiers: Like this...he deserves to be part of the band.
Griffith Soldiers: Wondering where he is now, huh?

Page 30
Guts sites by himself on the catle top.
Guts: ....
Pippin, Rickert, Judeau: There you are.

Page 31
Judeau: What are you doing here? Catching good view?

Judeau: Come on.
Judeau: Let's celebrate. Let's have some fun while we can.
Guts: .....
Guts: Don't worry about me.
Rickert: Uh...Guts...?
Rickert: I'd like to thank you for saving my life. My name is Rickert.
Guts: ....Huh?
Rickert: I really do respect you! You skill at fighting. I've never seen anyone like that beside Griffith.

Page 32
Guts: I was just doing my job.
Guts: No need to thank me.
Guts: You too, right?
Judeau: But...
Judeau: Whatever you say.
Judeau: My name is Judeau.
Judeau: Come on now, the main man is not at the party is not good.
Guts: What do you mean?
Judeau: This party's held for you joining the Hawk band.
Judeau: Don't you refuse our kind gesture now.
Rickert: Actualyl the party's just for the fun of it.

Page 33
Guts: Well, I didn't ask for it.
Judeau: Pippin!
Guts: ....
Guts: What are you going to do?

Pippin lifts Guts up

Guts: What are you doing!!
Guts: Put me down!!

Page 34
Guts: Don't touch me. (Guts elbows Pippin's face)
Judeau: Ah
Pippin: .....
Pippin: Don't resist.
Guts: Wahh..
Soldiers: Oh..finally here.

Page 35
Guts: .....!!
Guts: Hey!!
Guts: Put me down, you giant fool!!
Pippin: My name is Pippin.
Guts: .....

Pippin hands Guts a glass of drink.

Page 36
Pippin: Drink up.
Guts: Ah? Hmm!
Judeau: Allright! Let's drink for the new rookie!!
Guts: ......

Page 37

Guts take the glass from Pippin and drinks up.

Soldiers: Not bad, rookie!! You are quite skilled for able to block the enemies all by yourself!!
Soldiers: You are great!!
Soldiers: Eventhough you are a bit cocky.
Soldiers: Griffith really got keen sense.
Soldiers: I thought you would have been dead meat when you punched Griffith.
Soldiers: Anyhow, you are part of us now. Help us.
Soldiers: Glad to know you!! Rookie !!

Page 38
Guts: .......
Corkus: Shi...

Page 39

Griffith looks at Guts.

Guts: ......
Caska: .....


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